The Witcher: Bruxa and the Beast

The Witcher: Bruxa and the Beast

While travelling along a highway, near the
town of Murivel in Redania, the Witcher Geralt of Rivia and his trusted horse Roach, spotted
birds circling in the forest nearby. Hoping it might lead to profit, they investigated,
finding the dead bodies of a merchant from the armorer’s guild and a young girl with
a blue rose pinned to her dress. While the man was torn apart by wolves and
birds, the girl had distinct bite marks on her neck, which ruled out either of those
animals. Curious about why the merchant veered from
the highway, Geralt followed the path until coming upon a wall pushed right up against
the trees of the forest. Suddenly Roach became agitated to the point
where he was calmed with a witcher sign, and realizing they were not alone, Geralt turned
to see a young girl watching him from a hill, who ran away when he approached. Following the Wall, Geralt found a magical
gate which opened when touched, leading to a poorly maintained mansion with a dolphin
fountain and blue rosebush. Yet as he examined his surrounding, all the
doors and shutters of the home flew open with a crash and a monster with the head of a bear,
huge white fangs and sharp claws while dressed in tattered finery, charged at him in a fury. In no way intimidated, Geralt swiftly pulled
the sword from his back, forcing the beast to halt his mad dash and so he instead roared
threats, demanding that the intruder to flee. However when he realized Geralt was not scared
and would not run, the beast calmed down and spoke with far more civility to ask why he
came. The witcher lied saying he was lost and asked
for his horse to be given water. Annoyed but intrigued by this man with no
fear, the Beast invited him inside, but warned against making trouble, as the home was magical
and obeyed his commands. Along the walls of the mansion were faded
portraits and hunting trophies, including the head of rock dragon killed by the beast’s
father. As they ate a delicious meal prepared by magic,
the Beast, whose name was Nivellen, started to reveal his life story. Pointing to a portrait on the wall Geralt
saw an image of a pale, ugly young man with a sad spotty face, identified as Nivellen
before his transformation. With Geralt able to see the painting, even
though it was on a far, poorly lit wall, the Beast grew tense realizing his guest was a
Witcher. But the White Wolf made it clear he did not
consider his host a monster and was not paid to hunt him down, and so the conversation
continued. Now understanding that his monstrous appearance
was a result of magic, the witcher offered his help in uncasting the spell, but to his
surprise Nivellen refused and revealed the rest of his story. Before becoming the Beast, he was the young
son of a gang leader and petty Lord , growing rich from taxing the locals and robbing those
who passed by the highway. One day, his father was killed in battle,
and so Nivellen inherited the leadership of a group of ruffians who thought him weak and
took advantage, manipulating him into making the gang more aggressive and ambitious, travelling
further out to raid and plunder. But everything changed when they attacked
a temple in Gelibol, where the brigands found and held down a lone priestess, pressuring
their leader to rape her and become a man. Intimidated and desperate for their approval,
he did as they asked and violated her, but the woman resisted by spitting in his face
and screamed that he was a monster in human skin, casting a curse upon him involving love
and blood, before killing herself with a dagger hidden in her hair. Terrified, the gang fled back home and a few
days later, Nivellen awoke in the form of the Beast, possessing magical control over
the mansion. Going mad with panic he trashed his home and
ran off his family, servants and other gang members as well as anyone else who ventured
into his property. Yet on one such occasion, when the Beast confronted
someone trying to steal a blue rose from his garden, the old man begged for mercy, stating
he simply wanted a flower for his daughter. Upon hearing this, Nivellen recalled stories
from his youth about pretty maids who kissed frogs and turned them into princes. Deciding to give it a try, he angrily demanded
the man’s daughter in exchange for his life, but the sobbing father soon explained his
girl was only 8, filling the beast with such sympathy and remorse he ensured the old man
left with a bag of treasure taken from the riches accrued by the old gang. Leaving the mansion in high spirits, the man
must have spread the word about his adventure, because soon enough another father came, this
time with his daughter at the ready. Striking a bargain, Nivellen gave him a large
bag of treasure and in return his daughter agreed to stay for a year. Though hesitant at first, the girl proved
kind and intelligent, and the two slowly grew closer, but after a year she left with her
father, and once again he was alone. Having enjoyed his time with a companion,
he decided to take another, this time a joyful and energetic girl named Fenne, who did not
fear him at all, and so they steadily grew closer until becoming intimate. After their first night together, the beast
ran to the mirror but was disappointed to see the curse remained. Though they enjoyed their time together, after
a year she returned to her former life, where she was preparing to marry a tavern owner. The next girl was Primula, the daughter of
an impoverished Knight, and she proved more aggressive and adventurous then any of the
others, asking him to ravage her like a beast during their intimate nights together. But still the curse was not lifted. Yet instead of feeling further despair, Nivellen
was starting to feel that life as a terrifying monster, really wasn’t so bad. Before, he was skinny, weak and unattractive,
