The Witcher: Northern Wars – Part 3 of 3 (Heavy Book Spoilers!)

The Witcher: Northern Wars – Part 3 of 3 (Heavy Book Spoilers!)

As the Second Northern War intensified and
many more battles large and small erupted, towns were sacked, villages burned and crops
stolen or destroyed, with the Empire appearing to be on the precipice of victory. Although, a harsh winter forced them to delay
their final push for a year eventually they were ready to send 300,000 soldiers to complete
their conquest. Dividing their forces into 3 divisions, the
Verden Operations Group was tasked with taking Cidaris to secure the West flank while the
East Army Group secured Lyria, Rivia, Aedirn and the Pontar Valley, leaving the Center
army group to conquer Temeria without fear of attack from the sides. Though the East Army group succeeded, the
Verden Operation was a disaster, as it was led by Joachim de Wett, an enemy of the Emperor
plotting his assassination. Having no desire to help the Emperor win his
war, Joachim squandered his advantage in numbers by focusing on exterminating the rebels of
Verden, rather then attacking and conquering Cidaris. This action, not only delayed the center army’s
attack on Temeria, but also led to a civilian uprising because of cruel methods used to
find and kill rebels. Matters then grew worse, when the Nilfgaard-Loyal
King of Verden was murdered by his son, who now led the uprising against the South, alongside
his allies from island of Skellige. Taking advantage of the chaos, Cidaris attacked
from the north, and so the Verden Operation ended in complete failure. The defeat of Nilfgaard in the West created
a new wave of energy in the north, leading to increased recruitment and cooperation,
as the Nordling states united and allied with the Dwarves of Mahakam and the famous warriors
of the Free Company. Financing part of the North’s war effort,
was the King of Kovir who struck up a friendship with Djikstra of Redania, and knew it was
in the best interest of his people for Nilfgaard to lose. In order to get around his declared neutrality,
he sent the money indirectly, using a wealthy Redanian ally as a proxy, an idea inspired
by his wife, who was working under orders from the Lodge of Sorceresses. With renewed vigor, the North attacked and
liberated Maribor and Mayena, only for the Empire to strike back and once again lay siege
to Mayena. Fearing the loss of their momentum, the entirety
of the North descended upon Temeria, hoping to secure Mayena and continue pushing Nilfgaard
South. Learning that King Foltest was leading a massive
army south, Field Marshal Coehorn rallied his men and cut off the Nordlings to engage
in the critical Battle of Brenna. This decisive battle, involving roughly 90,000
soldiers, was partly orchestrated by the Lodge of Sorceresses, who wanted a definitive contest
to decide the matter one way or another. Though the battle went back and forth, resulting
in roughly 30,000 casualties, the North was ultimately victorious. With Nilfgaard in retreat, the Northmen continued
to push the attack, taking Brugge, Verden, and Lower Sodden in the West, while in the
east Demavend of Aedirn and Hensalt of Kaedwen led a joint attack to win the Second Battle
of Aldersberg, while Queen Meve and her partisans pushed them from Lyria and Rivia, forcing
Nilfgaard to abandon all their gains north of the Yargua river. In 1268, the Monarchs of the North and a representative
of the Empire, negotiated the Peace of Cintra, drawing the border at the Yargua, with Cintra
in the hands of a girl posing as Princess Cirilla, who would act as a puppet for the
Emperor. Though some few knew this girl was a fake,
they kept it quiet for the sake of peace. While most saw this war as a great victory
for the Nordlings, business interests in the south did not agree, as Northern infrastructure,
factories, and agriculture were devastated, and with a peace agreement allowing trade
with Nilfgaard, their corporations could flood the markets and achieve economic victory in
the face of military defeat. Disappointed by their failure to conquer the
North, Emperor Emhyr was nevertheless victorious in his primary mission of finding his daughter,
Cirilla, the child of the Elder blood, at last reuniting with her at Stygga Castle in
Ebbing. Unfortunately, Ciri’s life after the coup
on Thanedd was brutal, with even the brief moments of happiness she cherised, ultimately
destroyed and taken away. In her travels, Ciri was hunted, tortured,
and learned to kill both out of necessity and amusement. Yet she eventually learned to use her Elder
Blood to teleport between worlds, escaping her human pursuers. Unfortunately, humans were not the only ones
chasing her, and she was eventually captured by the Wild Hunt, Elves from the world of
the Aen Elle, who wanted her to breed with their king and produce a child to fulfil Ithlinne’s
prophecy, and return to them control of the gateway between worlds. Living with them for a time, Ciri soon allied
with the Unicorn species, enemies of the Elves who shared these lands, and they helped her
escape to eventually reach her homeworld. Once returned, she went to confront Vilgefortz,
hoping to end his hunt for her and rescue Yennefer, who’d been taken prisoner at Stygga
Castle. Delighted to see she walked right into his
fortress, Vilgefortz captured Ciri with ease, and prepared to impregnate her through artificial
insemination in order to obtain her placental blood. With no intention of deliver her to the Emperor,
his entire history and alliance with Nilfgaard was simply a ploy so he might have access
to Ciri, and use her in his sadistic medical experiments to steal her incredible powers
for himself. But the happiness of Vilgefortz was shortlived,
as Geralt of Rivia soon arrived, accompanied by a party of loyal friends who helped him
clear the castle and rescue his family. After surviving a long and perilous journey
together, Geralt at last faced Vilgefortz again and this time emerged victorious, slaying
the powerful elf. Though all of the Witcher’s companions were
slain in the fighting at Stygga, they succeeded in helping rescue both Ciri and Yennefer,
with Geralt ifghitng alongside with daughter to finish off the last of the guards as they
escaped. But as they reached the entrance to the castle,
the Emperor and a Nilfgaardian army arrived to take Ciri into custody. Though both Yennefer and Geralt had to die
because they knew far too much, Ehmyr var Emreis greatly respected the Witcher for all
he’d accomplished, and showed some mercy, by allowing them to take a bath and spend
some intimate time together, before killing themselves. Ciri meanwhile would be taken south and given
the life of a queen, with all the money and power she could ever want. However, since almost no one knew Ciri was
related to the Emperor, the plan was for father to marry daughter and produce a child of the
Elder Blood who might one rule the Empire so he might fulfill the prophecy and save
the world. Believing the fate of the world was depending
on him, he finally had victory within reach, but as Emhyr looked upon his daughter, and
saw the pain in her eyes, he suddenly realized he was a monster and couldn’t see it through. After everything the Emperor and continent
went through so he might capture his daughter, in the end he let her go so she could return
to her real father. After reuniting with Geralt and Yennefer,
the three spend some time together as a family before Ciri attended a meeting with the Lodge
of Sorceresses, where she was forced to agree to an arranged marriage with the future king
of Kovir. Yet when Ciri, Yennefer and Triss Merigold
went to meet Geralt in Rivia, and explain the situation, they learned he was caught
up in the middle of Pogram, in which non-humans were targeted and massacred. Finding Geralt severely wounded and about
to die, Yennefer soon collapsed at his side, after using up all her energy in futile attempts
to heal him with magic. Determined to save them, Ciri broke her promise
to the Lodge and used her magic to transport her mother and father to another world where
they could be healed. Fearing she would attract the attention of
the Wild Hunt, and unwilling to return to a life of forced marriage, Ciri then took
off on her own to explore the multiverse, and so the last known carrier of the Elder
Blood was lost to the world.

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    Uhhhh you mean she was raped? What's up with the cloak and dagger explanation?

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