‘The Voice’ Contestant Faces Brown Recluse Spider Bite

‘The Voice’ Contestant Faces Brown Recluse Spider Bite

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  1. My grandma was bit by a brown recluse spider and she almost went into septic shock. It was really scary for me and I feel like people should be more aware of these spiders.

  2. find your peace yeah when I got bit by a spider I wanted to go buy me a piece and let his ass have it LOL I thank God mine wasn't that bad it was bad but it didn't turn into flesh ear mine was a really big bump and real hot like fever and it started off a little bitty bitty bump and it was itching and I was scratching it felt so good oh my God you just don't know how good it felt to scratch it and then next day I woke up it was the size of a egg yeah that's right you eat it was huge on my right leg at my shin and I need Lee put a hot towel on it and it stay like that for two days day 3 I'm soaking in the bathtub I have my legs soaking Epsom salt peroxide in my water and I felt my leg just throbbing throbbing like somebody's beating on the inside of it I lift my leg up out of the water and I took my heart tell it just braced it at its skeeted out this big thick cookie sticky green pus is shout out all over my bathtub wall oh my God it started rolling out and I took the towel by now I'm standing up holding myself up and I'm squeezing it was hurting like hell it was in so much pain and I'm squeezing is just glitching out lots of green and yellow pus lots of it and when I stood to step out of the bathtub it started rolling down my leg real bad salad to the doctor my mother and I went to the doctor dermatologist and he said that's a spider bite and he said but it looks really good I have been keeping it clean plus I squeezed all the poison out and he put me on antibiotics the next 3 days over I had a f*** another one on my side it look like I had got bit by a king cobra two Fang marks than I have till this day spider fangs and they bust up real bad and puss start squirting out it hurts so bad oh my God you do not want to know that type of thing I went back to the doctor and he said that that was a reaction from the poison being in my body because I bomb my house I sprayed bleach bomb spider houses I did everything and could not find a spider at all but it was spider bites they will f*** you up bad and if you get one that lay her eggs in you when she bites you you will have to get your leg or arm amputated and that's no lie if it gets that bad they will have to cut off your limb read up on it I'm not lying okay that's enough of me talking about my nasty spider bite I just wanted to share my long story with you guys LOL watch out because they don't like for you to sleep alone at night the spiders like to stay warm with you LOL

  3. okay I'm back I forgot to tell you guys one important thing after you take your bath and you get ready to go to bed please don't put on the smell good lotion are perfumes because that's what attracts them that's how I got bit I took my bath and I put on some Victoria's Secret's lotion and that night I got bit

  4. I live in Colorado and when I was about 5 or 6 I got bit by one of those in my hand and all the skin burned off I don't have any scars or anything I'm 14 now but I remember how bad it hurt when my mom put stuff on it to heal it it really burned

  5. Damn I searched my room the whole night
    Damn that shits creepy 😓 I was in the look out for spiders like black opps n***a I ain't never sleepin no more Amma kill one of them motherf*****s if I see them I would crush it so hard even it's dead ancestors would feel it dammmmn wtf I'm sweating rn man f**********k!!!!!!😨 I'm even looking here for them motherf*******s👀👀 anyone wanna join the search 2019

  6. My grandma got bite 4 times on her legs in a hotel room in Abilene Texas when we were visiting family. Her bites were horrible!!

  7. I thought the Brown Recluse was one of the most venomous spiders in the world? How was she not dead at the 48 hour mark?

  8. I worked in Hyperbaric medicine and it is the "standard of care" for brown recluse bites. We treated several patients with this diagnosis. The results are amazing!!! The sooner the treatment starts the better.

  9. Phew at least I don't have these spiders around but I have these black garden spiders and sometimes they are flipping huge!!!

  10. I had this exact same thing happen to me about 2 months ago. right between my eye brows. still have the scar. Wish I could show the "Doctors" my pics on my cellphone I took with each stage of the bite on my face. I was given a high dose of Amoxicillian 875 mg. with Potassium for 7 days. Never had an oxygen treatment. I googled spider bite images and their scars, mine looked just like from a Brown Recluse spider.. cant believe I did not wake up while he was that close to my eyes..I was sleeping on the sofa the night I got bit.

