The Golden Globes Left Us with Questions (feat. Josh Wolf) – Lights Out with David Spade

The Golden Globes Left Us with Questions (feat. Josh Wolf) – Lights Out with David Spade

My voice is a little off.
I think…? -Yeah, it sounds deep.
-Yeah, you… -Are you dying?
-Sounds real deep today. -Sounds sexier than usual. Yeah.
-WOLF: Yeah. Yeah. Did your balls drop last night? I think
I’m going through poo-berty. I’m so proud of you. I got pubes this morning. -Did you? In your mouth, or…?
-Yeah. -(laughter)
-Sir. No, but I’m not contagious. -I’m kidding. I am.
-(laughter) Um, the Golden Globes
were last night. Ricky Gervais hosted
for the fifth and final time. -(applause and cheering)
-Okay. See? Some people liked it,
and some people in the room either didn’t like it or acted
like they didn’t like it. He made fun of everyone from
Jeffrey Epstein to the pope. Should we hire him
for this show? Um, what do you think?
Did he go too far? -Start with you. -No, I loved
it. I loved it. There’s nothing better than having people
get dressed up -just to get shitted on.
-(laughter) -Shitted.
-Yeah. -(applause and cheering)
-Yeah. And… and he said
what was needed to be said. Like, it’s not enough
to just have a vegan dinner. SPADE:
Yeah. And who better
than Ricky Gervais? -He’s got the perfect sense
of humor. -SPADE: Yeah. And when is the last time
you saw a Ricky Gervais movie? Like, he doesn’t have
to worry about his career. -You know what I mean? Like…
-(laughter, groaning) -I think he’s pretty safe.
-Sort of a backhanded… -Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah.
-I’m… All right, listen. The jokes were fine. I just…
The beer is so lame to me. It’s like looking at, like, “I’m the cool dad at the party,”
you know? “Hey, kids,
is this what you’re drinking?” Like, and just, it… I don’t think it looks as edgy
as he thinks it does. -Well, he did…
-We don’t know it’s a beer. -That’s true. -Well…
-I’m optimistic. (laughter) -Uh, what’s the option?
-It could be Emergen-C. -Oh, you think so? Oh, yeah.
-(laughter) That’s what I was drinking. -The beer flavor.
-Yeah, it’s probably kombucha. -(laughter)
-Well, I… I laugh.
Of course we’re comedians, and we’re-we’re probably fine
with any of those jokes. But I thought,
he knows some aren’t gonna work. When you say that to Tim Cook… You know when he says,
“You have sweat shops at Apple,” everyone’s not going to go…
(laughing) -They’re all like…
-WOLF: Yeah, but… why was somebody…
everybody so upset about the Felicity Huffman joke?
Like, -first of all, those people…
-SPADE: That’s the tamest one. Those people, also– they don’t know
where license plates come from. They think they just show up
on their Range Rovers. They’re like, “I don’t…
I don’t…” -SPADE: That’s what I thought.
-Yeah. -They don’t know, right?
-I don’t know. That audience was mad
at the wrong things. Like, he made fun
of a pedophile. The only person
that should be mad when he makes fun of a pedophile
is a pedophile. SPADE:
That’s right. -(applause and cheering)
-That’s right. That’s right. -Yeah.
-I like that. They al…
By the way, they always cut to the crowd during
some awkward jokes or whatever. Some people take ’em well, and, uh,
I thought a lot of people did. It’s… it’s sort of a skill.
Here’s some examples. Uh, we have DiCaprio. He laughed at his joke
about dating young girls. I liked that. And then, Scorsese. They said he was short.
He didn’t care. Right? Tom Hanks. He’s our…
Chrissy Tiegen. And there’s Jonathan Pryce. Now this guy– he…
Does he know the pope? What is he worried about?
Like… He goes, “Oh,
the pope was on the set a lot. I mean, he’s very…” Did you see the pope smack
that woman? I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t be caught dead
laughing at the pope right now. -SPADE: Oh, right. The pope…
-Yeah. -Oh, yeah, he went…
-I mean, DiCaprio– of course he was laughing. He’s like, “I have been banging
21-year-olds “for over two decades. -Yuck it up, everybody.”
-(laughter) I’ve got a pretty good life.
Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! He’s like, they
didn’t make fun of yachts. I take those. They only
made fun of private jets. -I’m fine.
-SPADE: The yachts are safe. Here’s how you do
a good reaction. Here’s me at the…
at the People’s Choice. -Yeah.
-(laughter) (applause) (whooping) I think that’s me deciding
if it’s a good or bad joke. Is that a burn on me?
Am I…? WOLF: Oh, I thought you
were hitting on somebody. -No. -I thought you’d be bored
or… or horny. No, it was…
it was a kid from, uh… from a Netflix movie, Noah,
that good-looking kid, and he won, like,
Comedian of the Year… Wait, wait, wait. Slow down.
First of all, -let’s take this step by step.
-No. You just showed a video
of you licking your lips. -No, I wasn’t.
-And then you said there was that kid,
“that good-looking kid in Noah.” -(laughter) -I don’t know
what’s happening right now. -Like, so, do you want…
-He’s not a kid. -He’s, like, nine. He’s older.
-Yeah, but why is he a good-looking kid that
you’re licking your lips at? Should we go back
to the pedophile show… It’s… -Joaquin Phoenix was there.
-(laughter) Oh, that…
we’ll take that out later. Joaquin Phoenix,
he won Best Actor, and he did a very Joaquin
acceptance speech, -JEN: Mm-hmm.
-but don’t give him an award if you don’t expect him
to be Joaquin. That’s just the way he is.
And I think he’s cool. I think he’s old-school,
like Benicio. All these guys are cool. You have to be drunk
at the Golden Globes. I love him. -I love his slurring
-Yes, he’s got a good vibe. and sweating– like, that’s…
if Ricky Gervais wanted to be edgy with his beer, that’s
how he should have behaved. (slurring):
Like, hey, everybody. And he’s so great.
I didn’t see the Joker, though, ’cause I can watch
male comedians -have a nervous breakdown
in person, and… -(laughter) -But…
-Right. Oh, he’s-he’s great. -Yeah.
-To tomorrow, he rapes someone -and you have to edit that out.
-Yeah. No. -(laughter, groans) Every time I say something nice
about someone, -they go to… -Well, Brad Pitt
won for Supporting Actor, and he gave a funny speech. He looked studly.
Uh, we put an Instagram poll of who is sexier. Before we show it,
who would you vote for? Um, this is, like, obvious.
I actually want to talk to whoever put the poll up,
um, ’cause that’s trolling. -Um…
-(laughter) of course, Brad Pitt is sexier. The only way, uh,
Joaquin is sexy as Brad -is if Brad is playing Joaquin.
-(laughter) -(applause)
-Okay. -Yeah. It’s… it’s-it’s not even close. Just, it insults
your sensibilities. Look, this is one
of the most handsome men in the history of the world,
and this dude looks like -he smells like stale meat.
-(laughter) I’ll show you.
Here’s the results. Before you pile on. (laughter) Oh, wait.
Oh, I voted a thousand times. -That didn’t work? Oh, well.
-I feel like an hour of sex with Brad Pitt, he’s like,
“I’m just getting warmed up.” An hour of sex with Joaquin, like, the next thing he’s asking
you to take him to an airport… -Did you vote for Joaquin?
-All right, we’ll be back. -Yeah, I voted for Joaquin.
-Really? -Yeah. -What is it
about Joaquin over…? -He reminds me of a kid.

