The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (6/9) Movie CLIP – Warg Battle (2002) HD

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (6/9) Movie CLIP – Warg Battle (2002) HD

Bring your pretty face to my ax. That one counts as mine! Stinking creature.

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  1. Near the start of the episode Rick is talking about his cousin (or someone, I don't really remember) getting stuck in a snowstorm and listening to lord of the rangs on tape. It's not really focused on though, it's just in the background where shane stares at a walker or something.

  2. The Hobbit were great, and LOTR is filled with cgi as well. And if you don't start to care for the characters in The Hobbit, i have news for you, your not into fantasy 😉 Balin is a good example, now watching the fellowship of the ring it's actually really sad when Gimli finds his tomb.

  3. When I seen this in theaters there was this kid in front of me who at the exact moment Aragorn fell off the cliff said, "Whee!!" LOL! It is now one of the funniest parts of the movie for me.

  4. I find the Wargs of Lord Of The Ring better than the wargs in The Hobbit. These are just like wolves, and aren't scary enough.

  5. I've never really understood why Aragorn just doesn't stab the warg with his knife to prevent it from running off the cliff…

  6. I love how they not only display, Aragorn,Legolas ,Gimli and Theoden,but also the riders of ROhan,,like the archer before he got raped by the Warg.SHows how badass they are.

  7. I love the over all design of the Wargs, in the movie the hobbit and the unexpected journey i had mixed feelings about the new design and how they where so wolf like.

  8. I think the cgi for the wargs turned out great here for the most part. I get the sense that I'm seeing a real creature that's actually there in the environment but what takes away from the realism is how sudden all life leaves their body the instant they get hit with an measly arrow. They look like really tough animals yet they go down quick.

  9. Aragorn's fights against Lurtz and against Sharku is his best fights in the trilogy. In 02:00 when Sharku grabs Aragorn's neck after Aragorn put his dagger on Sharku's chest, it looks like Sharku is strangling him.

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  12. The rohan would have lost there. The orcs had 2 times bigger army there, don't forget that worgs are also an attacking unit and very dangerous, so worgs + orcs against humans = horde wins.

  13. First of all, the faction is called Isengard, not Horde. Second of all, it's "Wargs", not "Worgs". Third of all, the Uruks and Orcs weren't that large in numbers, probably as big as the Rohirrim if not less. Fourth of all, you should call them Rohirrim, not Rohan, since we're talkin' 'bout the riders and not the country.

  14. Don't teach me a lesson boy, I know the factions name, they just move like horde, beasts and humanoids all together without a propper tactics.. and I a made a little mistake in ''Wargs'' because in oral talking they say ''Worgs'' and the ''Rohan'' doesn't exist in real life so how should I know what they call people from there. And yet, it still looks like there are more Isengard warg riders in this episode..

  15. First of all, I'll teach you a lesson if you need one. Second of all, if you knew its name, you wouldn't have said "The Rohan", which, BTW, is completely wrong; no such thing as "The Rohan"; just "Rohan", "Rohirrim" or "The Rohirrim". Third of all, it isn't a small mistake, since even the vid's got the correct spelling for it. Fourth of all, it's very well known that the people are called "Rohirrim". Fifth of all, this is a scene of a movie, not an episode.

  16. Lemme ask you this: If I presented to you a boat that had its wood all gathered up by itself and all combined together to form one good boat, would you believe that no living being helped in making it and the wood all gathered up by itself?

  17. so, the evil Aragorn survives this battle. Stewards should have continued to rule the kingdom of Gondor. Faramir shouldn't have surrendered the leadership of Gondor. Aragorn belongs to Ammuminas and Fornost in the north and should have remained in Arnor.

  18. Unless they were greatly out numbered one would think that the Warg riders would dominate this battle, cause they have the Orcs and Wargs fighting whilst the human's horses are just running scared, not to mention the Wargs are extremely huge and powerful, it's like fighting a large Kodiak bear.

  19. This fight is the proof that Rohan has the best cavalry of Middle Earth. There must be 50 warg riders against 20 riders, and Rohirrim won. Indeed wargs are more powerful than horses.

  20. I think that Rohirrim won because there were the royal protection (Theoden's riders of Edoras who are trained hard and very experimented) who fought.

