The Invisible Man – Official Trailer [HD]

The Invisible Man – Official Trailer [HD]

As the attorney representing
Adrian’s trust, I’m required to read a
prepared statement. Cecilia, although our relationship
was far from perfect I thought that you would talk
to me rather than run away. Are you OK? OPEN THE DOOR! What happened to him? He cut his wrists. Per his final wishes, you’re getting five
million dollars. Contingent of course
on the fine print. You can’t be ruled to be
mentally incompetent. It just doesn’t
make any sense. What?
Adrian wouldn’t kill himself. Listen, you’re getting
your freedom back, OK? Don’t let him haunt you. Hello? I’m scared. You don’t have to be
scared of him anymore. He was a sociopath. Completely in control
of everything. He said that wherever I
went, he would find me. Walk right up to me, and I
wouldn’t be able to see him. You OK? Someone’s sitting in
that chair. I found something that can
prove what I’m experiencing. You need help.
Adrian is dead. I went to his house today. He’s not dead. I have a pile of
ashes in a box that would disagree with you. He has figured out a
way to be invisible. The only thing
more brilliant than inventing something
that makes you invisible is coming up with the
perfect way to torture you, even in death. Adrian’s true genius was
how he got in people’s heads. Don’t come any closer!
HEY! I’m not crazy. Please listen to me! You’re saying the person
trying to kill you is in the room right now, but we can’t see him? He’s listening. Where are you? Where are you? Show
yourself! Come on! Do it! There you are.

100 thoughts on “The Invisible Man – Official Trailer [HD]

  1. Sometimes, we should all stop watching film trailers to get the feeling being spoiled of watching whole movie compressed in one trailer

  2. I was decently surprised when I saw this. I had no idea they were still on board with this. Plus, I really enjoy Elizabeth Moss.

  3. I can only imagine what it was like to film this. You have to be a good actor to act like something is there when it is really not.

  4. Great. This isn’t a real fucking invisible man movie. It’s just gonna be “powerful female leads the movie”

  5. The trailer absolutely ruined the whole movie, even if I go to watch it I already basically know what’s going to happen for a large part of the movie

  6. Meh. This looks the sort of 40-minute story you'd see in a procedural show on TV like Fringe or The Flash. Doesn't feel like something that could fill a 2-hour movie. Plus, it feels exactly like the sort of thing we've already seen and they've already given us all the major plot beats:

    – Unstable man wants revenge on woman.
    – Man fakes death and gives her an inheritance.
    – The inheritance is conditioned on her being declared mentally stable.
    – Man turns invisible and uses his power to make her think she's insane.
    – Everyone believes she's crazy because she's an idiot that doesn't carry around a spray paint can to use on the guy when she suspects he's there.
    – Invisible man makes a mistake and gives himself away or she finally gets clever and proves he's real.
    – Now everyone's on the run from an invisible man, something that's really not that much of a threat in today's world once you know he's real (again, spray paint cans or just a flour bag should do the trick).
    – I'm gonna go out on a limb and declare that the good guys win. Bonus points if there's a stinger that suggests the invisible guy is still around after everyone thought he died.

    This is a goddamn Scooby Doo episode.

  7. My biggest gripe is they made him a psychotic asshole from the beginning and part of what made the original story so compelling was the process of a good man being driven insane by the power and inconveniences that come with being invisible. Hes supposed to be a tragic character not just an out and out monster. They completely missed the mark to give the brainlet masses another shitty jumpscare fest. And the only thing this had going for it was it looked like it was going to toy with the notion that it was all in her head but we clearly see him attacking people.

  8. U should remake by THE INVISIBLE MAN BY H.G. WELLS so that students can also get benefit out of it!!

  9. There are 2 posible ways:
    He is actually real and invisible and she wasn't crazy after all
    Or she was actually crazy and was hallucinating all the time 😂😂😂
    If the final is diferent from these 2 i may see it

  10. Not looking good for me i dont know i just dont like the trailer and invisible man is not a character in tihis like in the original he is just a mute monster and i dont like this so far

  11. This is basically the last episode of Sherlock Holmes, where Sherlock's sister is super smart and breaks out and makes a super elaborate plan.

  12. The simplest solution would be throw him a paint bucket and I know that won´t happened in none scene of the film 🙁

  13. Everyone just stop saying it shows the emote movie ok most movies do that nowadays , Hobbs and Shaw and marvel and Blumhouse’s just shows you one trailer and that’s it you just gotta remember the movie

  14. Ok Blumhouse did better that trailer than that fantasy island trailer with stupid song Ariana Grande – 7 rings doesn't make a horrifying trailer.

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