The Bourne Identity 1988 Richard Chamberlain Jaclyn Smith Full Movie HD

The Bourne Identity 1988 Richard Chamberlain Jaclyn Smith Full Movie HD

Someone there? Who’s in this room? Damn. I’d hoped you’d be English. Where am I? You’re in Port Noir. This little village on the
south coast of France. It’s a village without boutique or… …Club Med or T-shirts. We’ve managed to avoid
the 20th century. Intend to be dead before the 21 st. It’s quite a trick. Who are you? Who, me? I’m the doc, Geoffrey Washburn. The doc. And you? We should tell the authorities. People
may be looking for you. Who are you? Where do you live? I need to know where to send
my outrageous bill. It’s a miracle you’re alive, old son. My head. I gotta sleep. – Just your name.
– Huh? You do have a name? My name… My name is… I have no idea. My God! I don’t know! Sometimes, with rest,
everything comes back. And sometimes, nothing more
than bits and pieces. Ever. Trouble is, you see, I… …I’m not a brain surgeon. I may have
disconnected some wiring in there. – Fishing out bullets.
– Bullets? It won’t help to concentrate. Relax. Let images float in. Let the
subconscious mind have a chance. This boat, what happened to it? Why
was I on it? Somebody shot me. Why? – I have to remember.
– It won’t work that way. There was no report of a trawler lost,
or any boat lost. What else? Nightmares. As violent as anything I’ve seen. The kids from the village come
to watch, no commercials. In them, you speak French, Spanish,
German and something Oriental. Can’t remember those. – And, you’ve undergone plastic surgery.
– Plastic surgery? Your nose, chin, cheekbones
have been worked on. – What?
– Originally you looked different. – I must have been in an accident.
– I don’t think so. The scars would be more like
the scars on your body. Most of them 12, 15 years old. Scars, I’d guess, from bullets,
shrapnel, that sort of thing. A war? Maybe. But, you see, the trouble is,
you’ve been sewn up… …better than any army normally
sews up its boys. It’s all very peculiar. How will I find out who I am if
I’ve been turned into somebody else? Geoff, I don’t know what to do. Help me. – Break it down. Fast!
– What? Break it down! How did I know how to do that? I don’t know.Three Cuban diplomats
were expelled from the country…
…in connection with the search
for the terrorist called Carlos.
Carlos is wanted for questioning……in the assassination
of U.S. Ambassador Leland.
Carlos has been linked with……the Japanese Red Army,
the West German Bader-Meinhof Gang…
…the Organization for Armed
Arab Struggle and the Turkish PLO…
Carlos was seen
in Beirut and London.
That’s the world news
from Radio Luxembourg.
Does the name… …Carlos mean anything to you? – Nothing. Should it?
– You’re sure? Vague feelings? Anything? Carlos. – I don’t know. Vague feelings.
– Yes? Feelings of. . .? Danger. Something. I don’t know, Geoff. Who’s Carlos? Just a name. Why here, Geoff,
when you’re so good? They said I was drunk. They say I killed two patients on the
operating table because I was drunk. I could have gotten away with one,
but not two. They said they saw a pattern emerging,
so they kicked me out. Don’t give a man like me a knife
and cloak it in respectability. What say– He recognized me. He knows me. Stop! I want to talk to you! Stop a minute, will you? Come on! Stop! They said you were hard to kill. Hey, you! Get out of here!
Get out of here, now! – You all right?
– I’ve got to catch him. He knows me. You’re not well. Whoever
wants you dead will be back. We must get you out of this village.
It’s not safe for you here anymore. P籥 Jacques will pick you up. He owes
me. He’ll get you to Marseilles. – And, here.
– What’s this? What money I’ve got. It’s a start. – Geoff, I can’t take–
– I don’t need it. A passport as well. P籥 Jacques knows a man
who’ll alter it. It wasn’t enough to save me? The most interesting work I’ve done in
years. I’ve got an investment in you. I won’t forget this. I have been keeping back a crucial
piece of the puzzle… …waiting for you to get stronger.
Now we’re out of time. Come look. – What am I looking for?
– Tell me what you see. – Microfilm. Numbers.
– And above the numbers? “Gemeinschaft Bank Zurich. ”
I don’t understand. In Switzerland, numbers are the same
as a signature on a bank account. – Where did you get this?
– From your hip. It had been surgically implanted. You didn’t tell me?
You know what this means? – I presume it–
– In this bank, with these numbers… -…that’s where the answers are.
– Answers are overrated anyway. There he is. Now, you better hurry. – I’ll be back.
– I’m not going anywhere. Good luck. What are the good hotels in Zurich? There’s the Ritz, the Palace,
the Carillon du Lac. Carillon du Lac. – The Carillon du Lac.
– It’s very exclusive. – If you don’t have–
– Take me there. It’s your money. It’s good to see you again, sir. It’s been a while. Yes, I guess it has. Do me a favor, I sprained my hand.
Could you fill in the registration? It’s not a problem, sir. Want me to call the hotel doctor? Not now. Perhaps later. I do need your signature,
and your passport. Something wrong, Mr. Bourne? My passport’s at the bottom
of my case. I’ll get it later. Yes, sir. I’ll get the key. I assume you’ll require the usual
conditions for your stay with us? Perhaps. How did you understand them? Whoever phones for you is to be told
you’re out, and you’re informed of it. The one exception is your employer,
Treadstone 71 . Correct? I won’t forget your efficiency. You’ve always been more than generous. I’m sick of all this, Peter.
I want to get married, have a baby… …learn to play the saxophone. You always say that before you give
a paper. You’ll be a star. – And you won’t be here.
– Marie. – Thank you.
– I don’t want to leave. I have to.France expelled three Cuban
diplomats in connection…
…with the search for a man
called Carlos…
…believed to have assassinated
U.S. Ambassador Howard Leland.
Ambassador Leland was shot through the
throat by a gunman with a rifle.
If there’s nothing for Treadstone 71 ,
try Treadstone without the number.–Irrespective of political ideology.Did you try “company”
or “corp. ” or “inc. “? What about two words, separated?
“Tread Stone. “–and John Phillips,
British member of Parliament.
There must be a listing, operator. How about the boroughs outside
Manhattan? Queens? Brooklyn? I don’t know what sort of
business they’re in. Sorry. Investment banking? Securities? Look, could I persuade you to
check the unlisted book? Is the number there?
You don’t have to say the actual– Don’t tell me you don’t have access.
I know you do. I understand.
Thank you very much for your trouble.I have no new evidence.Wait… I know you.We’ve increased security
at our foreign embassies…
…we’re cooperating with Interpol
and the French authorities…
…in a worldwide search for Carlos.You were responsible for
the ambassador.
