The Louvre & Eating Frog Legs in Paris

The Louvre & Eating Frog Legs in Paris

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  1. For the future… if you have the google translate app you can put your phone up to the signs and it will translate it in front of your eyes! It’s so cool… it isn’t the greatest but you could get the gist of it.

  2. The Louvre is very overwhelming without a guide or a preplanned goal of works to see. The Musee d'Orsay would have been easier for you guys b/c it's more open and smaller. The Louvre is so intensely filled with art that to me it was somewhere I'd love to visit more often and learn each part and each work or group of works. Check out Centre Georges Pompidou if you go back. It's interesting as well and has tons of contemporary art and cool kid friendly fountain outside.

  3. The museum was so crowded! I just would be anxious the whole time! You guys have been such troopers through the whole trip!

  4. Tip for your next trip- we really loved the Rick Steeves Audio Europe app! It’s a free app you can download on your phone, and then inside the app you can download audio guides for specific places and museums (so they work offline/without WiFi). All you need is your phone and a pair of headphones and you’re set! And he’s pretty good about saying like “take a few steps to the right and you’ll see…” 💖 Love watching your travels!

  5. I felt like I was watching concept art when Parker gave us his interpretation of a time lapse. It was amazing! The soundtrack was my favorite part: 😍

  6. I’M IN THE BACKGROUND AT 11:54!! I remember seeing you guys! I wanted to say hi but didn’t want to disturb you. 🙂

  7. I was there about a month ago paris was soo butiful
    i felt the same way i got stuck in the subway at night luv u guys♥️

  8. Thanks for the feedback on the audio guides because I’m going to Paris tomorrow and definitely going to the Louvre ❤️

  9. Your hair is so beautiful Jess!!!! 😍 also isn't it weird how several restaurants you've been in have been playing Pink songs?? Could be just me that's noticed?? Haha

  10. J'espère qu'il y a des fans de l'OM qui regardent la vidéo, juste pour voir leur réaction 
    puisque Parker porte un maillot du PSG 😂. By the way, what you call a chandelier in English is actually called a "lustre" in French 😉

  11. 3:15 When nobody's looking.
    18:43 LOLOLOL!!!😂

    P.S. Really neat. What an art history, and excellent tour Parker.😊

  12. Jessiccaaaa!!!!! Check out the curly girl method! It’s a journey so you might not love your hair right away but curly hair rocks! You just gotta find the products that fit your curl pattern, and I bet all your hair could get as curly as your layer underneath!

  13. I had to pause at 2:48 and make this comment…before you explained your hair "problem" I was thinking your hair looks different but in a great way….I love it. So stop it!

  14. 1. Parker's hair is serving fresh out of bed realness and I love it, he is so cute and articulate.
    2. Your children are amazing, the kindness and love they show each other is heartwarming.
    3. Who are the 32 heartless automatons who disliked this video?

  15. Jessica has no need to be insecure about her hair- she's absolutely stunning. I've always thought she was the prettiest and gentlest mother in YouTube and I could only wish to be as naturally beautiful as she is inside and out. Love you Jess! 👍🏻💖

  16. Parker was an excellent tour guide, I would hire him any day, even if some of his facts were a little dubious!
    Shame it’s time to go home. I’ve enjoyed your European tour so much.
    An idea, why not do a similar thing (obviously without the hotels) for the area you live in so we can all see places in your part of America. I know you won’t have the massive history thing but you must have other stuff we haven’t seen.

  17. Wait Jess your natural hair is gorgeous 😍 😍 I would love to have your hair, mine is naturally strait

  18. What, Jessica! Before you said anything about your hair, I thought, "wow Jessica's hair looks really good like that. She should wear it like that more often!" I can't believe you're insecure about your curls! They're freaking gorgeous!

  19. Jessica, I learned this summer about a hair method for curly hair called the curly girl method and it is LIFE CHANGING! In short, it's all about using products with lots of moisture and no harmful add ins to help your natural curls be at their best and it's a game changer and a super confidence boost! I super reccomend looking into it!

  20. As you were asking about it in the last episode or so, I wanted to say that many places in France have high chairs, I think that you went to places not used to welcome kids and babies, but here in Normandy we do have high chairs in pretty much all of our restaurants!
    Come visit us some day, as the rest of our country, we have a lot of History to share, especially since we're a important part of the WW2 with the D-day.
    Kisses from Caen 😘

  21. Jessica, you should wear your hair more often like that, without the hair thingy. I think it looks even better!

  22. Just out of curiosity, does Jessica ever wear the baby carrier? I love Parker’s imagination of his tour & the time lapse! 😂 💕

  23. I wonder if the google culture app or whatever its called would have been helpful at the lourve or the google lens feature that can recognize objects and art? Helpful tips though and great video!

  24. I was literally thinking “wow Jessica’s hair looks really good today” and like 10 seconds later she started talking about how she was insecure about it. I wish my hair was like that naturally!!

  25. Jessica, my thought before you mentioned that you are insecure about your natural hair was, “Wow, Jessica’s hair looks gorgeous today!!” I love you guys!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!❤️❤️

  26. Chris: These are called chandeliers.
    Parker: And it's as heavy as a horse. That's why we're calling it a horse.

    XD I love this family.

  27. I'm really sad that you didn't get to enjoy the Louvre as much as you could have… I wish I had been there that day and I would have offered a tour of the museum… I'm a historian of art, and the Louvre is my favorite museum!! Too bad I was in vacation…

  28. I’m dying at how precious Parker’s timelapse is! His imitation of the trendy music over them is too perfect!

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