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  1. You've just made me even more interested in the entire vampire plot, tho i am new to it. My knowledge of English is not high enough so that i could start burning through Clanbooks, yet. Anyway, you did an amazing job, and earned another subscriber. Cheers!

  2. heh wow you replied to my comment i love ya videos i'm really new to the role playing scene but when my cousin pointed this channel out to me i really enjoyed the clan videos you just have one of those voices that is really good at explaining stuff. I find it pretty cool you replied and agree lol

  3. Vampires can, potentially, fall in love. Although typically this is due to the sharing of blood and the addictions that follow. I suppose in a sense this is no different than the chemical reactions between mortals that make them obsessed with each other and therefore 'love' each other.
    Feelings can certainly be formed through shared interests and time spent together. Sex can feel good, but isn't a driving urge. Bear in mind that all bodily fluids are replaced with vitae, so it's not pleasant.

  4. Agreed with most but I do believe Nossies can be way more influential and get information faster than any Toreador, even about what other Toreadors are doing.

  5. Awesome description of the clan (my favourite). As a Storyteller I've often failed to make my players see the true essence of the Toreador. Perhaps a few more words about the antitribu would have been welcome…Could you make a video about the antitribu of the Sabbat ?

  6. I don't really understand all this. Are these clans believed to be real? There are no vampires as far as I know, so why would there be clans? Where do you know all this?

  7. Toreadors one of the more common Kindred who associate themselves with kine. However they seem to trapped within their own desires.

  8. In the world of VtMB you can't turn someone into a vampire by simply biting him/her.
    I guess in the Toreador clan it is quite common to make ghouls serving as lovers. I guess everyone remembers to Patty. You either sent her to San Diego, sent her to Pisha to meet her demise in that dark, cold hospital basement(you monster) or simply killed her in the alley. I think she is a good example how is a Toreador's ghoul looks like and how insanely attached will be the ghoul if he/she actually feel love with the bloodbond(as you remember Mercurio and Romero wasn't attached to their master like Heather did with the MC).
    You see now dear gamers how much did you messed up poor Heather?
    Unfortunately there was no choice. Dr. Malcolm is an asshole who pretending to "fighting for the life of a guy with a bullet in his head" but really just sitting in that room and maybe smoking weed so Heather had no hope of survival.
    It is our luck that in the unofficial patch the modder found and activated an unaccessible way to save Heather from her demise in the Hallowbrook Hotel.

  9. Dear Gentleman Gamer,

    I have possessed a distaste for the Toreador since I can remember. I found them one dimensional and utterly unable to drag terror into anyone's heart. This one video has extirpated my misconceptions and opened my eyes. Bravo, sir.


  10. This is a pretty fascinating guide. Im an amateur Vampires player and i really enjoy these condensed informations on the clans. This one was especially helpful because I imagined the Toreador to be exactly like every negative stereotype you listed.

  11. I have the book version of this at home. I even wrote a story in which to play the game. The book is mostly mine now, since my Dad, who got it in the first place years ago, doesn't really use it anymore. My vampire was a British born Assamite. Don't judge, it just sounded like a good idea. It worked out pretty well.

  12. Five parts flower, three parts square, two parts hair cage

    Makes a delicious ficticious black pudding

    Serve with a heap of lingon

  13. For a moment, you made me live in this fantasy as if it was something real. Something I could breathe and feel and touch. I felt embraced by this clan, albeit in a strange and disconnected way. But just for a second, I felt Toreador – a toreador that would hate – nay, too strong a word, but at least very much dislike, all other vampires, or Toreador, for that matter. And mortals, too -. but I digress. You make that good a point, mr Gentleman Gamer. Subscribed and liked. I watched your videos for some time, and I am quite sure I was never dominated by you, but I do wonder… you must be a progeny in the discipline of presence, for sure? Because you do keep me entranced with your very tone and (I realize it's a role, but still!) personality 😉 Do carry on, I enjoy your videos very much!

  14.  My favorite clans in order from most hated to most favored are as such.

    13- Toreador: Vampire tween bullshit. They represent everything I hate about modern vampire media.

    12 – Ravnos: I know they're demon hunters in India, and thieves in the West, but other than that, I don't know enough about them to comment.

    11 – Assamite: Good for NPC's, I guess, but not for long term PC.

    10 – Ventrue: If they weren't mired so heavily by tradition, they could probably be true Lords again. As it stands now, however, they cling to a social hierarchy that is long dead.

    9 – Giovanni: Necromancy is awesome. Being a clan of inbred crime lords is… unique to say the least.

    8 –  Lasombra: So vampires live in the dark, and these guys control the dark. Remind me why the Ventrue think they're in charge?

    7 – Followers of Set: A snake cult dedicated to vice and sin. Good for a villain RP.

    6 – Brujah: Grow some balls and tell the Elders that it's not the middle ages anymore!

    5 – Tzimisce:  The power to sculpt flesh as though it were clay. The power of god itself in the palm of your hands!

    4 – Malkavian: It takes a very creative mind to play a Malkavian properly, but if you can find a player who can pull it off, they are one of the best clans in the game!

    3 – Tremere: I usually play a mage, so a clan of blood sorcerers sounds like a perfect choice.

    2 – Gangrel: The idea of shapeshifting vampires was cool, but it's practically a lost art in modern interpretations.

    1 – Nosferatu: Most call them hideous and grotesque, but I find them beautiful in a poetic sense of the word. They are the physical depiction of the vampire's true nature, after stripping away the lies and the pretenses.

  15. Ventrue , Toreador is probably the two clans that fit in on me the best with the aspects of myself.
    I love these videos! Watching through the playlist once again!