  11. I sleep in peace knowing theres none of this in my country 😀 oh wait theres a bunch of other spiders and snakes oh well. Tropical country

  12. I’ve been bitten three times by one of those spiders and it’s horrible because I had to go under surgery twice and the other one we have to do major wound care

  13. Don't know what bit me, but I was camping in OK a while back, got bit on the arm when I got in the sleeping bag.
    The pain was so intense that I was immediately out of the bag, looking for whatever it was. Saw something come out of my sleeve, but it was dark and I did not get a good look.
    Pain increased to the point that I was soon on my way to the ER, collapsed on the ramp to the door.
    The docs said anaphylactic shock – two giant shots in the ass and half an hour later it was like nothing happened.
    No plans to go back to OK anytime soon……….

  14. Good for you glad the oxygen treatment helped. I got bit over 8 times in one year no not a,dirty home just old & breakout of them last season. Their under control now, sticky traps work best along baseboards. The key to the brown recluse is its venom which they recently found it kills protein lipids as well which is worse than thought, activated charcoal with a Lil flax seed meal and oil in it applies asap and issue will draw out all poison in days. Godbless.

  15. I've been bitten twice by a recluse. Never have I had necrosis. I guess it is true that everyone reacts differently.

  16. Spiders need to die. I dont care if their harmless. I don't care if their small and most of the time you can't see them. They. Need. To. Die.

  17. I was bit by one of these once right above my belly button and you were able to see every vain in my body all the way up to my shoulders and around my heart

  18. Brown Recluse Spiders are from Oklahoma and other Midwest States and was she in one of those States when this happen?

  19. I was bit by a recluse spider late last year. Got a nice scar to show for it on my arm. Found a another recluse tonight next to my front door..my boyfriend did away with it!

  20. This a favourite question on our board exams
    well guess what I came here after the step 2 CK UWORLD Q

  21. Thanos plz destroy that half of the world that contain those spiders not the humans or animals the spiders

  22. Christ, iv killed 2 of em recently, and black widows in my back yard….. and thats recently, cause ive killed nearly 20 y the last decade…….. they seem to have seasons……creepy…

  23. Humble yourselves ladies & gentlemen, don't allow yourself to get hung up on your beauty! I have always taught my children to be humble in all things. It is not good to make others envious of you…"awe you're so beautiful girl" or "awe I wish I had your good looks!"😒 Not everyone comes with what others deem "HOT LOOKS"🤦🏼‍♂️ in ALL things (Be thankful) & (Humble) that's all.

  24. UUUGGHHH, tired of people thinking that this happens with Every bite! Only 10% result in necrosis and only 1% (this being part of the 1%) result in systemic developments.

  25. You’re brave with this, I’m petrified with the tiny bug attracted to my light in my bedroom 😑

  26. My sister had a similar bite, and she bled continuously , she thought it was to expel the venom. She put tea tree oil on it constantly. Necrosis started, but cleared up She threw up as well. She was out in her garden and got a sting. She said it stung and itched quite a bit.

  27. I’m so glad she survived and anyone else who has gotten bitten god bless you for surviving just remember that’s why we have bats

  28. I got bite by a brown recluse on the tip of my left ring finger it blistered up and after a week piped with some puss I cleaned it and it healed up. Keep the blister keeps the skin clean antibiotics cleaning the wound up after words stopped infection I never saw a doctor was in San Francisco love Jason

  29. I live in British Columbia Canada and we have these Spiders and one thing you can do if you are bitten, quickly go to the freezer and place an ice cube on the bite, the cold will neutilize the venom by 75%, but will not kills it completely, you will still get black skin just not as nasty. Still go to the hospital.

  30. yo i live in pennsylvania and i had one of these right next to me, it was hiding in a shadow after i spooked it so i lit up the area and took a picture of it. then i lay down literally right next to it because i dont like to kill spiders, next i know ITS FUCKING GONE SO I FLIP MY ROOM UPRIGHT AND GRAB MY DAMN BB GUN

  31. I check everything around me and my bed all the time ! Louisianan here and them suckas are everywhere! Plus I live next to the Atchafalaya and God knows the critters are about when it's hot!

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