THE FAIR KIDS rides goats bees trains bungees have fun at the fair with Harzel

I want to ride something different now. Follow me dad. Hazel, was that fun? Is that what the BFG eats? Look, a giant one of those! Egg plant. A minion. What is that? Looks like some pumpkin seeds. Look at the horse. Are you looking at all the bees? Touch that right there. Do it. What do you want me to do? Touch that. Ouch! Daddy! Ouch! Let’s watch it. There’s some sheep down there disguised as cows. Hi! He said hi to me. Hi! Was that you saying baaa? No, that was the sheep. That was you! He has awful breath. Are you ready for the roller coaster? Ya, we’re going to sit in the front! The caterpillar has a goofy face. Bye bye! Look this way. Look the other way. Look at me. Hi Hazel!

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