mocked by even the lowest girls. But now, he was big and strong, never suffering
from sickness and even owned a magical mansion. In addition, there was now a litany of fathers
who couldn’t wait to sell him their daughters for a period of time, maidens far more beautiful
and fine then any girl he could have attracted as his old self. The women themselves also benefited from the
arrangement, as they got to leave the harshness of their normal lives, where they washed and
cooked for men who sometimes beat them, and instead lived in a mansion as a princess for
a year, enjoying finery and the best food, along with a dutiful companion who lavished
them with praise and gifts, so strong he could defend them from any danger. After Primula, the beast started to get bored
of the same routine which continued with the next two girls Ilka and Venimira, and with
his wealth depleting, he chose to take longer breaks between companions. Nevertheless, he was largely content with
his life, and so in the end had 3 reasons why wanted to remain a beast. First, it kept him in good health. Second, the fact he was different was fascinating
to women, and he was now able to bed beautiful maidens who otherwise wouldn’t give him
a chance. And Third, this curse kept everyone away,
which ensured his safety from the enemies he and his father made as gang leaders. Interested by his story, Geralt for the second
time, asked if Nivellen was currently living alone, and for the second time he was hesitant
to answer. But the Witcher already knew he was not alone,
recalling the girl outside the mansion and concluded that the merchant and girl who were
killed, must have come seeking the beast only to be turned away because another companion
was present. Preparing to leave, Geralt imparted what information
he could, stating that the curse must have been cast by a Priestess from the Church of
Coram Agh Tera, the lionheaded spider, and as a result required abilities more powerful
than his own to be made unmade. He also revealed, that his current companion
Vereena, was likely a Rusalka, or water nymph, beings who were all female and so mated with
other species to procreate. Nivellen suspected the same, as she did not
eat and spoke in strange language, but he didn’t care, because she was not some daughter
who would leave him in a year, claming that they were genuinely in love. Having come to trust his guest, the beast
asked for advice about his ever worsening nightmares, which they both suspected meant
his condition was worsening, and he might soon start attacking people in the night. When Geralt made it clear nothing could be
done, Nivellen asked him to return as a Witcher and kill him if he ever became an uncontrollable
beast. Departing from the mansion, Geralt did not
return to the highway, and instead took a shortcut through the forest, camping out on
a hill. In the night, he heard mad howling, eerie
singing and the screams of a tortured woman. The next day, while roach drank at a stream,
she was startled by an ordinary ring of mushroom caps, leading the Witcher to calm her with
a sign. This event was enough for Geralt to recall
how scared Roach became when they met Vereena outside the mansion, and suddenly it all came
together. The bite marks on the girl with the blue rose,
the companion’s appearance, Nivellen’s dreams, the singing in the night, and Roach
being friendly with the beast but scared of the young girl. Vereena was a vampire. Rushing back to the mansion, he found her
leaning against the dolphin statue, having just feasted on the beasts blood. Geralt resolved that she was attracted to
Nivellen because he could protect her from most dangers, and so seduced him to become
Lady of the Manor. Yet while the beast appeared as a monster,
he was in fact quite civil, and so Vereena manipulated his dreams to make him increasingly
wild and aggressive, training him to kill on her behalf. His resistance to corruption however, led
her to take more drastic measures, now feeding on his blood to further darken his mind, so
they might rule the forest together as Vampire and Beast. Though he suspected her of being a Moola of
Alpor vampire, she denied it, and so realized she was a Bruxa, an extremely dangerous creature
with sharp claws, a piercing howl, enhanced agility and increased speed, even able to
transform into a large bat. Engaging in a brutal duel, Geralt fought with
a silver sword and used the Quen sign to create a shield which protected from her sonic screams,
but at times she proved too powerful and broke through. When Nivellen arrived, bloody and stumbling,
he started yelling and when he distracted Vereena for the second time, she screamed
and sent him crashing into wooden scaffolding. Yet even so, he would not stay down, and as
prepared to finish off the Witcher off, the Beast reappeared and stabbed her through the
chest with a pole. Dying, the Bruxa pulled herself further along
the stake, hoping to claw at Nivellen so they could die together and in Geralt’s head
he heard her voice saying “Mine or nobodies. I love you. I love you.” Seeing what she was had planned, the Witcher
swung his sword and took off her head, saving the beast. In both physical and emotional pain, Nivellen
collapsed and curled into a ball, only to rise moments later as a handsome well-built
man. The curse was lifted. Shocked, happy and sad all at once, the former
beast asked the Witcher what happened, and he replied “There’s a grain of truth in
every fairy tale. Love and blood. They both possess a mighty power.” In other words, the love of Vereena, mixed
with the blood she shed upon being killed, must have uncast the spell, which meant that
the Bruxa, despite using the beast and manipulating him so she might kill freely in the night,
really did love him in a way no other companion ever had. As Geralt finally put it, “It has to be true love.”