How do you feel about
his assassination?
Who are you? Why do I know you?I feel a sense of outrage and
deep personal loss.
He was a close friend.When we find Carlos, and we will……I intend to question him myself
That’s all I can say. Thank you.
This is Nigel Colman,
reporting from Nice.
Carlos. May I help you, sir? I have an account here. If you’ll tell me the number of
zeros in your account… …I can direct you
to the correct office. Three zeros. Take the elevator, sir. Fifth floor. Thank you. Three-zero account on the way
to the fifth floor. My name is Fritz Koenig, sir. Three-zero accounts rarely come in
without an appointment. I’m afraid you startled
our man in the lobby. I’m in a hurry. Of course. If you’ll sign in. Your signature. Of course. Would you wait in here, please? Where are you taking that? – To Signature Verifications.
– I’m in a great hurry. I’m following procedures
you yourself requested, sir. I’ve got his fingerprints. We’re ready down here. Walter Apfel, at your service. Mr. Apfel. I trust you’re enjoying Zurich? Very much. My room overlooks the lake. Shall I unlock this
or would you prefer to do it? Please. Open it. Oh, no, sir. I can unlock it for you,
but the opening is your responsibility. – If you’re listed, it’s not my position–
– Of course. I need to transfer funds out of the
country. Can you do that for me? – For that I do need to know your name.
– Fine. Open the box. Let’s get to it. Is something wrong? Everything’s fine. My name is Jason Bourne. Jason. My privilege to know you. Your
identity will remain confidential. You have the word of an officer. Thank you, Mr. Apfel. Transfer funds to the Bank of
France in Port Noir… …to Dr. Geoffrey Washburn. All right. What amount? A million dollars. Fine. Anything further, sir? Seven million dollars transferred
to my account– Where, sir? Paris. Very good, sir. Which bank? You have an affiliated
bank in Paris? Yes, of course.
The Valois Bank of Paris. The Valois Bank, yes. And 300,000 francs in cash now.
The balance to remain here. The paperwork won’t take a minute, sir.
I’ll be back with your money. – Your money, sir.
– Thank you. Anytime we can help,
it is our pleasure. Thank you. Goodbye. How many in the lobby? How many? Just one. Outside
in a silver Mercedes. Excuse me, is this a fire drill?Herr Stossel,this is Mr. Bourne in 402. I’d like my bill prepared
immediately, and a taxi. I’m on my way down. Your taxi’s waiting, sir. And your bill,
in francs and dollars. There may be messages.
Keep them for me. Very good, sir. Could you send this?
If they reply, I’ll be at the lecture. Certainly, doctor.
Thank you. May I accompany you? – You’re into interest rates?
– Deeply. – Do I know you?
– I applauded loudest for your paper. Can we have the next slide, please? – Let me go. What are you doing?
– Is there another way out? How should I know? Do as I say. This graph shows yield curve slopes
and inflation rates for Germany… …and her principal economic partners,
France, Italy and the Netherlands. Since the inception of the EMS
in 1979… …there has been a marked convergence
of inflation rates… …proxied by
the yield curve slopes. This is due to the gradual tightening
of monetary policies… …with France, Italy and
Netherlands tending to have… …tighter monetary policies
than Germany. This supports our view that a
deflationary bias has been imposed… …on the rest of Europe by Germany
via the EMS. Next slide, please. Here! What’s going on? This way. Shut up! I said, shut up! That hurts! – My wrist is broken!
– No, it isn’t. – Let me go!
– As soon as we get to your car. – I don’t have a car!
– I saw your keys, doctor. My car is at the Ottawa Airport– Your car. They’ll kill you too. Now, drive! Gun it! Turn right onto the bridge.
Come on! Where are we going? Tell me! A restaurant.
The Drei Alpenhauser. – Please let me go. I can’t–
– I’ll let you go at the restaurant. – What’s at the restaurant? Why are–?
– I don’t know. Now, turn around! Walk into the restaurant with me. You said to drive you here. You said if I drove you here,
you’d let me go. – I won’t do it again.
– Yes, you will. When you think you can make it,
you’ll try. Believe me,
you won’t make it. I won’t try, if I know
you’ll let me go. – I will.
– When? When it no longer matters
what you say or do. I don’t want to hurt you. Comb your hair.
It’s a mess. If you make trouble inside,
somebody’s bound to get hurt. It’ll be your responsibility. – Don’t look at him.
– Who is it? I don’t know.
Don’t let him see your face. Why are you doing this to me? I enjoy the food here. I have a family. They will kill
my wife and children. I gave you the envelope. I did
what I was told. No more, no less. As you yourself instructed. You were paid? I told them nothing. Then why are you afraid?
I’m just a tourist having dinner. You cannot, please.
You must leave. Tell me what you know. Quickly! Others may have talked.
The police– The police have been here.
Interpol, looking for you,mein Herr.And others who would stop at
nothing. They know this place. Please. I have told them I haven’t seen you. They’ll kill me– You’re exaggerating. Don’t do this to me. Why are you so afraid? Word went out a month ago
that you were not dead. Anyone with any information should call
a number set up by Interpol. Sizable rewards offered by
several countries. – Information to be held in confidence.
– And you needed the money. No, no, God… You’ve got to believe me.
On my life, I swear I didn’t– Who did? Chernak, maybe. Chernak? The envelope came from him to me
to you. You know him. – He’d never say anything.
– Where is he? – Where he always is.
– Don’t play games with me. – Lowenstrasse, of course.
– What number? – It hasn’t changed.
– Answer the question. Thirty-seven. – What was in the envelope?
– I didn’t look. I don’t know. I will shoot you if you lie again. – Money?
– I suppose. Yes. I didn’t take any. – If there was some discrepancy–
– What was the money for? Why are you doing this to me? I read the papers,
watch the news on TV. It was front page in three languages. The assassination of
Ambassador Leland. – Come on.
– I don’t want to go in there. – You’re coming in.
– I don’t want to– I don’t want to be a witness. Please!
Don’t make me. I won’t go to the police. When we get up there, I’ll knock.
If they open, leave it to me. If not… …say you’re from
Drei Alpenhauser. I have a message for you,
Mr. Chernak. – Who are you? What is it?
– Alpenhauser. It’s from a friend at
Drei Alpenhauser. – I don’t know anybody there.
– Come on. Is there another Chernak?
He said 37 Lowenstrasse. – Put it under the door.
– Identification. I can’t. It isn’t written down. I need to make
a visual identification. No! You. What do you want? Stay in here. Keep quiet. You swore the last one was the end
of it. I can’t risk it anymore. Who gave you the envelope
for our Alpenhauser friend? The messenger. – Where did it come from?
