The Most Venomous Spiders In The World

The Most Venomous Spiders In The World

Our 8-legged friend the spider has had a bit
of a rough time in terms of its popularity with us humans. It’s believed there are around 43,000 types
of spiders in the world, and while all of them have fangs and close up look like killing
machines, most of them pose no danger to the average human. They are almost all venomous, meaning when
they bite they release a toxin into their prey so they can paralyze the victim and munch
on it later. According to an article in The Washington
Post in 2015, about 7 Americans die on average each year from spider bites in the USA. That was far fewer deaths than bees, wasps,
and hornets caused, and a third of the deaths that cows caused. However, some spiders are worth avoiding,
and that’s what we’ll look at today, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Most
Venomous Spider Bites. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. Contrary to what horror films may have tried
to tell us, the big hairy tarantula, such as the massive Goliath Bird-Eating Spider,
is not one of the most dangerous spiders out there. In fact, you’d have to annoy it considerably
for it to bite you, and then it may only feel as painful as a bee sting. The amount of venom it releases is nothing
for us to worry about. We thought we’d get that out of the way
first, as these kinds of spiders are often portrayed as being deadly. One guy that can turn your day into a bad
one is the brown recluse spider. You’ll find these all over the central and
southern United States. Sometimes they live outside in dark places,
but they do find their way into homes. The good news is that they rarely bite, and
only bite humans most of the time because some part of your body has trapped them. If bitten, you may feel a small stinging sensation,
but you should go to a hospital right away for treatment as bites can lead to tissue
damage if not treated correctly. You can find reports of people dying from
these bites, but it’s usually due to complications, just as people can die of a wasp sting. An unfortunate Alabamian boy was one such
person, who died in 2014. These guys are pretty small at less than an
inch in width. Another spider commonly seen in the U.S. is
the wolf spider. Like the brown recluse, they usually don’t
bite if you haven’t accidentally put it in some kind of uncompromising situation. They do however look mean close up, and they
can move very fast. If bitten, you should clean the wound and
seek medical treatment, as there is always a possibility of an allergic reaction. Still, these things are not considered too
dangerous. They only measure about one inch in width
depending on what kind it is, so it won’t creep you out too much. Another small spider, but one that has caused
all kinds of mayhem, is the Black Widow spider. As you can guess by the name, you don’t
see too many males as they are often killed by the females. If bitten by this tiny thing, you may start
to feel sick, and breathing can be hard, as they can cause paralysis of certain muscles. Most people do get over this pretty quickly,
but they can be deadly to little kids or the elderly. Fortunately, even they though they have very
toxic venom, when they bite, they don’t give you the full dose. In 2011, it was reported that a man from Colorado
died after being bitten 19 times, but that was a very rare occurrence. Many spiders, in fact, may not want to give
you their venom as they need that stuff to kill their prey. If they waste it on you, they could starve
to death as they need time to create more. A relative of the Black Widow is the Brown
Widow. If it bites you, the symptoms are very similar
to that of the Black Widow’s bite. The paralysis is usually temporary, but you
can imagine how scary that would feel. It might also lead to further complications. You can find them in many parts of the warmer
world, and people have died when bitten. Depending on which source you are reading,
some people say they are more deadly than black widows and other sources say less so. Another spider also in the same family as
the last two, is the redback spider. We know these are deadly because a recent
report in the Australian press noted that a redback was responsible for the country’s
first spider bite death in almost 40 years. A young man was bitten when hiking around
the coast of New South Wales. He was given antibiotics, but still succumbed
to the venom. You can’t miss this spider because, as you
can guess, it has a red back, or a red stripe down its back. About half the people bitten by a redback
will suffer fairly serious symptoms, and before the anti-venom was introduced, these little
critters killed often. Even though Australia is famed for all kinds
of things that can creep up on you and kill you, there are only two deadly spiders in
the country. The redback and also the funnel-web. Depending on what source you are reading,
some people say the latter spider is the most deadly in the world. Nonetheless, it is reported that Australia
hasn’t seen a funnel-web death since 1979. They are medium-sized spiders, and look a
little fat and ugly to say the least. The bite is painful straight away, but worse
will follow. This could include difficulty to breathe,
nausea, muscles spasms, writhing around on the floor, and at the worst you could be lying
unconscious, with big black pupils, intermittently twitching. After that, you may die. Another spider in Oz which is feared, but
not regarded as too dangerous, is the mouse spider. There are lots of varieties, but all have
very strong fangs and some varieties are said to have venom as toxic as the funnel-web. They are black and shiny, medium in size,
and quite bulbous looking. The good news is that they are not seen too
often and don’t have a very aggressive personality. While their venom is considered deadly, they
often just give you a dry bite – no venom. For that, we can say we like the mouse spider. If you do get bitten, you can take the funnel-web
anti-venom, and that is said to be very effective. If the funnel-web isn’t on the top of the
lists of world’s deadliest spider, then the Brazilian Wandering Spider is. The Guinness Book of Records has it down as
the most deadly spider, and there are many freaky and disturbing stories about this critter. If bitten, first it is really painful. Then, as with the spiders we have mentioned,
your body could become paralyzed in parts while for hours you suffer intense pain. For men, this could also include a painful
erection that lasts for hours, known as priapism. As the name suggests, it comes from Brazil
(also other parts of South America), and its nature is not to stay at home in a web, but
to wander around. This can mean wandering into homes. They only release their venom in a third of
bites, but there are many reports of these bites being deadly within hours. There is an anti-venom, which is some good
news. The large spiders – they have about a 6
inch leg span – have also been known to hitch rides to the UK in bunches of bananas. In 2017, The Sun newspaper reported, “Hundreds
of the world’s most venomous spiders burst from a bunch of bananas.” This happened when an egg sack burst open
on an unsuspecting mother. It took pest control three days to clean-up
her house. Had those things been allowed to grow-up,
we don’t even want to imagine. In 2005, a British chef was actually bitten
after dealing with a load of imported bananas. He was lucky enough to be able to identify
what it was and receive the anti-venom. Still, it took him a week to recover. He told the BBC, “I was never scared of
spiders before, but I certainly am now. I do feel very lucky, though it was extremely
painful.” So, have you ever been bitten by a spider
on this list? How did your body react? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Most Painful Things a Human Can Experience?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time, and try not to have nightmares!

