THE WOLF – TRUE ALPHA ft. Christian Slater and Jonathan Banks | HP

THE WOLF – TRUE ALPHA ft. Christian Slater and Jonathan Banks | HP

( radio chatter ) Fredrick. ( line ringing ) ( phone ringing ) The Fixer:
I found our in. The perfect hiding spot. Think a weaponized
PostScript file would do it? Oh, I think Ulla
at would print just about
anything you sent her. Can you get word
to our friends in Bangkok? Listen, we’ve been working together a long
time. You should know,
revenge feels good. It’s bad for business. Noted. It’s still not gonna
bring her back. I’ll settle for feeling good. Feeling anything. Frederick:
Hmm. Interesting. ( crowd chanting ) Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! ( wolf howl ) Hey! You really want to
rattle some cages? Get an internet connection.
Trust me. A few digital
Molotov cocktails, that’ll make some noise. The true subversive wears the uniform
of the enemy, FYI! Sheep’s clothing,
if you will. It’s a brave new world, where printers
are exploitable portals and faces are
the new fingerprints. Who knew? Yours truly, of course. Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho!
Torvik has got to go! Excuse me.
Your reservation name, please? Cecilia Gray. Reporter: This is “U.K. World News”
in the Swiss Alps, where the most powerful
and influential people today are gathered for the annual
World Economic Conference. Despite the general optimism
of the gathered power players, this year’s event
is not without controversy. Protesters have repeatedly
clashed with police, with one attendee in particular
drawing their ire, billionaire Stefan Torvik,
whose Torvik Industries encompasses a vast network
of shipping, energy, and agricultural companies, and whose lavish lifestyle, controversial stance
on climate change, and aggressive
business practices have become lighting rods
for protests wherever he goes. Mystery still surrounds
his company’s alleged role in the drowning deaths of
three environmental protesters in the Bering Strait
four months ago. Some attendees are even
calling for a boycott of his appearance. This is it, the white-hot center
of modern civilization. Gentlemen, have you met
Cecilia Gray of Gray Cyber Security? Cecilia, congratulations on the London Airport contract,
by the way. Thank you.
From what I’ve seen, the public sector
isn’t much better than anyone else when it comes to securing
endpoints, but– But you don’t wear your
black hat anymore, do you? Now that you’re working
for the one percent here? I work for myself. ( crowd chattering ) Excuse me. – There she is.
– Excuse me. Ms. Gray, I admired
your friend’s ideals. She despised your cynicism. You say cynicism,
I say practicality. Either way,
my condolences. Unlike you and I,
the sea is unforgiving. ( phone rings ) The Fixer:
What’s the story? The gloves are coming off.
I’m adding the plugin that’ll brick
all their devices, too. This time tomorrow,
the wrong containers are going to be on the wrong ships,
going the wrong way, and no one will be able
to stop it. Cecilia, do us both a favor.
Sleep on this. Cecilia: You’re my fixer,
not my father. Hey, Cece, um, it’s been
pretty crazy out here, um, but I’m trying
to stay safe. Happy birthday. Um, I miss you so, so much. I think about you every
friggin’ day out here. This is for you. I love you, and I miss you. Good-bye. The Fixer:
You okay? I don’t know.
Bad dreams, bad vibes. – I think my room’s bugged.
– Probably. That’s what they do,
and they don’t stop. I hope that silence is you
coming to your senses. You all set? I am… with reservations. Any of your reservations technical? – No.
– Then stand by for my go. Let the Bangkok team know. ( applause, scattered jeers) Oh. Thank you! Thank you. Even to some of the haters. Climate change is real. The world is getting warmer, and time to enact preventative measures
have long passed. Anyone who denies this
is a fool. But as the arctic warms, I believe this will create
massive new opportunities. Take food production,
for example. As Siberia thaws, this will transform over
30 million square kilometers of once-frozen tundra
into farmable land, not to mention shipping. Once the ice melts,
new shipping lanes will open up
through the Arctic and dramatically shorten
supply chains between east and west. Now, what I am saying
should come as a surprise to no one in this room. This is what humans
have always done. We adapt,
and we do business. There will be a period
of disruption, of course. Those living in low-lying
coastal regions – will be displaced,
– ( crowd murmuring ) and you will have to build your beach houses
further inland. And I will miss polar bears. They make such nice rugs. – I’m just kidding!
– ( crowd muttering ) – Just kidding, just kidding.
– ( woman jeers ) But think about
the new possibilities for energy production
once the Arctic Circle… – Boo!
– Get him out of here! Now, if you listen
to the scientists, they’ll have you believe
the future is bleak. – ( jeering continues )
– I say that it’s never been brighter. ( sighs )
I had a feeling she might not have
the killer instinct. Or maybe she’s just
a good businesswoman. Either way, boring. Thing is, I’ve been
a fan of her plan ever since I got wind of it. Real hall of fame level stuff. So, I co-opted it.
Made it my own, of course. You know, just in case. Remember her friends
in Bangkok? They also happen
to be my friends, too. ( speaking Thai ) Because despite
what the fairy tales say, there’s no such thing
as a lone wolf. ( shouting ) The fact is we’re everywhere,
predatory opportunists, always on the prowl
for an opening, a weakness, and the moment we see it,
we pounce, tearing you apart
limb from limb before you even know
what’s hit you, feeding on the bloated carcass
