The Wolf in Our Hearts || Wolf Animatic Series {Episode 1}

The Wolf in Our Hearts || Wolf Animatic Series {Episode 1}

Have you heard back from the patrol at all? No… they haven’t returned for some time now… I heard that Dawn went out to look for them by herself. Yeah, you know how she is. She always puts the pack before herself. Well, that’s what pack leaders do. Yeah, but it’s gonna get her killed one of these days. Heh, and I thought you would at least try to convince her to stay. I tried to, but it wouldn’t have really done much anyways. Once she’s set her mind on something, there’s really no point in convincing her to change her mind. Yeah, I guess so. Maybe the patrol would have come back sooner if- Don’t. What?! Don’t “what” me, you know EXACTLY why you can’t lead a patrol. Hey now, it wasn’t my fault that Red got killed! No one would’ve been able to see that bear jump at him! You were still in charge of the patrol. You could have at least handled the situation more lightly. How could anyone?! I mean, you saw how close he was to the trees! Even if there WAS some sort of ‘plan’, there was NO way he could’ve survived those wounds! Still, it wouldn’t be wise to let you lead a patrol. At least, not at the moment. You remember how upset Dawn was when she heard of Red’s death? *sigh* Yeah… I… guess you’re right. Of course I’m right. When am I not? Well… we’ve been friends since we were pups, right? I can remember a few occurrences where you were unquestionably wrong. Oh, really? Like when? Well, there was that one time by the stream. You said that a pine cone was a snapping turtle, tried to hide in a bush, which just happened to be a thorn bush. Oh my god, Pebble had to spend all day picking thorns out of your fur. To be honest, you looked more like a porcupine than a wolf. Hang on… *Amber keeps sniffing the air* Were you even listening to m- There’s a fire. Wait what? Over there, in the distance. Wonder what’s going on out there… Wait… I smell something else. It’s… stronger. And… it seems to be coming this way. Well, let’s not just sit here then. Let’s go see what it is! For all we know, it could be an intruder! Now, don’t be ridiculous. Well, just… a precaution… Hold on a second. Something’s coming our way. What the…? What happened? Please… Take… my son. Take… care of… my little… Nova… She had to have come from the fire we saw. I can smell the smoke on her. We should get them both back to camp. You sure that’s a good idea? Well, what OTHER idea have you got? Come on, help me carry her. I got the pup. W-What is it? What’s happening? Amber… what’s going on here? Who… is this? We found them outside of camp. Unfortunately, his mother didn’t make it through… We smelled fire; we came back to check on everyone. What on earth is that mutt doing here? We brought her back so we can bury her. That is, with your approval. Bury her? It was HER idea… Very well… You and Blu both take her to the burying field. Even if she may not be a member of our pack, we will still mourn for her. For she had sacrificed her life for her son’s. I will take the pup to Pebble, in case of any internal injuries he may have. Thank you, Dawn. I’m actually kind of surprised that she wasn’t mad at us for bringing her to camp. You know how strict the Laws are on mutts. They’re not THAT strict. And you need to learn to be a bit more enlightening every once in a while. I don’t think the pack’s gonna be too happy with our new friend. Who? The pup? And why is that exactly? Well… you know… Blu, listen. It’ll be fine. Even if they may not be comfortable with it, they’ll just have to get used to it. I guess we’ll see. I’m gonna go check on the pup. Alright. I’m… *yawn* I’m heading for bed. You should do the same. You could use some sleep. Heh, I feel like it… But sleep can wait for now. There are more important things on the matter. But thanks. Yeah, sure thing. Oh. Hello, Amber. Heya, Pebble. How’s it going? Eh… nothing too much. You sound tired. Don’t worry. I’m alright. How’s he doing? Well, he doesn’t have any injuries on him, and it doesn’t look like he’s inhaled any smoke from the ‘fire’ I’ve heard all about. However, I DO smell the scent of mutt on him. Know anything about it? Yeah, his mother was a mutt. She escaped from the fire with him, but… she must have inhaled too much smoke. She died as soon as we found them in the woods. I see… Well… the only real concern for him is his fur. It’ll need to be groomed and washed to get all of the smoke and ash off of him. And I’m not one for grooming. Don’t worry. I’ll get one of the Tenders to clean him. Ah. Good. Say, do you by chance know his name? I think his mother called him Nova… Nova, huh? A bit of a strange name, but… I’ll take it. Well, take care now, Amber. I must get back to sorting herbs. Thank you, Pebble. You take care as well. Would you mind getting the ash out of his fur? Sure thing. Thank you so much. Amber. May I speak with you for a moment? Yes, Dawn? Come. Sit beside me. That was very noble what you did tonight; saving that mutt and her son. It was a good thing you accompanied Blu. If he were to find those two by himself, I don’t think he’d know what to do, let alone if he found out about the fire before you did. Yeah. I actually smelled the fire before HE did. Surprisingly. Really? I suppose I should make him train his scenting skills more often. Don’t you think? Heh heh, yeah. You know, Amber, you remind me a lot of myself. R-Really? Mhm, and I’m proud of all that you have done for the pack, even as of tonight. It has been some time since Red’s death, hasn’t it? We still need to choose a new beta soon… `Is it too soon, though?` `Red was like a son to her… Is she really ready to replace him in such short time?` Well, you should go and get some rest now. After tonight, I think you could use it. That’s what Blu said. You know, he really cares about you. A lot. Y-Yeah… `I wonder how he’s gonna fit in with the pack.` `I mean, not everyone has really accepted him yet. But…` `They’ll just have to get used to him…` also- Mother Dog: Dawnmil

35 thoughts on “The Wolf in Our Hearts || Wolf Animatic Series {Episode 1}

  1. OMG KELS I’m so proud of you right now, this was an amazing first episode and it was played out beautifully!! The art is gorgeous and the voice acting was just as great!! I’m stoked for the next episode and I can’t wait to see the direction this series will head in!

  2. Woah woah woah! That was just… Out standing! I was so interested in it and i can not wait until the next episode! Amazing, absolutely amazing!

  3. Just discovered this, it was pretty well done. Looking forward to seeing this series progress. Great job with your OST for it too.

  4. This so wonderful. The animation was stunning and the solid storytelling you have there was great. I’m excited for the rest of this (but you deserve a break!)

  5. Holy heck…
    I’m not even going to lie, this is one of the best episodes of a series I’ve ever watched. The mood with the song, voice actors, script, and the general setting is just done so well! It really brings you into the world. Amazing job Kelsifer!

  6. The discord server link is out of date or player limit on the link or it just doesnt work so pls make it work again and or whitelist me 🙁

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