The Wolf: The Hunt Continues ft. Christian Slater | HP

The Wolf: The Hunt Continues ft. Christian Slater | HP

You know what makes wolves such good
predators? They’re smart. Rather than hunting strong healthy prey they go after the weak. The injured. The sick… The most vulnerable. Todd here happens to the CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer of one of the medical world’s biggest
software companies. Which means he’s in charge of keeping all their data safe should the bad guys come knocking. At the moment Todd is experiencing some chest pains. Maybe he ate some bad fish, ey? But I know what’s really going on. Tons of hospitals use Todd’s company to
host all the patient data in the cloud now if I can remove him from the
equation no one here we have the authority to take the company offline
and secure all that data during an attack. So last week I paid his doctor a
little visit. ‘Carmela the doctor will see you now.’ Good luck with that hip Carmela! At offices like this people are rarely at
their desk for long. Of course that wouldn’t be a big deal if their smartphones could automatically lock down their PCs when they walked away. Right now I’m hiding some malware that will allow me to bypass all their “protections”. With this old PC they’ll never be able to detect or remove it. This way I can access Todd’s file and thus all his prescriptions. Just like that I was able to mess with the dosage of his blood pressure medication. The side effects of which are dizziness and really bad indigestion. And now a trip to the hospital. Just like I planned. ‘Any family members you want us to call?’ ‘Just my wife, but I don’t want to worry her, I’m sure it’s nothing.’ Oh it’s going to be something all right. VAMANOS! Most people think hospitals are scary.
they’ve got no idea hospitals just like They’ve got no idea. Hospitals just like this one might be home some of the most advanced medical equipment on earth, but like most businesses they’re also
crawling with unsecured printers like this guy. Without BIOS level detection to keep it safe anyone can install just about anything on here. Now, that little software update just allowed me to create a backdoor directly into their network. I just changed his name in the system. Seriously, this thing is like a sieve. ‘We’ll take good care of you, John.’ John? His name’s Todd! He can’t even keep his name straight! Now, if someone, his wife, or say, anyone from the security team back at the office calls looking for him in an emergency no one’s going to be able to find him. The sweet smell of success. Get comfortable Todd, things are about to get real interesting thanks to that old printer. If it had threat detection, it would have stopped my attack before it started but since it doesn’t there’s nothing to stop me from
using it to print out some results I made all by myself. ‘Here are the revised labs doctor.’ ‘Okay thank you. Ah, we are going to have to increase your medication. You’re going to feel a little groggy…’ Talk about the gift that keeps on
giving. Now he’s going to sleep through the night. Guess we no longer have to worry
about him answering that cell phone over there. You’re probably wondering why go
through all this trouble. Well, I’ll show you. In three… two… one. ‘This isn’t good.’ You’re right about that. ‘Am I the only one seeing this?’ ‘Oh no…’ Oh, yes! ‘We need to call Todd.’ Do they take it upon themselves to cut off every hospital on the network or hope and pray that Todd will miraculously appear and save the day? He ain’t coming. ‘What am I looking at?’ ‘Sir there appears there’s been a data breach.’ ‘Yeah I can see that where the hell is
Todd?’ ‘At the moment we don’t know where he is…’ ‘You don’t know. Someone is stealing all of our medical records from all of our hospitals And you don’t know where the hell Todd is?’ I love a good mystery, don’t you? Sorry Dave. It’s not personal. With the chief information security officer out of the picture they’re basically paralyzed. Even though they spent a ton making their network super secure turns out the PCs attached to it were not. Does this thing have hardened multi-factor authentication? Nope. ‘Even the backup servers have been compromised…’ Hardware enforced protection to stop these poor folks from exposing everyone every time they
clicked on a bad link? Negative. Without anything like that to stop me, my malware can devour every file it touches. Time to dial up the fun. I now have in my possession the health
records of millions of patients. All because I hacked one doctor’s office one hospital to make one guy disappear. Let’s put Todd back on the grid shall we? Oh come on. You didn’t really think I was going to just leave him here did you? ‘Sir, your wife is on the phone.’ Yeah, Todd’s okay. But I can’t say the same for his company. But for me this is a whole lot bigger than them. This is about getting the world to see all the holes in the system. So we can tear it down piece by
piece. Weakness by weakness. So we can rebuild it. And to those of you in the hallowed seats of power and government, know this… You’re next. HP business printing. The world’s most
secure printers. HP Elite PCs, the world’s most secure PCs. you

100 thoughts on “The Wolf: The Hunt Continues ft. Christian Slater | HP

  1. Love the differentiator, hardened firmware is better. Thanks HP!
    Add Trapezoid FIVE for monitoring firmware continuously.

  2. Woah! It seem so easy to hack into most secured systems just with a printer… Wow!
    And epic short movie! It can be a blockbuster! That will be awesome!

  3. The scenario seems a bit contrived … but these ads are just pure fun. I don't want to give out spoilers, but Slater's last two lines imply that in "Season 3" The Wold might really 'go for the throat' (if you'll pardon my phrasing).

  4. They don't go through all this effort. It's much easier in real life. No one is going to the hospital with a thumb drive…

  5. Some ad this is ! I am certain it sent some chills down the spine of the government . Security is questioanble these days .🤔

  6. anonymous informs you
    hello I come to you so you will not be surprised to launch the project zeus project one (HP printer method)
    In order to have a better world zeus project one regroups all the religious community.
    In 1945 Zeus project one was born from a Qur'an expert, an expert in thora and a bible expert

  7. Who does the Wolf think he's kidding? He never hacked a Doctor's office; he just took his Todd personality out of the equation ;P

  8. imagine this was played in security awareness in equifax and the management said its hollywood nothing like this happens.. then it happens 😛

  9. I keep wanting the movie to come out each time I see these Ads. would be very cool.. like All State Insurance's "Mahem" meets Mr Robot. 🙂

  10. I saw that nmap at 4:07! Why would you want to scan the TEST-NET-3 range? And I wonder who would be spoofing their MAC address?

  11. first
    I acquired it
    It was ACER
    After him HP Crystal

    In some way when you type in the Arabic language box
    In translation
    The meaning of hp in Arabic flips love

  12. in the book
    It said
    That Adam
    I entered the Spirit
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  13. Dear Mr Wolf… please…. pretty please with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles & a cherry on top…

    Please..please PLEASE…

    would you hack Donald Trump’s Twitter Account to get the goods on him that gets him impeached & brings his presidency (& his ‘world’) crashing down in flames around his ears….

    WE NEED YOU!!!

  14. 5:50 > I have a question : if his name had been mismatched then how could the phone line go to the right bed ?

  15. The way this clip goes, it's so self fulfilling to talk about vulnerabilities of other businesses. Saying old computers are a risk for security… What does a PC desk need? a 12core with 32GB ram? Just for security? And when the enviroment comes into play, you just change direction to low power equipment (being slower than these 'old' machines that had to go according to HP).

  16. HP has not only make the most menacing ad in existence, but has also made the most interesting and beautifully crafted ad in existence as well. Well done Acer, I think I know my next laptop manufacturer will be.

  17. Whoa this was incredible HP and Christian should get an Academy Award for this one! HP please consider making a series on Netflix or something this was incredible.

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