of your so-called security until our bellies are full. And there’s nothing we like more than a
fancy Swiss feast. – ( crowd jeering )
– What? Is it something I said? What? I can’t do anything with the board.
I don’t know how they got in. I– I must have clicked
a bad link. Fredrick! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Everybody stop! This is my favorite part, that moment
when powerful people realize there’s someone else with even more power
in the room. Confusion, panic… …disbelief. A wolf’s favorite food groups. That’s the one
that always gets me. Disbelief. How is it that people
can still be so surprised when someone like me
comes knocking? Doesn’t matter how protected
you think you are. Inevitably, you’ll stumble
and forget to turn the lock. Sir, the ports have been hit. She did this.
Destroy her and her company. I don’t care what it takes. ( crowd murmuring ) Man:
This is a waste of time. Man 2:
I’m so disappointed. – The Wolf: Yeah?
– Listen very carefully. I need you to penetrate
IT security at London Airport. Do as much damage
as possible. Understood.
We’ll drop some bait now. London’s on. To get what you want, sometimes you gotta
play both sides. Your room key. No. Excuse me. Fredrick:
Excuse me. As more information comes in,
we’ll keep you updated on the massive security breach
at the ports of Europe. In other breaking news,
we’re also getting reports – ( phone buzzing )
– that there are issues with the lighting
at London Airport. What the hell is going on? The Fixer: I was gonna ask you
the same thing. Now, you listen to me.
We are both in danger. They are onto us. Tell me about it. Torvik, he thinks it was me. Well, of course he does. And now there’s a problem
at London Airport. Somebody’s messing
with the lights. But I don’t think
it was just Torvik. If you ask me,
this smells like the Wolf. I’ve got to get out of here. Cecelia:
I’ve been thinking. Why would the Wolf
get involved with Torvik? Your contract
with London Airport is one of the most
high profile in the world. It’s government-run. If that’s not the Wolf’s
idea of a good time, I don’t know what is. If that’s the case,
the lights were a diversion. Or someone’s trying
our attention. How do you want to play this? Quietly. Can you meet me
at the op center? The Fixer:
I’m on my way. Cecilia: If it doesn’t feel right,
take it all offline. All of it? If this is the Wolf… all of it. Buckle up, this is gonna
be a bumpy ride. ( phone buzzes ) – Is this your bag, sir?
– Yeah, it’s my bag. From what we can see, they got into
the connected lighting. But there’s no real way
to tell what they’re after. Get me somebody! I need to speak
to somebody right now. Your first day
on the job, pal? – Just a moment, sir.
– No, I don’t have a moment, and neither do you. Now you keep the bag,
just give me the phone. The duty officer
is expecting me. He’s okay. He’s fine. He’s with me.
Come on, let’s go. Excuse me. We found a virus in
the connected lighting infrastructure. Haven’t seen anything
beyond that. It’s coming.
Now you listen up. You keep the planes flying. You shut down everything else between here
and the Queen’s house. Now! Yes, we’re working
on it now. – Shut it down.
– Do as he says. – Get these off the network.
– Stop! Get these off right now.
Do it. Do it. Stop! Do not touch
the printers. Do not touch the printers. If they were hit, they should have
survived the attack, and their logs might
be able to help us figure out where
they came from. Let’s pull the printer logs. Start with this one. I call it Alpha. I think these DNS names
aren’t just random. You’re getting warm. – They spell out something.
– Warmer. Coordinates. We have a winner. We need to get
Europol on this. I bet this is where
the attack originated. The Wolf:
Perfectly played, Ms. Gray. I always knew you’d find
that little surprise I left for you
in the printer logs. My only regret
is that the rest of pack had to get caught up
in this thing, too. Sorry, fellas. Sometimes you gotta
take one for the team. I’m off duty. I know.
Can I drop you somewhere? On that thing? No. Not much of
a people person, are you? You wanna know
something crazy? I think the Wolf
wanted to get caught. You be careful. The Wolf:
I know what you’re thinking. The Wolf’s gone soft,
that I gave myself up to help Ms. Gray
get her revenge. Wrong.
I’m no one’s lapdog. This was about something
much bigger than that– showing the world that no one’s
untouchable these days, not even this guy. All it takes
is a tiny opening and a few keystrokes. So take heed, people. As long as there’s holes
out there, I’m coming in. ( door buzzes ) Or going out. Time to get back to work. Duty calls.

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  1. 17:20 A little correction. The romanian police cars don't look like that, also the uniforms don't match. If you want to do something realistic, do it right.

  2. hp needs to hire the people that made the BMW short films, the bmw films solid. this video was joke.

    i dont often leave really negative comments or even down vote videos or much of anything, this gets an exception as its weak sauce

  3. Brilliant. Once again HP Inc. you have demonstrated the reality of Cybercrime and the value of highly secure IT hardware in a way that your competition just doesn't understand. well done.

  4. Seriously, this needs to be developed into a series. There isn't anything like this out there and it would be sweet to see a real to life cybercrime drama that has REAL tech, not the garbage that doesn't exist and makes beeping noises when it prints out a lot of text! Mr Robot is great, but it's the last season…

  5. How about a tech thriller that teaches how to defend against this and other types of hacking for the silver screen

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