The “Fox News Memo” vs. the Nunes Memo

The “Fox News Memo” vs. the Nunes Memo

This is Watergate times a thousand The predicate for the entire Trump Russia collusion canard was built on the
foundation of the fake Steele dossier. There is no Russia collusion story
without the dossier. It proves that the entire basis for the Russia
investigation was based on lies that were bought and paid for by Hillary
Clinton and her campaign. Is it your understanding, Congresswoman, that the
investigation that would later ensue into team Trump in the fall of 2016 was
spearheaded, largely, if not exclusively on this dossier. The FBI used a minor
figure on the Trump advisory board, the aforementioned Mr. Page in an attempt
to penetrate Trump’s inner circle. It alleges that senior officials at the FBI
abused government surveillance powers during the 2016 presidential campaign. Not only was it paid for to manipulate and lie to the American people but then
to spy on an opposition party candidate. Hillary basically paid for surveillance
of her political opponent. They never informed the FISA Court that in fact
this money really came from the Clinton campaign and the DNC. They excluded the political origins
on the Steele dossier that were known to senior DOJ and FBI officials
but they were left out and excluded from the FISA applications. The political roots of the dossier were covered up. I think it’s very clear that
the FBI, if everything in the memo checks out and is true, withheld a lot of
information from a FISA Court. The Mueller investigation
does need to be shut down

3 thoughts on “The “Fox News Memo” vs. the Nunes Memo

  1. In some ways I think what happened with Donald Jim Crow Trump's choice for President, Vladimir Putin, this may be worse than what happened on 9/11

  2. Have you read Cathy O'Brien's book about what Hillary and others used her for? Gawd, she really is a demon like Bill said. Who knew she made that girl do those sex acts. Page 158. Feed it and you too will be marked with a P and a T!

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