– How would I know? It arrived in a box, as usual.
I unpacked it, sent it on. You were the one who set up the system.
Why are you asking me? You said it was too dangerous
to come here. – Money was missing.
– Then it wasn’t paid! I never open the envelopes!
You know that! Missing?
I don’t believe you. You wouldn’t have taken
the assignment. And you took it. – What assignment?
– Why are you really here? Who’s the girl? They’ll pay for your corpse. Come on! We gotta get out of here. Don’t try. Don’t try. – You killed him, didn’t you?
– He was trying to kill me. Get in. You killed that poor helpless man. Drive! Where? You haven’t said where. A safe place. A hiding place. Red door. Boarding house. Stepdeckstrasse. Help me! Somebody! Please! That’s the woman. Help. Help me. A man’s been shot. – It’s okay, we’re undercover police.
– Police? He kept hitting me. And he killed
that poor man in the wheelchair.Herr Koenig,Dr. St. Jacques. She was with him.
He killed Chernak. Yes! He killed that man!
He’s wounded. – How badly?
– I don’t know. He fainted. His head was bleeding.
Who is he? He goes by many names.
Many disguises. He is a chameleon. But as you have seen, he’s a killer.
A brutal killer. Then he is an assassin? Yes. Did he say how he planned to
leave or where he planned to go? No. No. He was
almost incoherent. He– Think, now. He said nothing? Wait. He was mumbling something.
A street name. – It was. . . . Step–
– Stepdeckstrasse? That’s it. A boarding house
with a red door. I’m all right. You again. You’re nothing
but trouble. Go away! You said you wouldn’t be back. Do you want a doctor? Any instructions?The assassination of
Ambassador Leland!
And you took the assignment.You killed that poor helpless man!He was trying to kill me!Does the name Carlos
mean anything to you?
I intend to question Carlos myselfThey’ll pay for your corpse!Mr. Bourne. Finally. That’s him! My God. You’re with them? My compliments. – These are the police.
– Better and better. – The conditions were right?
– God. Take me back to the hotel. – Take her to the river. Kill her.
– Wait– Scream! Loud! Stupid. Whatever you’re paid, I’ll double it. – You were at the bank. You know I can.
– I wouldn’t take your money. Money’s money. Why not? Are you serious? Wealth is relative
to the time you have to enjoy it. I wouldn’t last five minutes.
Put him in the car. Break his fingers. Stop the car! Stop the car! He said, “Take her to the river. ” Get out! Bourne. – Get up.
– Get away. Get in the car and go. They’ll be back, he’ll kill you.
He’ll kill you. What are you doing? Get up. – Get in that car and go like hell.
– No! He tried to rape me.
You saved me. Now, get up! Oh, my God. I can’t do this.
I don’t know how to do this. I’m not thinking. God, God, God, come on. Help me. Help me. Damn you! I hope that hurt. Who is it? Wait. Thank you very much. Where are we? Regensburg.
Thirty miles west of Zurich. How did we get here? I made a decision. One of the more difficult
ones I’ve made in my life. Perhaps because
I nearly lost my life. But because of what you did,
I decided to help you. But only for a while. For a few hours.
To help you get away. – Knowing what I am?
– I don’t know what you are. All I know is that you
came back and saved my life. You’re not afraid of me anymore? Of course I am. I saw you kill.
You’re good at it. It was horrible. But you saved my life. Are you that naive? Not really. I have your gun. The man at the hotel called
you “doctor. ” What sort? Of economics, not medicine. I work for the Canadian
Treasury Board. Why was there no article about the
abduction of the beautiful economist? – How did you manage that?
– I called a friend. One that wasn’t at the lecture. Told her I was okay,
to field questions. That I was having an affair
and I’d be back in a couple of days. That’s all? You shake your head? – I saved your life!
– You want a medal? – The truth.
– I don’t know the truth. – You can do better than that.
– Not much. They say my name
is Jason Bourne. They? What are you talking about? My life began a month ago… …when I washed up on the beach
in the fishing village of Port Noir. I have no memory of a past, doctor. I have no idea who I am,
what I am, why I’m… …so good at killing. Or who the people are
trying to kill me. Do you really expect
me to believe that? No. No, I don’t. I can’t believe it myself.
How could I expect you to? The insanity is… …it’s the truth. When the fat man came over,
you told me to turn away. – There was no point in being identified.
– There wasn’t. – That’s not the reasoning of–
– An assassin? I appreciate what you’re
trying to do. Use your brain. Money was delivered to me for
assignments taken. I have an account… …with 15 million dollars. Where did
that come from? Treadstone 71 ? Well, who are they?
Why can’t I find them? What does a man like me, with the
skills I have, do to get that money? What occurs to you? – Everything’s in one hell of a mess.
– Be serious. – Is there anything familiar?
– Mediterranean power struggles… …the Mideast problems, arms deals.
I know more than what’s in the papers. – Maybe you’re with Foreign Service.
– Knowing small arms and martial arts? And a numbered bank account? Think of traveling.
Do you see trains, cars, planes? All of them. And who meets you?
Are there faces? People? Streets. – Streets? Why streets?
– I don’t know. Faces in shadows, featureless,
meet me in streets. – No offices? Business offices?
– Sometimes. Not usually. – These faces, are they men or women?
– Men, mostly. – What do you talk about?
– I don’t know. There aren’t voices.
There aren’t any words. But you had appointments. How did
you know where to go, who to see? – Cables. Telephone calls.
– From? – I don’t know.
– You had to call them back. – Was it Treadstone? Think.
– I can’t. No. They’d reach me.
I never called them. What comes to mind when you think
of money? The first impression. Jason? Death. Marie. Buy yourself a ticket
back to Canada. Back to Peter. Oh, Peter. I’d forgotten it was you
behind us in the hotel lobby. You misunderstood. You’re going home tomorrow. You’ll learn to play the saxophone,
marry Peter and forget this. Peter is nothing more than my boss
and an old friend from school. At one point in the beginning,
I thought, well, maybe… But he turned out to be deeply
committed to helpless women. So am I. – I’m coming to Paris with you.
– You’re not. Last time I went near that account,
half of Zurich tried to kill me. That’s why you need me. I know banks.
I know the right questions to ask. Marie, I’m not going to drag you into
this further. I don’t want you hurt. I have rank in the
Treasury Department of Canada. Clearance, embassy protection.
That can be helpful. I already called Peter to get him
to find out about your Treadstone. You shouldn’t have done that. I want to help you, Jason. First it was because you saved me
from rape, saved my life, I owed you. But then… You’re not a killer.
