The FINAL adventure of Geralt – what is the Farewell of the White Wolf? []

The FINAL adventure of Geralt – what is the Farewell of the White Wolf? []

In Witcher 3 I really missed
a totally happy ending I know that it might be a bit sentimental, but I
really missed Something Ends, Something Begins When I read the first page, I turned to
Konrad and said that it’s impossible because there are characters here that did
not appear in Witcher 2, like Yennefer. I realized that in the main hall
there will be around 50 characters. Good thing I wasn’t there when the script was being
written, because I would never agree to this. The first day is the bachelor party
and it’s all about drinking. The second day focuses more on the romantic
side of the story and the wedding itself. The third is about saying goodbye and all the
epilogues that happen in a distant future. We mostly focused on using characters
that Geralt and Yennefer know, because it’s an epilogue, an ending in which
we want to see what the future holds for them. The whole thing is about Yennefer, her
relationship with Ciri and Geralt. Ciri is also very important for us and she’s
also the main heroine of this wedding. Here is a dialogue from the “Empress ending”,
but we build on “Ciri as a witcher” story. We felt that saying goodbye to Dandelion was also
missing, so we build on what happens later too. There are some new characters. For example, Bjarne – a witcher from the Ursine School. We knew that Eskel will get to be in the
spotlight, so he has a witcher contract. We thought it would be nice to give him a
witcher companion, and someone unknown at that. The Ursine School is based on Skellige, that’s
why he’s called Bjarne and he looks a bit wild. You know, the beard and the long hair. He uses a custom-made Tier 4
Ursine armor from The Witcher 3. As for his medallion, Kamil made it from scratch. We wanted to make it a bit more interesting
so we added some short stories. Someone starts telling their own story, and
that gave us a chance to go anywhere we want. Many people think that we take a model from
Witcher 3 and we simply paste it into Witcher 2. Unfortunately, it’s
not like that at all. One of the most important things for us
was importing characters from Witcher 3. It couldn’t be done with a click of a button. Here
you can see how many elements you need to adjust. If you want to make it all work, every
muscle needs to be rigged properly. If you make just one mistake, it
totally breaks the immersion. One character takes about
10 hours of hard work. Making Kaer Morhen itself
took me about 600 hours. It wasn’t possible to just take
the castle from Witcher 3, so I opened both the editor and
the game in separate windows, and I kept Alt-tabbing and checking
how to place every element. It all had to be made from nothing,
so that’s why it took so long. If you tried to sum up all our work, it
would be several thousands of hours. I thought it’s
impossible to do it. Nevertheless, I managed
to make it work. The problem with dialogues is that the
editing tool has no lighting or plants, so when you put it all in the game, it may turn
out that there’s a plant or a tree in the way. When you look at dialogues, in
Witcher 2 they were quite static, the camera didn’t really
change its position. Here we tried to simulate
dialogues from Witcher 3. The cameras have different angles, when two people
talk they do not necessarily face each other. They might be stand with their backs to
each other, and the camera does its work. We also animated these dialogues,
so it doesn’t feel too stiff. Instead, someone moves somewhere, take a look
at something else, etc. It looks really good. To be honest, the only thing that
we had to cut was horse racing. But we still managed to begin the
whole sequence with cutscenes. There’s also the fact that we
wanted Letho to ride a fiend. Unfortunately, there were
no fiends in Witcher 2. The idea was nice, to have a big witcher riding a big
animal, but it was too big of a technical challenge. There was no animation of hugging, so I had
to force two models into one another, but in such a way that the
player doesn’t notice that. Generally, when you write a dialogue, place the
actors and click “Play”, their mouths don’t move. We had to think it through, and in the end we
came up with a completely illogical solution. We had to add lips moving with an audio file,
but the audio file has its name changed and now the tool doesn’t load the audio, but
there’s still the file that defines lips moving. We are unable to add our own cutscenes,
we have to work on what’s already there. You can see it in a bird here that in
the cutscene is made out of an owl, but in gameplay fragments
it’s a reworked pigeon. – Kamil, what are horses made of?
– Horses are made out of a deer. I came up with the idea to add horses and
rig them based on a model of a deer. It was damn hard, because a deer had an
animation of reaching to the back with its head and horses can’t do that. It looked
like our horses came from Chernobyl. One important thing that we managed to include is the
fact that you can play as characters other than Geralt. We didn’t want to have Witcher 3 combat system for Ciri,
because we didn’t want her to do any kind of time skips, basically use her powers
too much and too hastily. I switched the roll with more familiar dodging,
it was done some time ago by Andrzej Kwiatkowski. The camera was changed as well, because it kept zooming out
during combat and we have something different planned. The new thing is steam coming out of the characters’
mouths during dialogues when we’re outside. Sometimes there are some issues that we have
to face, but we always managed to solve them. We usually sit for a week or two, try to figure it out, and
then we come across a really stupid solution that works. There was this thing with Geralt
who couldn’t appear in cutscenes. The camera during gameplay was kicked out of a dialogue,
the subs were there, but the actors were doing nothing. Two things were the reason: Geralt always
has to speak in a dialogue (and he wasn’t), and when you have input and output boxes during
dialogue creations, they can’t have the same name. If they do, the dialogue
simply cuts off. We thought about having a full voice-over,
even before we started working on this. Back then we had to decide that
there will be no voice-over. We don’t want to have amateur VO, because we’d like to have
original voice actors and there would have to be so many of them. This means that the cost of
this thing would be enormous. – Will the mod be available for
the wider audience, in English? Yes, there will be English subtitles. We
have a great translator, Justyna Rodnicka. We’re really proud of her and we’re really
happy that she’s a part of our team. Definitely the second half of this year.
No sooner for sure. This is part of the wedding itself, take a
look at Geralt’s hair from the first game. – Knowing how this game is made under the hood,
do you feel any different towards Witcher 2? Yes, for example I can see some issues with
certain scenes or some solutions annoy me a bit. You’re more focused
on finding mistakes. But above else, thanks to this we can
appreciate how much work was put into the game, because we experience it on our own and we see how
difficult it is to polish even one tiny detail. And what kinds of difficulties
you need to overcome. We see tons of work put into Witcher
3 and how much love it required. Great question. First of all, she’d have to
survive, because she dies in the very beginning. [lol] – Was Yenefer an obvious choice for you?
– Yes.

