The Twinks of WeHo – Gay of Thrones S6 E10 Recap

The Twinks of WeHo – Gay of Thrones S6 E10 Recap

Oh my God Bryan did you see
the season finale of Game of Thrones? I did. I was at your house. You said we were going
to watch The Bachelorette. -Oopsy daisy, honey did I do that?
-[laughs] [theme song] Oh my God, so at the beginning it’s the trial of the century in Westeros,
so everyone had to get up. ♪ ♪ -You got my money?
-Later. Go away. Bryan: I can’t believe Game of Thrones
showed a successful gay conversion during pride month. Loras: I lay with other men.
I take full responsibility, and unburden myself with my desires. Disgusting. Bryan: And Vintage Mia Farrow
was serving Appletinis and honey, everyone was getting one. John: Wow, you can
really taste the apples Jonathan: Oh my God,
and then Baby Tomtom
was Baby gone-gone. [Goofy holler] Bryan: And then Vintage Mia Farrow
was giving us a preview of her upcoming memoirs. Cersei: I fuck my brother, because
it feels good to feel him inside of me. Jonathan: And then High
guard Maggie Smith was like someone with the worse case
of OCD, after an earthquake, because she was putting
everybody in their place. Olenna: What is your name again? Barbara? You look like an angry little boy– Do shut up dear. Anything from you? Good. [bell rings] Bryan: And then Christina and
Vintage Smith Jerrod consciously uncouple. -Daario: Bring me with you.
-Daenerys: I can’t. I hope it brings you happiness. Bryan: And then Munch-munch finally wins
the hand of the queen gold medal. Jonathan: That hug, Gabby Douglas
is going into Rio Olympics. -What about Simone?
-What about Simone?! Honey Simone’s coming to
going to ride in there honey. -She ain’t got nothing on Gabby!
-No. yes she does honey. -No she doesn’t!
-She’s world champion girl. -She’s two-time world champion.
-Oh, how many Olympic Gold Medals -does Simone Biles have?
-She’s 15! Yes, so we’ll see how
she handles that pressure. -Oh, I can’t wait for Simone.
-I can’t wait for you to eat your little beautiful,
gay man, white person words. I am not gay! Jonathan: And then nobody
wanted to support Jon Snow for king until that little
miss no sunshine completely read everyone for not
respecting the rules of the phone tree. Lyanna: You refused the call. Lyanna: You refused the call. Lyanna: You refused the call. [phone ringing] Jonathan: And then Baby Bran was watching his Trivo when he stumbles upon
this old episode of Maury where he finds out that
Ned Stark is not the father. That baby looks 100%
like Bruce Willis. Jonathan: And then Vintage Mia Farrow
takes her seat on the throne. And then I just think of
all the violence, all the harassment, all the rape, all the shame,
all the shit that all these strong ass
ladies had to go through. And they realized the best
thing about being a woman is ♪ The prerogative to have a little fun ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ I wanna be free-yeah ♪ ♪ To feel the way I feel ♪ ♪ Man, I feel like a woman ♪ ♪ Whoo ♪ ♪ ♪ You go girl. I really can’t wait for
Divorce for Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh my God, you’re serving
me Tommen realness. Ahh! Splat. Oh, you’re dead. -Stop touching your hair so much…
-Sorry. Where are… my dragons? Jonathan: Whoa. What’s happening? -Like that right?
-Yeah, that’s really cute. You don’t wanna–
Oh. -Oh.
-[laughs] Dude, did you watch Gay of Thrones? Dude, is Muhammad Ali the original GOAT? -Hell yeah.
-[laughs] [theme music] From the get, Long Haired
John Cena asked LeBryan James
if he’s seen Game of Thrones. Oh my God Bryan did you see
the season finale of Game of Thrones? I did. And then Long Haired John Cena
sets up a clip from gore porn Lord of the Rings like the
sweetest 8-iron chip shot. But just when you think she’s done bartending, oh no she’s not,
because she’s still serving [inaudible] that horizontal house [inaudible] -4 feet from the hole.
-That’s what she said. Dude, Long Haired
John Cena always kills it, but he and LeBryan James
straight up decapitated the season finale of Gay of Thrones. -It was epic.
-Epic. -♪ Is it ♪
-♪ What is it ♪ -♪ Is it ♪
-♪ What is it ♪ ♪ You want it all but you can’t have it ♪ Dude, he’s so gay I love it. -Yo, can I get real?
-Go ahead. If you were gay,
would you bone Jonathan? Uh, dude, that’s a Jonathan Van Yes. Dude, if I were gay I would
invite him over to my place, have a small batch of IPA,
watch Revenant on Blu-ray, and then we’d fuck. [screaming, growling] That’s a cool technique. Dude, being gay
must be so fucking rad. It must be like being
immediately good at surfing. -Surf’s up.
-Yeah. Dicks up. At the end when they
referenced Shania Twain, I felt so good, it was
like I hit my bench press PR. -What is it?
-335. That don’t impress me much. Ah-ah, oh-oh. I’m kidding man.
That’s very impressive. ♪ ♪ You go girl. My favorite song. -Oh hunty…
-So fierce. Too sweet. Too sweet. Hey boys, could I join? [shouts] [together] Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!

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  1. OK but Gabby's place in the team isn't even certain anymore now that she's not top 3 AAers so it's #TeamSimone all the way

  2. OMG love Jonathan with Bryan Safi so much! Random gymnastics fight and "I am NOT gay!" made me laugh so hard. 🙂

  3. I love this series. Like ADORE it. Please, Gay of Thrones, please for the recaps in the final seasons can you please try and get more ex Game of Thrones people on it? Pleeeeease! And if we're missing the show after the final seasons you can always go back and recap 1 and 2 and then release them all together, like Netflix. :):)

  4. What would Elliot say?
    Also 3 Time world Champion Consecutive, and don't even get me started nationally, That's all I'm saying!!

  5. Gay of Thrones-ception. Wish there'd been more of a recap though, what y'all thought of Arya killing the Freys and Jon's parentage!!!

  6. Gay of Thrones is on it's way to the Emmys!


  8. Gay of Thrones really you bitches are the best! 👑 and 'Ivanka and Jared' are like, so great. the best quality

  9. Cersei fucks her brother because they haven’t invented the technology required to clone her so she can fuck herself.

    Gay of Straight was awesome by the way.

  10. If y'all are joking about Diana Rigg being Maggie Smith, it just makes me think that you don't know about all the catsuits she used to wear in the 1960s Avengers tv spy series and YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CATSUITS.

  11. When Bryan says “I am not gay” I burst out laughing. Damn, Bryan is so funny. And so gay. I love it.

    Also, “Gay of Straight” made me realize I don’t speak straight, like at all. Lmao

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