You can kill, but you’re not a killer. That’s a distinction I happen
to believe in more than you. Please let me help you. Put your arms around me, Jason. I need to be held.
Even if it’s only for tonight. We need to forget the violence. What are you thinking? I keep spinning around
in the wind… …over and over. There’s fire. Images. A woman, a child. A beautiful child. Burning. I feel responsible. I may not be able to live with
what’s out there. I mean that. Jason, even at the beginning
when you were very rough… …even then there was something
in your eyes, some… …I don’t know, reluctance. You couldn’t have hurt them.
It’s impossible. Not you. All right. Thank you, Peter. – What did he say?
– Treadstone is dangerous. – It’s a secret group in the CIA.
– The CIA? Is he sure about this? – He called a friend with the NSC.
– My God! He was furious Peter knew about
the existence of Treadstone. – He’s flying to Canada to debrief him.
– Now do you want to go back? Ask me after the bank. It won’t be open for an hour.
Let’s go see if the reports… …on Ambassador Leland’s
assassination jog my memory. – Wait.
– What? – Look.
– Oh, my God, that’s you. I was there. I know these people. Ambassador Leland. U.S. Naval Intelligence,
a house in McLean, Virginia. And this man, I saw him
on television in Zurich. I know him, but I can’t
remember his name. He’s important, Marie. Somehow, close to me. What’s his name? Jason, you’re both not identified. It’s the funeral for the son
of General Villiers. Carlos again. Leland was shot in the throat. “Carlos’ signature is to shoot
his victims in the throat. ” I shot Chernak in the throat. Come on. Are your days comfortable? The days, they draw to an end. But they are made comfortable. Good. What is the report from Zurich? Bourne has disappeared. They think the woman is with him. Disappeared? Where was Koenig? – He has a dozen men.
– Four of our men were killed. Koenig says Bourne has sent
the money to Paris. He comes to me. Have someone at the bank
who can recognize him. And if possible, take the woman first.
And bring her to me. Yes, Carlos. This number is 46-78-2255. Got it. Here we go. Hello, I transferred a sizable amount
and I’d like to check if it’s there.That would be in our Foreign
Department, sir. I will connect you.
I transferred seven million dollars
and I’m checking to see if it’s there. Can you help me or are you going
to transfer me? Who are you?I can help. I’m Pierre D’Armacourt,
an officer of the bank.
– Give me your name.
– Bourne. B-O-U-R-N-E. Jason Bourne. The money came from a bank in Zurich.
Did you get it?All transactions are confidential.
We can’t tell you over the phone.
I’m leaving Paris and I–– Could you come by the bank?
– Yes, I guess I’ll have to. Where’s your office?
I need to see the papers.My office is at the rear,
first floor, on the right–
– Hello? Damn phones.
– I am here,Monsieur Bourne. Hello? I can’t hear anything. His name is D’Armacourt.His office is main floor rear,
through on the right.
This number is 46-78-2255. Got it. Here we go. Hello, I transferred a sizable amount
and I’d like to check if it’s there.That would be in our Foreign
Department, sir. I will connect you.
I transferred seven million dollars
and I’m checking to see if it’s there. Can you help me or are you going
to transfer me? Who are you?I can help. I am Pierre D’Armacourt,
an officer of the bank.
– Give me your name.
Bourne. B-O-U-R-N-E. Jason Bourne. The money came from a bank in Zurich.
Did you get it?All transactions are confidential.
We can’t tell you over the phone.
I’m leaving Paris and I–– Could you come by the bank?
– Yes, I guess I’ll have to. Where’s your office?
I need to see the papers.My office is at the rear,
first floor, on the right–
– Hello? Damn phones.
– I am here,Monsieur Bourne. Hello? I can’t hear anything. His name is D’Armacourt. His office is main floor rear,
through on the right. The man who tried to kill me is here.– Can he see you?
– No. I don’t think so. Look, face the wall and don’t move. I’ll get rid of him, then I’ll call. – Jason, I’m terrified.
– Hang up and don’t move.– Banque Valois, bonjour.
– Pierre D’Armacourt’s office, please. – D’Armacourt. Jason Bourne calling.
– One moment, please.Come on, come on.I’m sorry you’re having trouble–There’s been a hitch in my plan. I’ve got to fly to London.
I’m off to the airport. Hang on to those papers
until I get back. There’s a cab, gotta run. Thanks. – Jason?
– Marie. Don’t move. If I’m right, he will be passing you. – Maybe I should try to get out now.
– No, not yet. Don’t move! – I can’t stop shaking.
– They’re at the airport, I promise you. Could D’Armacourt have gone
out the back? There he is. You’ll be all right.
Go back to the pension. Mr. D’Armacourt?
I’m Jason Bourne. Your friends must wonder why
you gave them bum information. I followed the instructions
on the account. Nothing more. I want to know what the instructions
were and who they came from. – I could lose my job.
– You could lose your life. – I’m not who you want to talk to.
– Who is? The owner of the bank. He made
the arrangements with Zurich. Zurich? From that man
in the bank? Koenig? – Perhaps.
– What’s the arrangement? – I’m not as privileged as you think.
– Nor as ignorant. Don’t play with me. You don’t have to threaten me,
Monsieur. You are a very rich man.
Why not pay me? All right. Let’s see what it’s worth. Your account has a
fiche confidentielle.There are instructions when
funds are deposited or withdrawn. – And the instructions?
– A number to call. And the number? – I only saw it once.
– You remember. – A number in New York?
– No. Here in Paris. The card was altered. The New York number was deleted,
the one in Paris inserted. Who did you talk to? – With afiche,you don’t ask.
– That’s true. A woman answered.
She said you were dangerous. I asked if I should tell the police. I was told you were beyond the
police or Interpol. That you should be detained… …so someone could identify you. This is very valuable, Mr. Bourne. That phone number might be. – I want 50,000.
– That’s outrageous. So was the assassination of
Ambassador Leland. Do you know who I am? A dangerous man, Monsieur. You know more.
Tell me or I’ll kill you. Jason. – I only know one other thing.
– Say it. Fifty thousand. – I’ll pay you with your life. Say it!
– The phone number… -…it’s a dress shop on Saint Honore.
– Dress shop? It’s called Bergeron. Jason, come on. Come on. Call Peter. See what he’s found out
while I change. Lisa, it’s Marie St. Jacques.
May I speak to Peter? What? What? When? I just talked to him earlier today. Oh, my God. What? What’s happened? – They killed him.
– What? He went to the airport to meet
the man from Washington. When he didn’t come back to the office,
Lisa called the airport. They found his body in one of the
tunnels to the parking lot. Oh, Marie… Treadstone. Your precious
Treadstone. They’re murderers! He asked about them to help me– – Stop it. Look–
– Your people, Jason. Murderers! – All of you are murderers! Let go!