100 thoughts on “The Golden Globes Left Us with Questions (feat. Josh Wolf) – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. "We dont know if it was a beer, I'm optimistic." What? Left field? Optimistic that is a hot take that wont offend Gervais? He's a comedian who at least would want you to take a proper swing.

  2. Oh, honey…beer is like water to Mr. Gervais. If he wants to be drunk, he'll take vodka (even that is just like soft drink to him). He never meant to be edgy. He doesn't need to be. 😂

  3. I'm not expecting anything that's why it's a lot of fun. Easier once you accept that they don't want to award you. Then it's all just For the Love of the Game

  4. Legend says Ricky has to use a cargo ship to get to other continents on the count of it being the only thing strong enough to carry his balls.

  5. You think beer is edgy? Damn girl, you need to get out more. It is not cool, it is not edgy, it is just a frosty barley pop. Some Brits like beer (I can't understand why, but they do). 😎

  6. I don't think Ricky was drinking beer on stage to be edgy, he must just like to drink during performances because I've seen him do it before while doing comedy.

  7. Just FYI – Ricky has a net worth of around 130 million from syndicating the office to like 20 country's + Netflix. That's why he doesn't care.

  8. who is this dumb bitch , does she not know he brings the beer with him in every show, watch his specials, before tryin to act all cool.

  9. Fucking Spade with the call back, "He reminds me of a kid." Fucking brilliant. David Spade would do really well hosting an awards show. As long as we get the David Spade on SNL talking about Eddie Murphy, "Look kids, it's a falling star."

