The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf – Launch Trailer

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf – Launch Trailer

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46 thoughts on “The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf – Launch Trailer

  1. fajny mod jak będę przechodził kolejny raz wiedzmina to wypróbuje ale to dopiero za jakiś czas bo ostatnio skończyłem 1 i 2 przechodzić pytanie czy mod bardzo obciąża gre bo grając z update do edycji rozszerzonej i update do najnowszej wersji 1.5 gra wychodzi czasami do pulpitu przeważnie w wyzimie handlowej ponieważ wydaje mi się że silnik gry nie daje rady jak to wygląda z modem crashe są częstsze czy nie

  2. I don't like the character textures. The dryad chick was naked with green skin because she is supposed to be naked with green skin.

  3. Just completed the Witcher 1 for the first time, using this mod, and it's brilliant! Fantastic effort! You've made a game I ALWAYS struggled to play due to its horrible interface and poor visuals and made it a MUCH better experience. As a result I was able to finally complete it after all these years. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Finally ready to start this epic trilogy. Love how you used the name that the Witcher 1 rerelease would have had, keeping the theme where each game has a subtitle.

  5. Im new to this series, is this game the first one? and then witcher 2, then 3. (I have xbox and I know original Witcher was only on PC) so just to double check; what games can I play on Xbox 360 and XB1

  6. I love how people who don't care about lore are complaining about the Dryad changes. I like it. Just redownloaded Witcher and am getting this mod!

  7. I've never played the game before. Do you recommend playing the vanilla version first or downloading this right off the bat?

  8. "They look like normal, pretty, young girls. They wear clothes that make them hard to spot in the forest and paint their bodies to make themselves even less visible."

    Dryads were never supposed to be naked. This is not censorship, go jackoff before playing video games and maybe you sex-starved nerds wouldn't be so fucking sensitive.

  9. Are the changes only Visual or do they actually add or change things (That arent Visual) in the game. Sorry if this is stupid question

  10. I'm only like 30% through with TW3 for my first ever playthrough so I decided to get TW1 and TW2, so far, I gotta say, TW1 is awesome cause it tells you a lot of the backstory, what happened, what kaer morhen is, who all the characters are, how Geralt lost his Memory ( I wonder if he gets it back ) and I'm only done with the PROLOGUE which took me like a hour lol. The Minimap and following quests is kinda tricky compared to TW3 but whatever, the combat is the biggest difference lmao, in here you just click once to initiate a series of attacks (Also, you must make sure you're in the right attack mode, for Agile enemies, Big Enemies, and a Group of WEAK Enemies.) and when the mouse cursor lights up with fire, you click again to do extra damage. It also seems like it's gonna be more challenging and require alchemy much more than I use in TW3, I love the cutscenes so far in TW1, they look really well done for being so old and stuff. Crazy to see how some characters colors of hair and style changed so much from TW1 to TW3 lol. TW1's Geralt looks soooooooooo weird and soooo young lol, he looks like a Rookie who wants to be that bad-ass we see in TW2 and TW3. Fucking cool.

  11. if you want to know you can run this mod on linux download the zip version and copy it in the location where it is installed and yes it works on the steam version the only thing that is strange the title card of the game at the start is in polish it is only the word the witcher rise of the white wolf

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