– Calm down! – Marie–
– I can’t be part of this. Marie. Marie! Gentlemen, the president wants to
know what’s going on. Peter White at the
Canadian Treasury… …calls the NSC asking about
Treadstone and is shot. Did you kill him
for blowing your cover? – Senator–
– Or was it Carlos again? – I think it was Bourne.
– Bourne? You’re convinced, General Conklin,
Bourne also killed Ambassador Leland. I am. – Either alone or working for Carlos.
– Poppycock! Mr. Abbott? Apparently, senator, we don’t have
a consensus yet. – You’re not convinced?
– I’m not convinced, for one. The facts are: Bourne… …was in Marseilles
just before the assassination. That doesn’t mean he did it. He might have known about it and
been trying to prevent it. And afterward he vanished,
reappeared in Zurich… …withdrew millions from the
Treadstone account… …murdered Chernak, kidnapped the
woman and vanished again. Those are also the facts, senator. Leland and Chernak were both shot
in the throat. Significant? – It’s Carlos’ signature.
– Bourne was trained to kill like Carlos. He did not kill, Alex. He’s saved lives while he was
undercover. That’s true. – Taken credit for kills, not killed.
– Or so he’d have us believe. Bourne’s mission, senator,
was to get Carlos. Interpol tried and failed for 20
years. The Israelis tried. Carlos controls an elaborate
network of terrorists… …from who knows where. We decided to challenge him
at his own game. To field our own assassin. Are you serious? The theory was our man would claim
kills that were in fact Carlos’ … …and invent others.
This would enrage Carlos. He’d make a mistake.
He’d reveal himself. He’s a man of enormous ego. That was the theory. In practice, what happened, in
my opinion… …is Bourne became exactly
what we trained him to be. A master assassin. Is that possible,
David? The evidence is
circumstantial at best. – I think he should be eliminated.
– Alex, please. So you, David and Elliot, believe he’s
innocent… …General Conklin and Mr. Gillette
believe he’s guilty. What do we do? What I suggest is that we send him
a signal to come in. We’ll plant a story about the
woman in the papers. If he does come in,
we’ll question him. If he doesn’t,
then we’ll know he’s turned. Gentlemen. Meg. Where do you go now? The name we got from D’Armacourt
at the bank. Bergeron’s. – They’ll kill you if you go there–
– Marie… You’ll be late for your flight home. I am sorry about Peter. – Could you translate that for me?
– Excuse me. – Do you want to see something?
– A gift for a friend. The lounge for viewing and selecting
is one flight up. Let me show you the way. – If we can help you, please call, sir.
– Thank you. I am Jacqueline Lavier,
the director. – If I can be of any assistance.
– Thank you. – May I hang those for you?
– Oh, sure, thanks. – You have an eye for our better dresses.
– I’ve a young lady with an eye for them. May I pick some ballgowns,
perhaps, as well? If you’ve got a place I can have a
drink, you can pick me a closetful. – The trip from the Bahamas was a killer.
– My office? It’s not the Georges V,
but the sofa is soft… -…and there’s plenty of whiskey.
– Where have you been all my life? – Is she available for fittings?
– She’s already on the Riviera… …but a size six fits
her well enough. “A size six fits her well enough. ”
For shame, Monsieur. This is what I like about
shopping in Paris. My pleasure, Monsieur. . .? Briggs. Charlie Briggs. And how much of your money
do you want to part with? Not more than 10 or 12,000,
Madame Jacqui. And make yourself at home. Come in. Marie! Incredible! Thank God
you got away. You all right? Yeah. Did you hear about Peter?
What happened? Do you know? We heard this morning.
Terrible tragedy. But you’re safe, thank God for that.
We’ve all been so worried. Alice? Tell the ambassador that Marie
St. Jacques is here. We’ve got him! – What do you mean? You’ve got who?
– Bourne, of course. – You are going to cooperate, aren’t you?
– What do you mean? Help us find him. The police have been looking
for Jason Bourne since Zurich. He’s an assassin and one
of the most dangerous men alive. You know where he was last, where
he’s planning to go.– The ambassador would like to see you.
– I’ll be right there. – I’ll be right back.
– Carl… …what happens when you find him? Marie, he’s a killer. Sooner or later, we’re gonna
catch him. Or kill him. Wait here. Marie! What are you doing? Come back here! Get her! Damn! Yes, I’m sure. I thought he was dead. I served with the bastard in Laos,
in the Medusa operation. He’s the coldest man I ever saw,
the most… …dangerous, the most
unpredictable. Angelique, it is Bourne.
I guarantee it. You don’t make a mistake with
a man like that. We were all trained to kill,
but he was the best. He killed because
he enjoyed it. That was a lovely meal,
Monsieur Briggs. – Call me Charlie.
– Charlie. Now. I understand that you know
the work of a man I want to employ. Jason Bourne. Madame Jacqui. No need to be alarmed.
All I want is information. I don’t know who you’re talking about. Don’t you? Why is your phone number on his
account’sfiche confidentielle?That’s a lie! You know nothing! Enough to expose
Koenig in Zurich… …D’Armacourt at the Valois Bank,
and you, of course. If I did, how quickly
would you be eliminated? You are insane. You expose any of us anywhere
and you won’t last the day. His men will
cut you down in the street. Tell me about Bourne. You heard that he was
the equal of Carlos? His equal? I heard they were
the same man. So now Bourne is claiming
even to be Carlos? Monsieur. – So Bourne isn’t Carlos?
– Bourne is a poseur. He works alone. Carlos’ strength… …lies in his far reach
of information. – Sounds like too many people to me.
– All blind, Monsieur. Blind? To put it plainly… …I have been part of this operation
for over 15 years. I have yet to meet anyone… …who has even spoken to
Carlos. Or anyone who knows
where he is. And Bourne? What do you know
about Bourne? An American. When did he come to Europe,
to Carlos’ attention? Three years ago. First a lot of
activity in Asia. An ambassador was assassinated
in Moulmein. Two days later a Japanese
politician was killed in Tokyo. A week after that, a newspaper
editor in Hong Kong. Behind each of these, Bourne. But Carlos realized
what none of us understood. That Bourne was moving to Europe.
To Paris, in fact. That he was out to destroy Carlos. Calcutta. Oman.
Sheik Mustafa Kalig. A lie! A deliberate lie. Bourne failed more than once.
