‘The Five’ gets heated over Trump-Ukraine transcript fallout

‘The Five’ gets heated over Trump-Ukraine transcript fallout

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ gets heated over Trump-Ukraine transcript fallout

  1. Biden’s most convoluted statement of the decade… “we deal in truth, not facts”. I nearly lost it when I heard him say that; there must be many echoes bouncing around in his head. Clang! Bump! Ding! Whoosh! Splat! Lol

  2. Juan is why The Five is the best news show out there. He perfectly represents what is being said on every other channel, so I don't have to watch them, and on this show they can respond to it. There is no such show anywhere that does this from the other perspective.

  3. Funny most of the people on this thread talking about Trump is doing a fantastic job probably live pay check to pay check! Also funny that they're willing to look over the corruption and scandals but from other politicians they need to vacate their seat and leave office. You people aren't patriots your traitors!

  4. President Trump is not asking for dirt on anyone…these people are already dirty…he just wants the process started so the whole world will come to know of it.

  5. Mitt Romney ran my state into the ground, I wouldn’t trust that guy to walk my dog. Time for Juan to go. Trump never asked for dirt, he asked them to look into the matter of CORRUPTION! Biden should have zipped his big mouth and stuck to Corn Pop and chains.

  6. It’s not against the law to ask Ukraine why Biden did what he did and to help him figure out and investigate him. That’s not breaking the law. These people on the left think they are smart, but in actuality they listen to stupid people. Biden is not even an opponent yet. He still has to win. The president is doing what he would do to anyone that has a seat and find out where a bunch of our tax money went. It’s not against the law to investigate people. Republicans didn’t care about the investigation, we just knew it wasn’t going to do anything. We are mad about the cost and the witch-hunt tactic. Trump wouldn’t have to ask for the information on Biden from Ukraine if Biden had made a deal here in the US. Biden just happened to leave a paper trail and he’s caught.

  7. Napolitana. LOL. Was not nominated for SCJ. Rino. He supported Trump until Trump would not nominate him. Snake in the grass. Unethical behaviors clearly exposed.

  8. Trump is Showing and Proving To The World What Socialism Would be Like in America if these Morons were in Charge……Lawlessness……Arrested on No Evidence…..Make up a Crime then insert Anyone into it……Talk About Full Blown Lunatics with Hate Mixed With Dementia 🙁 Definition….1: a usually progressive condition (such as Alzheimer's disease) marked by the development of multiple cognitive deficits (such as memory impairment, aphasia, and the inability to plan and initiate complex behavior)

    … dementia is diagnosed only when both memory and another cognitive function are each affected severely enough to interfere with a person's ability to carry out routine daily activities.

  9. Why does the five let that ignorant moron Juan Williams talk first. I like the "four" but, I close the video if they make me listen to that ignorant pig. He should speak last so we can all enjoy the first part of your news. first.

  10. It’s funny how you all of you Trump supporters have blinders on and can’t see how the rest the Five got all up in arms the moment Juan mentioned the talking points. Then they switch to Katie who went on to use those same talking points! She didn’t address the Trump scandal, no, she used the “what aboutism” argument…..Just remember your lax attitude towards the presidency when there is a democrat in office.

  11. Juan – Trump is worried about Joe Biden?!!! Give me a break. Biden doesn't have a chance in hell of beating Trump! … The transcript was not transcribed correctly? … Give me a break! … The Democrats are focused on Impeachment, and this is all they have to go on! It is pathetic that the Dems have to push impeachment under false pretenses because they know that they will not win at the voting booth!

  12. If you can defend Trump on this, then in a very real and not meant to be insulting way, you are truly disconnected from reality.

  13. Lol, the comments on this video… Take a step out of the echo chamber for just a minute. Take a few deep breaths. Clear your mind. Silence the screaming Fox host voices echoing in your brain.

    If Fox news can't come to a consensus on the innocence or guilt of a Republican, you know they did something REALLY bad.

  14. The left and right basically act the same, except the left complains about conspiracy theory’s and pronouns, while the right complains about real issues

  15. Read the transcript Juan….he di not ask the Ukranian President to investigate a political rival and, YOU KNOW IT! READ IT! THAT IS, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO READ!

  16. Fox News is NOT real news. It never has been. That was not their mission, at the time of their creation. It is not their mission, now. It is a propaganda tool, existing in the form of “entertainment.”
    (By the way, CNN is also not real news, and MSNBC is not real news.)
    Fox News, despite its name, is PURE PROPAGANDA.
    Like all propaganda, its purpose is to manipulate thought.
    The purpose is not to report news.
    Real journalism does exist. Learn to recognize what it is, and what it isn’t. Then, stick to real journalism.

  17. @Phil Alexandre  Why are you commenting on every post criticizing Juan Williams? It seems like you are the one triggered. You do know he is paid opposition right? He is putting on a show for viewers.

  18. Sure Juan Williams interupts every single guest on the Five, has little to no manners and is really childish for someone seemingly so old, but just remember he is paid & controlled opposition.

  19. Juan you need to find some more people to quote, the ones you quoted are so corrupt, The Russia hoax began in Ukraine, I would want to know, the other President ran on draining the swamp also! Hunter Biden flew on Air Force 2, now it's ok for leftist to do whatever, withhold a million dollars unless a man is fired, on camera, obama telling Putin he can be more flexible after the election, obama dropping billions of dollars on a dark runway. Juan your a leftist tool, I haven't dubbed you this yet, but today I am, Your a demon-rat, your filled with bias towards POTUS, you look through dark eyes at anything conservative. Your statements on the 5 today should have you permanently removed. This whistle blower said someone told me this, another person told me that, Juan that's hear say, get a brain, & please go away!!!!