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  1. I definitely want to see more, but since this is extra closure, I'm curious are these stories canon?

    I think the official closure done very well, which means we do not need story created by fans to "fix" it. Thus in this case I will feel weird if the extra story is not canon.

  2. I wouldn't mind a spin off game where you play as your own custom witcher and even how they were trained and a good chunk of their back story. Besides it's not very likely to end up andromeda.

  3. Wait what? Am I missing something or is this literally a word for word translation of the original video by Unless this is like their official English division, you guys should at least credit the original.

  4. I do hope projekt red gives is closure to Geralt. I've played many Rpgs and Witcher 3 wild hunt is my favorite game of all time. I even purchased the first 2 books to read as well. Truly a masterpiece and I am grateful to experience such a great series!

  5. Itll never work cd projekt red will send a cease and desist and these guys dont have the money to battle them. Its a cool concept though but ultimately will follow the same path the modders that made a pokemon game that was exactly like the anime.

  6. So are you guys a english version of Tvgry or did you just took their video and added your comentary?

  7. But what if I don't like yennefer. I don't want to have a wedding with her. For me this wouldn't be the closure that I wanted

  8. SUBTITLES! WHERE ARE THE SUBTITLES?? I would love to hear the process in which they used to take on this incredible endeavor, but ya know, I don't fucking speak pollish, so there's that.

  9. Blood and wine was enough for me as perfect farewell for Geralt. Geralt got a mansion and ended up with yen. Just like my main storyline play through was ended quoting the Witcher and the Sorceress will retire together – far from the noise and danger of politics and adventure. But this mod looks cool though.

  10. I felt that the ending presented in the Blood and Wine, as well as the short farewell video from CDProjekt, were more than enough of the happy ending for me.

  11. I hope we'll see Iorveth and Saskia somehow. I would like to know what happened to them, not just speculations some Scoia'tael tell each other during tea time in the camps around Novigrad.

  12. Witcher 3 its the best game ever made you can play it over and over and still you have not enough. CD project please add some new content to witcher 3 who's agree like this post.

  13. So you can basically play Ciri as a Witcher…my life is complete. Also, these guys should at least be recognized by the Witcher developers at CDPR

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  17. we have to play this game with just english subtitles, & listen to polish audio. completely takes out the immersion for the wider audience, sigh.

  18. Eh… after having done everything possible in the game, I stood out on the cliffs of Toussaint overlooking the vistas and Beauclair Castle, I cant think of better way to end my Witcher adventure.

  19. Wow project red did some foreshadowing by putting up a modding tool in the witcher 2 that didn't fit so we can make our own ending of the witcher 3

  20. Do Cirri and Yen get a proper mother daughter scene?
    Do we learn what was up with the female elf in Fox's (already don't remember his proper name) room?
    What about the woman we gave swallow to in White Orchard?
    What about more shift-chain killing as Ciri?
    What about Gerralt's butt?

  21. CD should absolutely keep the games going. They would make good money from all the fans that love them. I would play the next game so hard, assuming they don't somehow manage to butcher it. WHY CDPROD?!

  22. I wouldn't mind more Geralt. When CDPR make another Witcher game I would be sad if Geralt wasn't the protagonist.
    I don't know what you people played for dlc but in mine I didn't have to choose to retire. I could continue on the path until I die like a true witcher.
    Then there's the A night to remember video which showing Geralt taking a contract after the last expansion. Then in the thank you video from CDPROJEKTRED he even says that he continues to take contracts. It's not like Geralts to old, he's still in his prime. How many witchers have defeated a higher vampire of Detlafs ilk?

    No I don't want cdprojektred to start spitting out content, but if they do release a new game 10 years from now I would be bummed if Geralt wasn't the main man.
    A prequel maybe. It's not like he was a youngling when the books started. There's ample time for more adventures.

    But for now I can't wait for Cyberpunk. I love cyberpunk.

  23. I think this would be great. The ultimate ending. The ending of ends.
    It's a lot of work. The fan's we love it.

  24. No offense to these guys, this is mind blowing fantastic work but why would they do this. Why go through something like 600 hours of work to import a castle and 10 hours per character etc.

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