Too many contracts, too short a time. Yet whenever he did… …he would follow an aborted kill
with a spectacular, unsolicited one. He would select a prominent
figure and: And Bourne? Why does Bourne
want to destroy Carlos? Because he intends
to become Carlos. Thank God you’re safe. I thought you’d be in Canada by now. They’re after you too. The Canadians? Everybody. And if they can’t catch you,
they’re to kill you. Carlos engineered this somehow. They’re convinced you’re
an assassin. They wanted to know
what your plans were– What did you tell them? Nothing. Nothing.
I ran away. I– I realized that… That I love you. Jason, can we slow down? – Where are we going?
– I don’t know. We can’t stay here. Jason! Come on. Come on! Sir?
We’re here, sir. – I’m too old for this.
– Me too. – Wait for me, Kenny. I won’t be long.
– I’ll fill it with gas. David Abbott, I presume? Legend of the OSS days. Creator of Treadstone 71 . Who’s the woman? Meg. She owns the house. She
and her husband were with the OSS. – He sails–
– Oh, the yachtsman. Of course. So. How do we get in?Herr Koenig,can we
discuss business? 500,000 doesn’t really seem adequate.
Carlos can sell the files for millions– We don’t renegotiate, Mr. Gillette.
If you want to fit in, I wouldn’t try. The article was a clear signal
to come in, and he hasn’t. Gotta eliminate him, David,
as quickly as possible. It’s only been a day.
Can’t we give him more time? Every day puts the rest of
us in jeopardy. We have no choice.
We must get rid of him. I have to go.
Just give me another 24 hours. All right. – Anybody want a ride?
– I’ll see you out. No, the car’s waiting in the alley. I’ll take that ride. Well, let’s go. The car is out in the back. – Where’s David Abbott?
– He wasn’t here? – There’s a door to the alley–
– Idiot. Where are the files? Where’s the file on Bourne? – Plant his fingerprints.
– I know what to do! Let’s go. That’s the whole story,
straight from Madame Jacqui. Everything was familiar… …names, cities, assassinations. There was nothing I didn’t know that
was somewhere in the back of my head. – It was the truth.
– Was. – We were wrong. Don’t you see?
– You offered your life for mine… …before you knew me. That’s not what an assassin would do.
If that man existed, he doesn’t now. Maybe that’s what you’re faced with. Can you walk away from it? Maybe. But alone. Not with you. – That’s your decision then?
– It has to be. You disappear heroically so I can
return to my life, reputation intact? That’s it. Who the hell do you think you are? – What?
– Who do you think you are? A man who kills people for money. Governments want me dead.
The Canadians want me dead. Carlos does too. Think about it. How long can we run before someone
finds me and kills us? – Is that the way you want to die?
– Heavens, no. I want to rot in a Swiss prison
for things I never did. I can take care of Zurich. – How?
– What does it matter? A confession?
I don’t know yet, but I can do it. I can put your life
back together again. I have to. Jason, don’t you see?
You’ve just proved my point again. Even when you are so sure
of your own guilt. A lethal assassin would never
do what you just offered to do. – I’m a hired killer.
– Maybe you were. You aren’t now. Listen to me. You’re very dear to me,
but I’m not a child. I don’t know what you were before
or what crimes you’re guilty of. But you’re not
what you believe you are. I know myself. I can’t love who you believe you are.
I love who I know you are. You’re a fool. I can help you.
You can’t help me. Leave me something. Wait. What? The illusion of an assassin. – The crimes you believe you committed.
– I remember them! No, wait a minute, Jason. What if they were planted in your mind
like the evidence against me? You don’t know what happened
before you lost your memory. What would explain
the violent images in my head? Maybe you remember what you were told,
over and over. Recordings, photographs. No. – I’m too good at killing.
– Damn you! I’m fighting for my life!
For both of our lives! You can think and feel.
Think now! Feel now! Look at me and tell me you’ve
looked inside yourself… …and you know without a doubt
that you’re an assassin. But if you can’t, stay with me
and let me help you. And love me. For God’s sakes, love me, Jason. I called a print team we can trust.
I didn’t say what we’re looking for… …just to sweep Treadstone
and give me what they get. I gave the names of 37 men
whose prints are on file with the FBI. The place was wiped clean, apart from a
broken glass on which we found prints. Don’t play with me.
Whose prints were they? – They were Bourne’s.
– We can’t be certain– We gave him the signal to come in. His response was to
wipe out Treadstone. What more do you want? So… …do we eliminate him? This doesn’t make sense. I called
the number I found at Bergeron’s. – It’s the home of a powerful Frenchman.
– Who? – General Francois Villiers.
– My God, it can’t be. That picture in the Sorbonne.
You were at his son’s funeral. – He was a war hero.
– Now he’s a member of the government. – How can you connect him with Carlos?
– He broke with de Gaulle. Why? – He’s an entrenched militarist.
– There’s the connection. Carlos eliminated Leland for working
for a nuclear-free Mediterranean. – It seems incredible–
– Let’s go. He was nothing but a customer,
Angelique, I’m sure of it. Clothes for his girlfriend. Information
on Bourne, who he was told… -…could get rid of a competitor.
– It was Bourne. Bourne asking about his relationship
with Carlos? It makes no sense. – What did you tell him?
– Nothing. – How long was he alone in your office?
– He wasn’t. – D’Anjou says–
– He’s lying. – Is my phone number in your office?
– No. My God, am I stupid? – We have an appointment.
– Where are we going? It’s time you met Carlos. – That’s the woman from Bergeron.
– The one in red… …was at Villiers son’s funeral
in the Sorbonne photo. That proves Villiers is involved. – Are you all right?
– Yeah. Do exactly as I say. Slide into
the driver’s seat and start the car. Drive ahead. Once I’m inside, drive off. Carlos! Father… -…do you speak English?
– A little. A few moments ago, two women came in.
The young one in red… …the older had dark hair.
Did you see them? The young one brought the other
to confess. – Did you hear the confession?
– No, another Father. – I must find her.
– She was in the second confessional. I don’t know if she’s there.
I saw Father Manuel leave. We have to talk, general.
Get in the car. – What is this?
– We have to talk. – I’m prepared to shoot.
– Then shoot! I have no problem killing you,
now you’ve become Carlos’ messenger. – I’ll kill you.
– Kill me. – You deny being Carlos’ man?
– I spit on him. He killed my son… …my only son.
Five sticks of dynamite. Your phone number is at
Carlos’ Paris headquarters. You don’t know what you are saying. I do because I found it myself.
It’s your number. Who are you? – Names are unimportant.
– Unimportant? A man with no name traps me at night,
holds a gun to me… …and expects me to believe him?