  20. Fox why are you letting juan williams lie he should be fired you should report news correctly cnnjr stop spreading lie about our president!!!

  21. The real transcript is in the coded server that is supposed to be reserved for very top-secret documents. trump's aids hid it in there along with other embarrassing communications and documents.

  22. Thank God for Juan Williams, Christopher Wallace, and Shepard Smith. And I don't even believe in Gods or a God lol. Someone has to attempt to untangle the BS machine that the GOP has been using to lie to this audience for a decade now. Everything the Chosen One says or does is to play to the audience at Fox News. Trump is a Republican generated monster coming back to bite it's creator. The Dems can't just sit back and gloat. This man has to be stopped, and people sucked in to this mania have to be recovered as best as possible. Sadly, few in the GOP have any credibility left, they all sold their souls in 2016. The buyers remorse is palpable.

    This latest debacle is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover FISA abuse about to be exposed to the public, all the democratic dirty tricks and wrong doings not forgetting the great economy and other good news ……

  24. Juan is such an avid (but mindless) crusader for the insane left's agenda.
    I get a headache just listening to his baseless arguments.

  25. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Trump is guilty and is a traitor to the presidency, the constitution, the veterans, the armed forces who lost their lives, the citizens of these United States.
    Donald Trump should be tried for treason and be forced to spend the rest of his life as Hillary Clinton’s servant and underwear washer

  26. this is illegal ???? we have a treaty with the Ukraine to exchange info on illegal international activity as we do with many nations. Juan his usual ding dong self.

  27. Wow!
    Who wants to let Kate(?) know that it is illegal for the President to take help from a foreign power and Senate Democrats are not the President of the United States?

  28. So they didn't even want to see the transcript before they went ahead with it, but when the transcript was read out in congress by shiffty he just made up his own version, this is what you get guys and girls when you are dealing with the deep state swamp.

  29. Understand the reason why thete are 20 Dim candidates running for Congress is that they believe they will then be immune from being investigated or prosecuted for they crimes. I say investigate all of them – they're all guilty!!

  30. Juan, he never asked for dirt. He asked for any information in the 2016 election. Also about Hillary's server. When Bill Clinton was President, he signed a mutual agreement with Ukraine to mutually exchange information about any CORRUPTION or other info between our COUNTRIES about our peoples. It is still in effect.

  31. The deplorables made Fox News! Fox, continue putting these anti-deplorable people on your staff and you will loose your subscribers!
    That includes pay Fox Nation!

  32. Would this really be an argument if Obama did the same thing Trump did in this instance? I’m sorry guys but y’all are too loyal for your own good. What Trump did was illlegal, if you change opinions based on who did it what type of integrity do you really have. It’s what’s best for the country, I don’t care who did this, it’s inexcusable.

  33. White House sent their talking points to dems by mistake lol and then tried to recall the email! That's why gutfeld is all pissy lol

  34. What are all of you conservative idiots going to say when this crook Donny dump is impeached?
    How will you spin that?

  35. Are you conservatives as open minded to dissenting opinions on tv as you are with opinions in real life. Or is it just when it doesn’t fit your narrative.

  36. Lmao. Gutfeld and Waters got offended by Juan calling them out. It's about time someone did it. They turned petty right away, like some little snowflakes 🤣

  37. wow how pathetic the fox panel here are so shamelessly rounding on Juan Williams who was just stating the facts………pathetic

  38. If you're still a TRUMP supporter TODAY you're 1 of 3 things. Be honest, reply below.
    which number are you?
    1. Top 1%
    2. Racist
    3. Dumb AF

  39. I read the transcript i hate to say it but juan williams you are 🤮👎 read the transcript first before opening your mouth you.

  40. Why does it say "White HOuse releases the unredacted text" of the phone call? It is NOT an unredacted text. It is a summary of a 30 minute phone call. Enough to show Trump's guilt, but not "unredacted" verbatim transcript. Fox News liars.

  41. I'm sorry but "The Dems did it too!" isn't a very solid defense in Trump's favor. No doubt someone should be held accountable if they did do it in 2016 but the fact is he's the president and used his power to attempt to make political gains against his opponents as well as try to cover it up.

  42. Juan Williams is too docile. Gutfield’s threats and insults always go unchallenged. Be a man Juan. Fight aggression with aggression.

  43. Juan asking a government to investigate a crime is not illegal, it just so happens that criminal behavior could be an opponent.

  44. Each one of us looks through our own filtered lens based on our beliefs when we listen to them talking & arguing. They ALL made interesting points. Doesn't matter which side one is on.

  45. Juan should go home and has no business to provide comments here. Trump's children or associates were successful prior to Trump's presidency. Who else can he trust (FBI /CIA /DOJ?) rather than provide the best resources he can afford /trust to deliver his vision. Juan is a blind fool or try to disguise his ill intent to American. Hunter is the opposite, no accomplishments, tangled himself with personal drug /alcohol problems. It is hard to explain how /why he profited from Joe Biden's roles on behalf of American. Just listen to Juan carefully based on the conditions he analyzed, he has no valuable input but distortion for the audience.

  46. Im a Republican and I can't believe Jaun Williams sounds more credible and factual then the rest of the panel. Support the president with facts but when you start lying for him, then you loose my respect.. I may disagree with Jaun but at least he is the only trained journalist on this panel who deals with facts

  47. Ok.. Politics aside for a moment… Watch an interview with movie director John Waters.. Then, watch Juan on The Five… Spooky!!!!

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