The Fable of the Wolf

The Fable of the Wolf

Once, very long ago I was free to roam and howl The world was big and wide There was room enough for both wolf and man Sometimes our paths crossed, we’d join our packs to hunt together Some of us became man’s friend But I stayed in the wild, at the edge of the light Over time I became a symbol of what man couldn’t tame In their minds they made me a monster Something to be feared, something to be destroyed My howl was silenced When we are missing, mountains are trampled, rivers lose their way, balance is lost When we are allowed to roam, the land rebounds Balance is restored It’s time for man to stop fearing us, and embrace the wild. Join the pack and help us howl again

42 thoughts on “The Fable of the Wolf

  1. Wolves are a native part of this country, they deserve to be here as they are an important part of our history, native culture and because they are a magnificent animal much like our domestic dogs. If the wolves all disappear, we won't have long before we follow.

  2. I love this video. Wolves need our respect and protection! #JoinThePack and sign the petition to help the wolf and species in danger at:

  3. This is a wonderful video. Thank you for taking time to make it. I agree wolves are part of the ecosystem just like anyone else is. Wolves are not the "big bad wolf" or the "devil" like people make them out to way! I believe they should be left alone and Man learn to co-exist as we did long ago when the Wolf became our domesticated friend known as the Dog! There is no reason for any animal to be shot and killed for sport and Wolves should be left the hell alone. No statistic ever showed they were ever a case where a wolf killed someone and ate them just because the person is easy pickings. I di not count animals that were starving to death as the omg all wolves are evil. Wolves are the best thing for prey animals and if those idiots would remember when no wolf was in yellowstone how pray animals over ran the park and disease ran rampage and now that the wolf is there that is all kept down and they help everyone out

  4. Tristan Black Wolf is my Cheyenne tribal name. Man moved into THEIR living room. Help stop the killing — come howl with me!

  5. They're all our friends.

    The other day, I talked with my son about the concept, "All men are brothers", and once he finally understood what it meant, he said, "All men are my brothers. And all women are my sisters. And animals are my brothers, too — only cuter!"

  6. pathetic cartoon… you and your make believe lives. how boring !! get real and get out side. grab a gun and put some food on the table… see what life is all about, It's more beautiful than you might think… Get outside!!! Grow and harvest your own food

  7. Extremly important message. i recently listened to a lecture about the wolves' situation in europe and specifically switzerland where the farmers'lobby have created hysteria. More sheep are killed by men and accidents.wolves are statistically of no threat but traditions of fear are unfortunately often more influential than facts.

  8. This is a stunning video. It explains clearly something that people need to understand. That is, that the wolf is a keystone species. When it is removed from an environment, the entire ecosystem will be effected. Thank you for the message. Hopefully people will begin to realize how important it is for us to live in harmony with nature.

  9. Abolish hunting and trapping  let these wonderful animals live freeHunting is not a sport it is Murder who are they to take their life.

  10. Thank you for this great video! Man's demonization and destruction of wolves represents the worst of human nature, which only ends up harming humans in the end.

  11. Beautiful, and scientifically accurate. No ecosystem can survive if its predators are eliminated. Agree with B McSue…abolish hunting and trapping of these magnificent creatures. Only an apex barbarian would trap animals.

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