Why should I? Because I’m telling you the truth. If you hate Carlos as much as you say,
then help me stop him! General. General, wait. We followed Carlos from a bank
in Zurich to one in Paris… …which had on an account
Bergeron’s number. At Bergeron’s I found your number
carefully hidden. – There must be some explanation.
– There is no other explanation. At your home who answers the phone?
You? Yes. Or the housekeeper.
She’s been with me since the war. Or my wife or my aide. – How long’s your aide been with you?
– Since before you were born. – He’s completely loyal.
– Caesar said that of Brutus. There’s no one in my immediate
household. No one. Believe me. – I’m afraid you’re wrong.
– Why should I believe you? General. I’ll prove everything I’ve said. But I need access to your home.
I need to talk to your staff. General, please. Come to my home. Talk to my wife.
She’ll arrange it. You’ll find you’re wrong. Park the car. We’ll go with him. Don’t pull in. Stop here. The man coming out of your house,
do you know who he is? Yes. I met him with my wife.
His name is D’Anjou. – He’s connected to Carlos.
– Why do you say that? Because I saw him in a shop
Carlos uses as a front here in Paris. That woman he’s talking to
is one of Carlos’ people. Is she part of your household,
general? She’s my wife. When an old man finds a stunning young
woman who’s anxious to share his life… …there are some things
which are understood. She gets money, security,
a position in society. He gets her youth, beauty and
a chance to display his virility. – General, don’t do this to yourself.
– All the time I question: Does she long for a younger man? And if she takes a lover.
Damn it. When she takes a lover… …will she be discreet? One question never occurred
to me until now. Has she from the beginning been part
of the design? Part of my son’s death? Do you think she has? I have access to certain
classified material. You understand? Military, nuclear, security of France. Only five other men are on the list.
Five, no more. But all the time there is a leak.
Somewhere, somehow. Moscow learns one thing,
Washington another. – You discuss these with your wife?
– No, of course I do not. But, I bring the papers home with me,
and I put them in a safe in my office. Only one other person has
the key of the safe. For her jewels. She mourned for my son’s death.
Black, very smart, very chic. But, if you’re right,
she was part of my son’s murder. And she is a traitor to France.
I know what I must do. No, general, listen to me. Think of your son, not your pride. Go
after the killer, not the accomplice. You’ll get them, but don’t
confront her. Use her to get Carlos. Use her to draw him out, to make him
show himself. Nobody’s been this close. Who are you? Have you heard of a group in the
CIA called Treadstone? I can tell you nothing about
Treadstone. Nothing. All we want is someone in Treadstone
we can trust. Someone past suspicion. Just a name, general. One name. Abbott. David Abbott. He is a man you can trust. D’Anjou. This is Jason Bourne.
Jacqui is dead. You’re next. Do me no favors. Call the church to verify.
Then meet me at– – And get a wire around my neck?
– I want information.I’ll pay you and you can leave
the country and live a long, safe life. The Trocadero, at noon, at the taxi
stand. If you want to live, be there. Drive. D’Anjou! D’Anjou! That last one was a Carlos man,
Jean Pierre. I’ve used him myself. Come on. You saved my life. Why? Because I might kill you myself. What do you want? How does Villiers’ wife fit
into the organization? – D’Anjou!
– She’s Carlos’ lover since she was 13. Villiers’ wife? It gives Carlos access
to all government secrets… …and all the files on himself. Is Villiers involved? – What does Carlos know about me?
– I’m not in the first circle. – What have you heard?
– Only what everyone else has heard. Rumors out of Saigon
were that Jason Bourne… …the most lethal man
in Southeast Asia… …had signed on with the CIA
for the highest price ever paid. For what purpose? – What does Carlos think I’m doing?
– Driving him mad. Claiming his kills. – Challenging him at every turn.
– And you? What do you think? – What does it matter?
– You recognize me. You know me. You are not the Jason Bourne I knew. – Then who am I?
– I have no idea. Your face has been altered
to look like Bourne… …but you are not a cold-blooded
killer. Beyond that, I have no idea. If I run, will you shoot me? No. No, I won’t. What? What did D’Anjou say?
Was I right? You were right. There’s still a lot I don’t know. But I’m not Bourne.
I’m not an assassin. Jason, now we can contact the embassy.
They’ll help us. Yeah, but what do I say?
“Hi there, I’m Jason Bourne. I know that’s not my real name,
but I lost my memory… …somewhere outside of Marseilles. ”
What do I tell them? – Tell them the truth.
– What truth? Tell them to contact the doctor
who found you. He must have records. He’s an alcoholic.
Nobody will believe him. Jason, why are you fighting this?
It’s what you’ve been looking for. How do I know the Americans
won’t kill me too? I have to be careful, that’s all. Villiers said you can trust Abbott.
David Abbott in Treadstone. It’s Bourne.
He wants to come in. – Thank God. Are we sure it’s him?
– Well, he’s not using the right words. – Can we make the Concorde?
– Yes. We told him not to come in until
we get there. He’ll phone every hour. – Are they logged?
– No, but there are double agents… …in Paris with tripped phones. If he
goes over, he’ll use one of those. I want his story
before we do anything. – He just destroyed Treadstone.
– I want this completely private. I’m obligated to protect you. I know this man, Alex.
There’s no threat, not to me. – Well, I am not convinced.
– Now we are going to do this my way. – Here we go.
– Abbott’s arrived? – I’m meeting him at a cemetery.
– Oh, no. I’ve been there before. Gen. Villiers’
son’s funeral was there. – The one in the newspaper?
– Yes. Abbott’s telling me he’s genuine. I’m staying with you.
I won’t have it any other way. You can’t. If anything happens to me,
go to Villiers. If I’m not back by daybreak–
Oh, come on, stop. – Who are you?
– You know who I am. – Damn it! I said, who are you?
– General Alex Conklin. I said I’d see nobody but David Abbott. Why? To kill him like everybody else
at Treadstone? – What are you talking about?
– You killed all of them! Meg. The Yachtsman. Elliot Stevens. People who’d die rather than turn
and sell out like you did to Carlos. I haven’t turned.
Carlos is trying to kill me. You bastard.
Gillette, kill him! David. David. David. David. No. Are you Abbott? – You don’t know me?
– No. Carlos tried to kill me.
The bullet blew out my memory. Oh, my God. You remember nothing? – Almost nothing. Bits and pieces.
– That explains everything. – You believe me.
– Yes. Yes. – I killed the man who shot you.
– That was Gillette. The same man tried to shoot me
at the Trocadero. He convinced Gen. Conklin that
you turned. He almost convinced me. – Can you tell me who I am?
– You’re David Webb. You’re named for me. I’m David Abbott. Your father and I grew up together. We went to Yale and the OSS.