  21. I dont know about anyone else but these 3 movies blew the hobbit out of the water. I enjoyed the hobbit movies but nothing can beat these epic 3 movies. 

  22. Gimli killed a warg up close and on foot and then proceeded to kill an orc with his bare hands. Gimli isn't the buffoon of the team, he's the action hero.

  23. It's sad how real and gritty these films feel compared to the giant silly video game cut scene that is the Hobbit

  24. Why all the hate for the design of the wargs? Sure, they're ugly as shit, but isn't that the whole point? Just as the Orcs are a grotesque parody of the graceful Elves, the wargs should look like twisted demonic versions of wolves as well.

  25. I love how Gimli snaps the neck of that Orc. 1:17 Am I the only one who finds that Warg to be cute? Sure, the Gundabad Wargs from the Hobbit are better, but still.

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  27. THIS WHOLE PART doesn't happen in the book…neither does Legolas' cheesy 'skateboarding' on a shield and firing arrows at Helm's Deep.

  28. I love this part. In this part besides the main characters Aragorn, Gimli, Theodon, and Legolas. There are plenty of other random Rohirrim riders and warriors who fight better than an orc or Warg thus making a good combat move or kill. At 0:18, you see a random Rohirrim rider throw his spear into an orc's chest, knocking the orc off the Warg to the ground. Nice SHOT!! At 0:23–0:24, you see another random Rohirrim rider smacking the non-sharp ending handle of his spear on an orc rider, which knocks the orc to the ground. Nice Hit! From 0:24–0:26, if you look to the left in the background. You see a Rohirrim warrior shoving an orc to the ground and thrusts his own sword into the downed orc. In the next scene at 0:26, when you to the right in the background. You see another different Rohirrim warrior grab an orc by the neck from behind in an armlock like move and about to kill him with an axe. At 0:31, you see another Rohirrim horse warrior stab his spear into an orc knocking the orc off of the Warg to the ground. At 0:56, you see a Rohirrim archer shoot down a Warg with a nice shot using a bow and arrow. Although, he gets jumped on by another Warg. At 1:01, you see another Rohirrim rider jab his spear into an Orc thus knocking the Orc off the Warg onto the ground. Nice one there rider of Rohan. From 1:11–1:14, another random Rohirrim rider gets a double kill. First, he slashes his sword and kills an orc. Suddenly, as the Rohirrim rider maneuvers his horse he is riding on to the left of the screen, a Warg tries to attack him. But the Rohirrim rider raises his sword and slashes his sword and kills the Warg. You can see the deep gaping cut the Rohirrim rider makes on that Warg's neck with his sword. Now this Rohirrim rider who made a double kill with his sword should get promoted. Wow, these Rohirrim riders, warriors, and archers are an excellent military fighting force. I love the Rohirrim.

  29. The wargs are just like hyenas in the two towers. but not wolves like the the one's from the hobbit: an unexpected journey, the hobbit: the desolation of smaug and the hobbit: the battle of the five armies (extended edition 2014)

  30. The harsh thing about this scene is that unlike fighting other horsemen, once you've killed the rider you hardly have to worryabout the horse whereas with these adversaries, it almost always requires two shots or hits and Wargs are formidable and terrifying beasts to fight.Gimli definitely isn't weak but he seems more like the clown and aspiring hero constantly competing like a child against Legolas.

  31. I need answers, were the Rohirrim like elite fighters? or just regular fighters? I see this movie and they are utterly annihilating the orcs. and in the 3rd movie when they ride for Minas thirit, the orcs outnumber them 10:1 it seems like yet they are terrified when of them. Please educate me

  32. One of my absolute favourite things about this trilogy (there are faaaaar too many to mention but anyway) is how Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli become brothers. You really feel like they'd lay down their lives for each other. Just fantastic.

    Ps I also heard that most of the actors from these films meet each other quite regularly & have remained best friends since these films came were made, which warms my cynical heart no end.

  33. Dam the upkeep of wargs must be crazy. Prolly have to Fred them with at least 8 lbs of meat a day for one.

  34. Are wargs supposed to look like wolves or hyenas? These look like hyenas but the Hobbit ones look like wolves

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