The Tale of The Princess Kaguya Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) – Studio Ghibli Film HD

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) – Studio Ghibli Film HD

*wood chopping noise in the background* “Ah!” *piano playing softly* “Ah..?” “She’s such a beautiful little princess” “Ah! Oh!” “Whoa” “That kid is weird. she grows fast. Like Bamboo!” “Have you gotten bigger again? – Yeah, you think so?” “I have heard the rumors about her” “Oh my!” if disobedience to his Majesty is considered a crime punishable by death” “Well then, the only choice is to kill me.” *snapping sound* *door bangs against floor* “You mustn’t blame yourself” “Do you really want to hurt your father like this?” “Ayah!” “Ah!” *panting* *Loud thunder noise* *dramatic piano music playing* “Please dont take me away” *Cheerful music playing” “Only now, do I finally remember” “Why I came here”

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  1. rest in peace to isao takahata 😭 thank you for giving us amazing tales and masterpieces. thank you and rest in peace

  2. R.I.P. Isao Takahata. You created one of the best and most memorable films at Ghibli, and one of the best films of 2014.

  3. I've seen a few comments that say, "CGI is so lazy, hand-drawn animation needs to return to the big screen." I do agree that I miss 2D animation NOT based on a television show, and I agree that CGI is being used WAY too much.
    Just because 2D animation isn't as commonly used as CGI, that doesn't mean that we should hold prejudice towards CGI animation. People see it as a "cheap copout" but I see it as impressive, with lots of time and effort being put into the animation. 2014 was a GREAT year for animated movies, even if you didn't like The Lego Movie. There were PLENTLY of animated movies from that year that could have also been declared "best of the year."
    I'm sure plenty of people have their own favourite animated movies that are CGI animated.

  4. I'll never, ever get how this didn't win Best Animated Feature, or get a Foreign Language nomination. RIP Takahata Isao.

  5. I watched this when I was in 3rd grade, I cried.

    I watched it in 4th grade, I cried.

    I watched it this time, I cried.

    And I only cried because the story was so moving, the music is beautiful and everything is wonderful. One of the best afilms that I've ever watched.

  6. this movie is a masterpiece honestly…. it's beautiful, and heartbreaking, but all too real.
    Perhaps it isn't suitable for children though T – T

  7. Honestly, I think Disney is a mediocre film company. I remember when Miyazaki praised the technical aspects of the older movies, but criticised the stories for being too simplistic. And I feel like that’s what Disney did; encourage style over substance. Disney hasn’t ever attempted to even make an M-rated film, MA 15+ film or R-rated film. Not to mention, they also set their tropes that they either haven’t fixed, or attempt to mock it, but not subvert it. For example; a princess who wants more, a cute animal comic relief character, a dark sorcerer, etc.

    I also get this feeling that people only praise the older Disney movies because they grew up with them. I never grew up with many Disney films, and so I feel like they come off as corny, dated and poorly put together. I was born in 2003, so I remember Frozen and Zootopia being good movies when I was a kid. So I feel like Disney is only praised because people look fondly back on the older movies, and they conclude that Disney is an amazing studio. (Despite them being corny, dated and badly-written.)

  8. Some may not like the style of animation, but I can can see why they chose. Since it is an old Japanese folktale, it's fitting that the animation is reminiscent of traditional Japanese art.

  9. The style of this animation is a copy of traditional Chinese ink painting. Its director also admitted it. Search and watch the animation for" Shanshuiqing" in 1988, then you will know what dose a real masterpiece should be.

  10. just watched it and now I'm left conflicted. There's so many "why"s to be answered… I want to know more. In the end its sad but truly beautiful

  11. This might be weird but I cried for hours after watching this movie…
    It is so beautiful and sad. Now one of my favourite movies

  12. Wanted to love this, but didn't like it. It bored me, and Kaguya didn't have much of a personality. It had a very unique style though.

  13. I am neither Japanese nor female yet this film spoke to me at such a profound level. Why shouldn't I just kill myself? This film understands. and this film gushes with life and beauty. I wish I could've known Takahata in his lifetime. These are the pieces of art that keeps me alive. Although the world is full of suffering, betrayal and fire, it is still a beautiful and overwhelmingly romantic thing to exist, and the universe continues to unfold as it should. And things like this help to to believe that.

  14. The characters of this movie will stay with me for as long as I can remember. One of the most beautiful stories I've ever seen, both on an emotional and on a visual level.

  15. This animation is Breath-taking. The ending still scars my heart today. ❤ Studio Ghibli will forever be my childhood.

  16. This hit home so much. If you suffer with a depression and anxiety disorder, and especially if you're a young woman. Oh damn, oh damn. I could feel both the compulsion to stay and go away, forgetting it all. The amount of crying was unreal.

  17. sry no matter how long making the movie took i hate it. the story is so rushed in the end and makes no sense to me at all. i cried myself to death, wondering where the sense is. ghibli failed on this movie to me, sorry.

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