He died when you were seven. I had no children. So we did everything together
when you were growing up. I took you skiing,
and we played tennis. We talked history. – We fished. Above all, we fished.
– What about the CIA? Treadstone? Oh, Davey, you followed me
into this lousy business. When no one could touch Carlos… …and his people had killed
half a dozen Western leaders… …and he’d apparently disappeared… …then you and I devised
a deep-cover trap for him… …designed to flush him out:
The Bourne Identity. See if you can walk a little farther. – The real Jason Bourne, who was he?
– A terrible man. He killed for the sport of it. Didn’t
matter if it was a rat or a man. – What happened to him?
– We couldn’t control him. Once your plastic surgery and training
were complete, we eliminated him. – You killed your own man?
– We needed someone… …with Bourne’s reputation,
but someone decent. Decent? The object was to kill Carlos,
not to win a ticket to heaven. – Set me down please, Davey.
– I’m not gonna let you die. – No, it’s too late.
– You’re gonna be all right. No, please.
Just here, against the tree. You could cast a line… …into a pool of water
under the trees, sidearm. Maybe just a foot of clearance
between the branches and the water. Eleven years old. The newspaper people came out
to take your picture. They couldn’t believe it either. You had a dog. A black lab named Elvis. That’s true. I had forgotten that. Everything, your childhood,
is in a house on 71 st Street. Treadstone, third floor, your room… All the answers are there. Everything. – The hospital, you’ve gotta make it.
– No, no. Please. I want to die holding onto the grass. – Get Carlos, Davey.
– I will. I will. Forgive me. My name is David Webb. David. It was a trap.
They were convinced I’d sold out. – Why did they try to kill you?
– They think I killed everybody… -…at their headquarters.
– But you were here. – They won’t listen.
– Even David Abbott? Wasn’t he there? – They killed him.
– Oh, God. Carlos engineered this. He has
us isolated. Nobody will believe us. Our only chance is to bring Carlos in. – How?
– I’ve gotta get to Villiers. His wife is our last chance,
our last connection to Carlos. Oh, my God. What have you done? She admitted it, my wife. What you suggested. She was his whore. I had no choice. She’s destroyed my son,
my name, my honor. My life has been service to France. – She made of it a mockery.
– Now you’re going to kill yourself? When I am dead there will be no one
to question, no proof. Only the whisper
of killers and thieves. So Carlos kills you too, without using
a round of ammunition. Beautiful! Whatever you want me to do,
the answer is no. So Carlos wins. Angelique wins.
You lose. Your name. Your reputation.
Your life. Your son. Everything! It’s easier to take a gun
and blow your head off. – Yes. Yes, it is.
– I won’t ask you to fight. Not fight. Just the two of us against everybody! – No, I can’t!
– I know. I know. So lie down on the bed next
to your whore, general, and die. You’re no match for Carlos. You self-pitying old man. I’ve killed many men in my life.
Many men. Good idea. Kill me too.
Then Carlos sweeps the board. Go on, fire. Kill me.
Take your orders from Carlos, soldier. Kill me, soldier! What do you want me to do? Get diplomatic clearance for Marie
and me, this morning to New York. We’ll force Carlos to come after me. It’s the only way any of us
are gonna survive. Carlos himself? How? Put her in a car and wait. They’ll find her, and when they do,
they’ll take her to Carlos. And Carlos will come to Treadstone
to kill you.Your attention, please. Flight 434
from Paris now arriving at Gate 14.
– What is the meaning of this?
– All right. I’m Senator Crawford. We’ve learned that Bourne arrived
in New York a few hours ago. You know he’s involved
in several murders. Now where is he? He’s trying to bring in Carlos
if you don’t kill him first. – Do something right and help him.
– Help him? Will you listen to me?!
He’s not an assassin. – He’s not.
– Let’s find someplace to talk. – Mister, what number?
– Keep going to the corner.Muller’s Moving, Schumach speaking.My name’s Johnson.
I have a little problem.– What is it?
– I was on my way to a friend’s house… …a friend who passed away,
to get something I’d lent him. When I got there one of your vans
was parked in front of the house. – The item is of no value.
– What is it?A fishing rod. Not an expensive one… …but with an old casting reel
that doesn’t get tangled up.Yeah, they don’t make reels
like they used to.
– I know exactly where he kept it.
– Yeah, what the hell.See a guy named Dugan.
Tell him I said you could have it.
– Mr. Dugan. Thank you.
– If he gives you any static, call me.Yes, indeed. Why not let Bourne come to me?
Let me stand on the corner. That would give Carlos two targets.
I can’t permit it. – Hey, where’s Dugan at?
– Upstairs sitting in his chair. He don’t lift nothing heavier
than his clipboard. – Schumach said you needed another man.
– You from Shape-Up? Yeah. This isn’t gonna work.
I see parts of him in everybody. – What do you see?
– I don’t know. I can’t be sure. – Let me out of this car.
– I can’t. Let me go.You could cast a line……into a pool of water
under the trees, sidearm.
Read, Davey, read. Everything you can
get your hands on, especially history.
Oh, Davey, what a lovely present.Let’s put it on the mantel
where we’ll always see it.
– Hey, stupid, what are you doing here?
– You Dugan? – Who are you?
– I’m from Shape-Up. – Said you could use another man.
– I can’t. The stairs are too narrow. We’re crawling over
each others butts. Get out of here. Hey, Schumach sent me over here. Schumach. All right, start at the top. Start with the single wood units
and no coffee break garbage. – Yeah. Yeah.
– Third floor. Die! Die! Hold it. Slow down. I’ll kill you! You’re all right. It’s over.
We’re not the enemy. You are the enemy. I’ll take you
all on. I don’t care anymore! They’re dead. – They’re all dead.
– Jason! Get away! They’re dead. They’re dead. Oh, David. It’s over. They’re dead. Just hold on. I love you. I love you. Call an ambulance. David Abbott gave his life
for his country. For freedom. For democracy. A sacrifice… …unfashionable with
this generation… …that believes only in profit. But fitting, I think… …with David Abbott. Who believed in courage
and freedom of ideas. In human dignity. In fighting for what is true and good. And right. And just.It is not fitting.
We killed too many people, David.
You taught me to be a monster
to catch a monster.
Along the way,
part of me became the monster.
You taught me to kill
like you taught me to play tennis…
…with skill and detachment.
Without mercy.
Without thought.Tonight we fly back to Vermont.They say I was a teacher.
Maybe I’ll teach again, and fish.
Maybe I can put the pieces
back together.
Some of them at least.I can think about how I became
what I became and how to forgive you.
And how to forgive myselfAnd how, maybe, to love again.

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