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  1. Most of the info in this vid comes from "A Grain of Truth", a short story in "The Last Wish"

    Suggested Reading Order for the Witcher Books:

    The Last Wish
    Sword of Destiny
    Blood of Elves
    Time of Contempt
    Baptism by Fire
    Tower of the Swallow
    Lady of the Lake
    Season of Storms

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  3. Hey man, thanks for another fantastic summary of the Witcher series (loved it!). Looking forward to the next one!

    Rumor has it that the Neflix series will adapt this story in season 2, though not just Geralt but with Ciri as well (on their way to Kaer Morhen it seems). What are your thoughts on that?

  4. The Witcher s1 was missing a sense of world building. It would have been better if they used S1 as a bunch of short stories, getting to know the lay of the land and players on the board, which I felt was lacking in the show

  5. This is my favorite, story in The Last Wish and I'm sad they could not use it in the show. But, I'm sure Disney would not have tolerated it. This was a great video CivilzationEx I hope we see more soon.

  6. Great Timing!!!
    Like GOT, TV-Witcher appears to be an adaptation of a larger book series. If I learn it's based on an unfinished series. I won't bother watching another episode. Been there, done that. Never Again.

    GRRM is too old to finish ASOIF or he has no idea how to end the story.

  7. 4:09 & that frog prince was in Witcher 3. Of course a Fd up Dark twisted version Witcher style LOL
    This is why I love Witcher & Berserk so much. The attention to details & how some stories insipired from IRL tales & history with such great cares, even in a darker version of it.

    Thank goodness the Netflix show will adapt this in season 2. Definitely on of my most fav stories in Witcher books, especially with the epic fight in it.

  8. Thank you Civilization X! I've been a fan since early game of thrones content. This is my favorite channel for all my Nerd learning and entertainment!

  9. I would love to see your style of video for other series, like Critical Failures and the other Caverns and Creatures lore, or the ELLC series, just thinking of your narration and animation on the more comedic series's.

  10. Just finished listening to this in the audio book. The cool part about the short story books is that this entire story can be read in close to the amount of time it takes to watch this video.

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