100 thoughts on “The Most Venomous Spiders In The World

  1. I’ve never been bitten by any of these, but I have had both black widow and brown recluse spiders in my house within this past year.

  2. I saw a deck spider once floating on a lake. It’s legit the size of my palm ( I have long fingers cause I play the piano ). Everyone freaked out and I had to run for a teacher cause it climbed out of the water and onto the deck, then climbing up a girl’s back ( That girl wasn’t paying attention )… It’s a disturbing memory.

  3. I've never been bitten by a spider but around 6 years ago I was minding my own business when a spider crawled on my hand, of course I screamed, which scared the crap out of everyone around me, and waved my hand around like crazy to get it off but at least it didn't bite me. hope I never get bitten by one

  4. In Denmark we have no dangerous spiders which I’m very happy for course even though they aren’t toxic I’m still fucking terrified of them

  5. When my mom was a kid a lot of older girls dared her to stick her hand in a cage with a Black widow. She was pronounced dead for like a minute in the hospital.

  6. I saw a red back spider at my elementary school a few years back, luckily it didn't bite anyone, I was in class and made a fuss because I have arachnophobia, my teacher moved me to another seat.

  7. It's the SYDNEY funnel web you need to worry about. They are found within a 40km radius of Sydney and are particularly dangerous. You need to call an ambulance if bitten by one.

  8. The wolf spider….. THE WOLF SPIDER IS DANGEROUS????????????????

    …. I have seen them in my house before….

  9. well shit, i dont even have a choice in the matter? that spider is just going to walk into my house and kill me in just a few hours and its all your fault.

  10. He finds your home hacks your computer releases your information on the dark Web then kills you with a knife

  11. I've held a bunch of black widows in my yard, all female, we had to kill them 🙁 my dog would've attacked one and my dogs small so she could've died :((

  12. The only spider that ever bit me was the bold jumping spider and it felt like a bee sting but after a few hours the pain went away… however, in this last few weeks I have killed 3 Brown widows. I used to never see them but now they are all over the place.