  10. Ricky doesn't have a beer to be "edgy". He has a beer because he prefers it to water. It's his beverage of choice. Jen's comment shows she really didn't like Ricky's jokes but knows she'd look like a entertainment loser to complain so she had to look for something to still put Ricky down. Weak.

  11. I think that chick's problem with Ricky is a lot more than just the beer. She just didn't want to sound like a douche complaining about the pedo jokes.

  12. "When's the last time you saw a Ricky Gervais movie"
    Well I've certainly seen more Ricky Gervais movies and shows than Josh Wolf ones…

  13. The beer is not supposed to be edgy, cool, lit, rad, hip or whatever you kids are using these days to fit in. Is simply the fact he enjoys it, it is not a prop.

  14. Hell those comedians are unfunny. Why are they so shouty like attention seeking kids? Spade is quality as always. He deserves better funnier guests.

  15. When was the last time you heard of josh wolf like ever this whole fucking crowd annoys me, its just fucking pitiful

  16. Drinking is practically a national sport on this side of the pond. Not that I expect any American to watch the BAFTA's (our version of the Oscars), but the audience are pissed out of their minds, they are plied with drink all night. Of course, Hollywood is so far up its own arse that they don't allow drink at the Oscars because its a celebration of their own self-importance, unlike the Golden Globes which is run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who couldn't give a hoot about the pretensions of actors, which is precisely why they keep inviting Ricky to host and why he would never be allowed anywhere near the Oscars.

  17. Gervais + Beer = Trying to be "Edgy" ??
    Kirkman is about as funny as a wet rag in a bag. Have your little joke, Jen.. clearly your mother had hers.

  18. Drinking beer is edgy, but being drunk and slurring your words is great. I dont know if she ever made a complete thought this whole time.

  19. English drink BEER, I WAS MARRIED TO A MAN FROM NGAND FOR 13 yrs, 😂😂😂😂❤️✌️❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️👏👏👏👏👏

  20. The beer's not supposed to be edgy lol he always hosts with it, he need's it to get through the night, and he's from England. The British love their lager. How come the least funny one always sits on the left chair? lol

  21. Joaquin wasnt druni u fools. He has social anxiety. Im most of his interviews or awards shows he is like that.

  22. This guy is a legend! Completely nuked the “woke” leftists/ democrats and hypocritical, cult-like ideology. This was amazing! Definitely one for those who prefer honesty and liberty over the oppressive left.

  23. Hollywood loves to pretend like they have any bearing on normal well adjusted ppl 😂 they all need a reality check

  24. I dont know why so many dont understand the difference between politics and just Political Correctness in general.
    Most comedians like Ricky gervais are also very liberal, and openly against Trump. Conservatives shouldnt try to make something special about this. He just made Jokes. Great Jokes.

  25. Just because jokes are about offensive topics doesn’t mean they are funny. A large percentage of the jokes had weak punchlines. Some of the jokes weren’t even really jokes like when he told people not to get political, that had no punchline at all. So without a joke your basically telling every citizen that without a job in politics they shouldn’t speak about it. That’s bullshit! The previous 4 Golden Globes he did were hilarious, not this one. I still think he’s a great comedian though, they can’t all be winners.

  26. If anyone is lame then it’s Jen Kirkman trying way too hard to call out Ricky. Ricky consistently has a beer with him at everything he does. He has it in ALL of his specials, he had one in every golden globe, he consistently does it. She’s just a hacky comedian trying to get her five seconds after her failed Netflix special didn’t do anything for her.

  27. Jiz that clueless lady with the beer. It's like every second stand up in uk and Australia. Look around beyond your state.

  28. Both sides of the isle loved every second of his monologue… See we can all agree on some stuff, like fucking hating celebrities.

  29. Ricky is worth $110 million and counting, he doesn't need a Hollywood movie. He writes and produces and still has his Netflix stuff, plus his tours. He has fuck you money.

  30. U guys! About the beer, his point is…everyone at the awards show is wth champagne. U see the Moets on the tables! He’s making a stand that he’s different from these elite shallow hypocrites! Making a stand from his beer to his rhetoric. Lol I think that’s what it is. Love RICKY GERVAIS! He needs to host the Oscars! I know it’s never gonna happen, but just imagine if he did!

  31. Jen Kirkman's observations were so completely worthless. She was a drag on this conversation. This would have been much funnier were she not there.

  32. "The only people that don't laugh at paedophile jokes are paedophiles" Hence why half the room groaned. Bunch of creepy deviants.

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