  16. I can almost smell the Armani suit and three fingers of Jack Daniels. You sir, are a classy gamer. I raise my glass to you!

  17. I don't have time to play this game. Im not a social person I will always take any time alone from everyone. BTW they're to stuck up with themselves. No offense :3

  18. I'm currently going to play a bookworm, anti-social Toreador in VTMYTE. Only art he loves is Literature and he hardly thinks about his condition or wanting to go back to humankind.
    I guess the bad thing about Toreador is that everyone shoves them into a stereotype pot.

  19. So the far more senasble stereotype of toreador, is not the mocking twilight special snowflake, but people so obsessed that they make the psycopathic yandere characters in animes look sane.

    if they loved a person they would mimic his clothing his accent, do everything they can to get close to this perfection in beauty that to say theyd stalk the person is an understatement. everything decrepid and even screams of terror would sound like sweet symphonies to a Toreador, if it came from their favourite artist.

    am i getting this stereotype correct?

  20. Live the in character presentation…mask falls of and he distainfully swipes it away like a toreador would throw away a useless human what a pro!

  21. Playing my first Toreador in VTMYTE for Season 3. I've been reading as much as I can about the clan, and I am loving it so much. Similar, but yet so different to Brujah (what I played in Season 2), and this video was incredibly helpful. I'm sure I'll listen to it a few more times 🙂

  22. I'm guessing it was accidental but the timing of when your second mask fell off was perfect.

    Only a Toreador could make a social faux pas work so well to their advantage.

  23. Am comes here to understand more deep way : World of Darkness & Vampire the Masquerade like am always dig in history of mankind … That mask is rather element of his game as these clan so as man who visit theater in past am see nothing scare or disgusting …

  24. 11:42 He didn't even flinch, he instantly danced with the flow of the situation and discarded the mask as it dangled off his countenance without breaking eye-contact.
    What a legend…

  25. Yeah I had a member of this clan become obsessed with my human character in this one World of Darkness game I played I'll just say in the end it didn't turn out pretty for any involved

  26. Utterly splendid and beautiful. I am beyond impressed. You are a brilliant bard and hearing you speak of my Clan made my heart race. Thank you <3 Happy to be "Like #666" lol

  27. On the subject of Toreador:
    A lot of people really don’t get this clan. They think of them just artsy fartsy, high falutin’ types with no real depth or potential as vampires – let alone characters. They envision some comic parody of Andy Warhol at best or a mannequin of poor RP at worst.
    I’ve run Toreador as my favorite bloodline since ’94. I can tell you that they have the potential to be one of the creepiest clans, but it’s in how you read between the lines. Namely, the obsession with beauty. A lot of players think they just stand around looking at pictures. The entrancement can be more sinister than that.
    Imagine bringing a neonate to Elysium and the Toreador think she’s pretty. Staring is boring. Have the Toreador crowd her. Grope her. Lick her. Smell her hair. Run their hands over her skin, all of it with a hungry, insensitive look in their eyes. They don’t give a dry shit if it’s invasive. They can’t help themselves and they wouldn’t try to if they could. Tactile rape by vampires of such status and power that neonate doesn’t dare resist.

    Or a prize ghoul? Suppose a Toreador keys in on her the same way and makes owning the ghoul – or killing him or her out of spite – a major obsession because they are so preoccupied with that ghoul’s looks. Or voice, or hair. It doesn’t even have to be a major thing, just something the vampire wants to be around. Ghouls have it bad enough already without that.
    Picture a Toreador lurking a suburban neighborhood, staring inside windows at pretty tableaus of family, framed by the windows he passes. He stares obsessively until he gets particularly hungry; perhaps he’ll summon the 14 year old girl into the alley behind the house for a quick nibble. Oops, killed her! Thank Caine for that dumpster…though, she seems so pretty, lifeless. Just take her back to the haven and stare at her, caress her until the skin starts to go bad. Then pitch her down a manhole.

    What about a Toreador who learns to love the splatter of blood, who makes violent bloodletting – even outright serial killing to revel in it – part of his or her practice? Or a Toreador who loves the sound of screaming, so she tortures people to get them to the right pitch? No need to be Sabbat. Just be a Toreador with a fetish.
    There’s a Torie in my story, an elder vampire gal, who was so smitten by Gainsborough’s Blue Boy portrait that she found young boys of that age range impossibly beautiful, so she ghouled several. She’s attended by a pack of those boys, each the Gainsborough ideal, who fawn over her every wish (and she theirs, within her tolerance). Factor in the rivalry ghouls may feel for each other for their master’s favor, and the vampire’s delight at such violent games for her affection, and shit goes south quickly.

    That’s the thing about Toreador. They’re not simple. They’re not shallow. They CAN be, but you can portray them as something particularly creepy. Use the clan weakness to show the dark side of obsession, especially refracted against a dwindling humanity. Obsession without a moral compass or grounding within normal strictures of reason. Toreador can be the creepiest stalkers you’ve ever seen, and the most violently possessive, the most invasive in their admiration. Never overlook the Toreador as something as a vessel for horror, because believe me, it’s there. It’s all in the spin.

  28. All I could think about was Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice when I heard his voice and I have not stopped laughing since.

  29. When i went too LARP Chicago by Night and other places. Toreador Clan are as structured as the Venture or Tremere Clan.
    They are sneaking, vicious, and shrewd political machine.

  30. There’s just something about this long litany of borderline rhetorical questions that is humorous and in a suspenseful thrilling way that is great!

  31. We are the music makers,
    And we are the dreamers of dreams,
    Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
    And sitting by desolate streams;—
    World-losers and world-forsakers,
    On whom the pale moon gleams:
    Yet we are the movers and shakers
    Of the world for ever, it seems.
    Arthur O'Shaughnessy

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