  13. Did you notice that most of these venomous species are not related to Tarantulas? You guys may be scared by spiders, but don't forget that Tarantulas ca be tamed and become docile creatures. You can actually turn one of these into a dog and put it to bark at strangers as they attempt to trespass your land. :))

  14. Can I just saw I am so glad you add in animations to your videos, I’m so interested in deadly animals but am terrified of looking at them

  15. i was bitten by a Brown Recluse in North Carolina at i think age 9, at first we didnt know what it was but i had redness, which soon turned into a small ulcer my mother put ice at the site of the bite and still didnt know what it was (i was young so i couldnt tell) the ice actually helped and soon the minor ulcer was going down, after a couple days of constantly icing the site, the redness and the ulcer completely vanished. here i am now typing this comment several years after with no issues. it wasnt until my mom googled what happened to find it was a Brown Recluse

  16. Brazilian here. My mom found a spider among bananas at the market some days ago. However, it wasn´t the Wandering one. She then took pity and asked the clerk to put the little guy outside, since there´s lots of trees near there :v I admit I always do the same when the critter isn´t venomous :p

  17. One of those spiders were inside my closet when I was cleaning, and it was big as hell… I'm still scarred today ;-;

  18. I was bitten by a brown recluse 3 years ago. I never felt the bite. I was taking apart a wooden pallet when it happened. The bite swelled up something fierce and itched like no tomorrow. Necrosis never set in though because I'm a tough old bastard.

  19. They're only 1 inch in length my ass. When moving into a new house I found a wolf spider a solid 5 inches long. Boi nearly made me jump out of my skin.

  20. i was bitten by a wolf spider once and my leg was very swollen. and guess what? the doctors were completely clueless in how to treat me.

  21. STORY TIME!!
    so my dad lived in australia for 2 ywars in an apartment with his buddies. The apartment was full of giant spiders. So one day before they went out, they caught a huntsman and a goliath bird eater and put then together in a terrarium. Fast forward a few hours, and they came back and the bird eater was gone and the huntsman was noticeably larger…fun times

  22. i’ve lived in australia my whole life and can confirm that i have never once been bitten by a spider (because bitch, i carry a spray bottle of vinegar everywhere i go)

  23. The Brazilian wondering spider is from throughout Latin America it's called Brazilian wondering spider because Brazil is they were 1st discovered

  24. I've been bitten by Red back spiders twice in my life. Once when I was 6 and agan when I was 13. Worst headache I could ever remember, vomiting, delirium and sweating for a couple of hours. Eventually the effects wore off. Would not reccomend it.

  25. I actually have never seen a venom spider before because I live in Sweden 🇸🇪 there is not so many venom spiders 🕷 there because they live in the forest 🌳 de don’t like leave the forest because they are to scared of humans

  26. Before i clicked on this video i thought “they’re probably all either in south america or asia or something.” Nope. I live in Illinois and brown recluses are in Illinois, also wolf spiders (i saw one with a several inch leg-span once), and i believe black widows as well. Huge mistake clicking on this vid lol. Gonna have nightmares now…

  27. I haven't been bitten by a spider before, but I WILL say I've seen a wild Wolf Spider before. No, I'm Canadien. Now, before you say anything, we do have those in the lower parts Canada. So, in fourth grade, my bestie and I were wandering near the school playground, when suddenly, on a rock, we see a tarantula-esque spider, maybe an inch long, and about a three inch leg span. Now, because we are both into science, we don't immediately go into "SWEET BABY SRIRACHA SAUCE" mode, but we are both pleasantly surprised. We gave it a name I can't remember, p sure it was George, and we hatched a plan to build a little house for him, pick him up with a leaf, and bring him over, knowing he could bite us. After we made a sorry excuse for a house, we went to face possible pain and suffering, but Maybe-George was gone. We still haven't found it, but he could still there. Now that I know the bite stuff, I'm 2% glad Maybe-George was gone.

  28. I scared of all types of insects even butterfly and dragonfly😨😨😨 😨😨😨😨😨👉🕷🕷🐞🐞🕸🕸🐝🐝🦂🦂

  29. I think the Funnelweb is the most dangerous. I have learned that instead of running away when startled, it will immediately give you a bite with its very long fangs and hook onto you while releasing more venom. It also gives you the full dose of venom on first bite and you will get the effects in about 15 mins.

  30. I was bitten by a big brown spider and it gave me a really big bump. You could even see two holes where the fangs penetrated the skin

  31. Holy shit, I thought we were safe from 8-legged death nightmares in the UK.. Nope, im never opening a pack of bananas again.

  32. i have never been bitten by spider, though some spiders has sometimes climbed on me, they have never bitten me

  33. IM IN Australia and my school is so old that's the school is raided of red back spider and me and my friends found a mouse spider in a sewer

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