The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

Welcome to the Aesop Fable titled,
“The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf.” Hope you enjoy it. Once upon a time in a small village,
there lived a shepherd boy named Peter. He lived with his Uncle Jim
and his Aunt Irma. Every night the three of them
would sit together and would tell
stories about wolves. And that was the end of the story. What happened to the wolf? He was never seen again. Oh, are you afraid of wolves? No! No, no! But they cannot be around people. What would happen if they
came near our town? Well, they could harm us,
especially our sheep and goats. Are you afraid of wolves? Yes I am.
Everyone is afraid of wolves. Oh, I see. Now it’s getting late and time
for you to go to bed. Tomorrow morning you must get up
and take care of the sheep and the goats. Alright. Peter was sitting on the hillside
watching over the sheep and goats. I’m bored, watching goats
and sheep. I should be in the lake swimming. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean
to insult you, you’re sweet. He was bored, but then he
thought of way to have fun. I’ll dance around! [banjo music playing] Forget it!
I’m still bored. Again, he thought of another
way to have fun. Ugh. That’s it! Peter started waving his hands
to get the attention of the villagers. Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf? Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Some of the villagers came
to see what was happening. They brought their shovels and axes
so they could kill the wolf. Over here, over here! Come on! What’s wrong? I saw the wolf over there!
He’s looking right at us! Where? He’s hiding behind those trees! I don’t see anything. Are you sure, a wolf? Yes, I am he’s moving. The villagers couldn’t find the wolf
and Peter started laughing. Hahahahahahaha!
It’s not true! I fooled you!
Hahahahahaha! There’s nothing!
There’s no wolf! [Peter continues laughing] I fooled you!
Hahahahahahahah! I knew it! Why did you lie to us? This isn’t funny! Let’s go we have work to do! You all of scared of a wolf? Hahahahahahaha! I had a good time today. Peter laid on the ground
and he thought of another
way to have fun. I am bored. I want to climb that tree
and look over the village. Ugh! Oh. I’m going to trick the villagers again,
I need a good laugh. He started waiving to get
the attention of the villagers. Wolf! Wolf! Over here!
Over here! Oh, that poor boy,
frustrated with that game. Yeah. Over here, a wolf!
A wolf! Wolf? Come on there’s a wolf again! The wolf, the wolf, the wolf, over here! The wolf, he’s over there! Where? Where?! Come on let’s go! The villagers looked and looked
for the wolf, but they couldn’t find him. Peter started laughing again. Hahahahahahahahaha! I fooled you again!
Hahahahahahahahaha! Shame on you! You lied to us! You fooled us again! Yes, I fooled you again!
Hahahahaha! I am going to go tell your aunt
and uncle! Come on! Those villagers, they’re so funny.
They believed me twice. But what Peter didn’t realize
was that there was a wolf really
hiding in woods watching them. When he went home that afternoon,
he got scolded by his aunt and uncle. They told me what you
did today, twice! Why? Shame on you!
Aah!! I was bored. You know I don’t like watching
the sheep and goats. That is not a reason to lie. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I won’t fool the people again.
I’m sorry. Alright, fine. Now go to bed and we’ll
see you in the morning. Good night, I love you. The next day after having his breakfast,
Peter went to the hillside to watch
the sheep and goats again. [suspenseful music] Hey the wolf! Over here!
The wolf! Yay, yay yay — He’s trying to fool us again. Just ignore him. Ignore him. No! no!
I’m telling the truth! Help! Help! The wolf is chasing the sheep! Please, come! Help!
The wolf is here, please! Just go, leave us alone! I’m telling the truth,
the wolf is here! Oh no!
The wolf ate all the sheep and goats! Sure, sure, hahaha. It’s the truth, the sheep
and goats are all gone,
and the wolf is gone too. Stop it Peter! [crying] Why are you crying? I told you there was a wolf.
There really was a wolf here. Oh no!
You were telling the truth. We thought it was a joke. You fooled us twice before.
Do you remember? Yes, I remember.
I’m sorry. We believed you.
I hope you learned your lesson. You should not lie.
People will not trust liars. Even if they are telling the truth. I will never lie again.
I promise. If you tell people lies
over and over again, they will not believe you
even when you do tell the truth. It’s best to be honest
all of the time.

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  1. Hi All:
    Again you did a great job on this video also. I totally enjoyed this video also. I still have the "Wizard of Oz" and "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" DVDs. I will never get tired of the videos that you make. Thanks so much.

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