The Untouchables (9/10) Movie CLIP – Nitti’s Fall (1987) HD

The Untouchables (9/10) Movie CLIP – Nitti’s Fall (1987) HD

Here I am,
treasury man. Come on!
Arrest me! What are you
waiting for? Don’t just stand there!
Arrest me! Don’t push me. They’re going
to burn you, buddy. Yeah? Yeah. I’m going to come see you
burn, you son of a bitch, Because you killed
my friend! He died like a pig. What did you say? I said that your friend
died screaming Like a stuck irish pig. Now, you think about that
when I beat the rap. Hey! Hey! (screams) Did he sound anything like that? (screaming) (crowd chatters indistinctly)

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  1. Quite sad to here Drago passing away! He was great and creepy in his villainous roles in many films. First saw him in Delta Force 2 as a kid and felt he stole the show as a bad guy then saw him in Hills have eyes 2006 and was superb as the villian

  2. Here is the late Billy Drago (RIP) playing the White suited assassin Frank Nitti. He passed away just 4 days ago. He's going to be missed by all. I've never forget him as the bad guy Frank Nitti on this movie.

  3. Would have been a far less satisfying death if he fell on an innocent member of the public down below.

  4. to the owner of the car " i have good news and bad , the bad news your friend is dead , the good news is your car is now a coupe " ! 😂😂😂

  5. Be at peace Billy Drago, and thanks for all the great screen villains you gave us through out your career. You will be missed.

  6. Selamun Alleykum

    Killing somebody is very big sin.

    Please do not kill any alive thing such as animals or humans


  7. Elliot Ness was nothing more than a thug. Just another gestapo member sent by the government to harass, assault, and kill American citizens for committing the ultimate sin of enjoying alcohol.

  8. Frank Nitto committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, three times. He missed the first time and hit the second and third times.

  9. I'm still torn on which is the better death scene. This or when Inigo Montoya kills Count Reugan. Two great scenes.

  10. It was the 20’s early 30’s, he would have “accidentally” fallen off the roof without all the trash talking necessary.

  11. Billy Drago played Nitti to perfection. It shows when everyone cheers when the character you play dies violently.

  12. Onlooker: "Geez, I don't think anyone could ever make a fall from a building look more fake."

    Hans Gruber: "Hold my beer."

  13. I think Ness misunderstood Malone earlier in the film, in the church. Ness must have thought Malone said "He sends one of your men to the hospital, you send one of his to the Ford!"

  14. I mean technically he’s a cop that is totally against the law cos it weren’t self defence but still he was scum so good scene 😂

  15. I’ve walked past that building often. It’s the Chicago Public Library. I always look up expecting to see a white-suited Billy Drago come screaming down.

  16. Cars were parked in inclined position also as per the size of them he should have never been landed inside of the car…..

  17. Great scene and great stunt but his hair doesn’t move as he falls. A box fan or even a Chinese fan would have worked . Perhaps someone blowing on his face to get a little wind movement . His hair flounces as he’s getting pushed …so, anyways

  18. After this this shot, Ness was ashamed when he found there was a woman and baby asleep on the backseat of the car. The Woman died but the child survived but was in a coma for 2 weeks before sadly passing away.
    The scene was cut as it made Costner's character look like an unthinking rookie.

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