The Amazing Man-Spider Cosplay!

The Amazing Man-Spider Cosplay!

hey everybody norm from tested here at
Silicon Valley Comic Con and we ran in our friends Mike and Shelly again this
year how you guys doing we’re doing look amazing now remember last year Mike and
Shelly cosplay at an amazing Totoro as well as a dark side and we saw you at
Maker Faire where you’re working on this new costume it’s one of my favorite
things I saw at Maker Faire was this mess the full suit is even more
incredible tell us about the making of the whole suit so for the suit we
actually recycled and reused totoros body it’s Totoro under here and
we repurposed him to have new life for manspider so that’s what that’s him
under him under me and scratch patterned the foam redid that I actually we had
this makeshift like rock climbing harness underneath to carry the PVC pipe
legs behind me and then we have foam noodles pool noodles around the PVC
pipes we use golf balls for the ball joints and then we use just four layers
of EBA foam carved and scorch them to have this nice bubbly look for the claws
and we on line two that we purchase and ripped up and tore up to get the kind of
like distress monster-movie that might be my favorite part that it’s like an
off-the-shelf spandex stretchy but the way it’s torn up it’s like you’re not be
Precious about that because it just adds to the character yeah and it’s for
function because I have this rip right here and yes I want to show the chest
hair but I can reach down and adjust where my body needs to go yeah and it’s
it’s really great and it’s a big foam suit that’s like nice and like sweated
in but at the same time like people don’t know who I am underneath so
they’re like oh thanks great good job man good job yeah you’re welcome
woman’s spider not mad spider no I don’t care I just appreciate that they
appreciate how much work that we know we saw this mask at Maker Faire but we need
a chance to talk with you really about the making of this you got to get up
close because there’s like hairs on it it’s it’s so great you’re like how did
it how was this all sculpted any longer in our play actually dries out we’re not
that good sculptor as I guess so it’s all wet clay and then molded and plaster
of Paris and then cast in a creature cast rubber with the Flex foam yeah so
it’s back it’s back though the Flex foam yeah so it’s got to kind of have the
helmet element we do have three kind of different custom fiberglass to it and
then inside we had some drone goggles that we you know there’s the one I yeah
yeah so we do have like fans and we have our batteries and we have the moleskin
that actually learned from Adam the first time around as battle Ursula
because I was getting irritated from the fiberglass he suggested more skin so I
put that on my face so not so irritated and then these were also hand sculpted
golden casted a nice squishy this is our first time doing hair punching what do
we use for it to make of a nice sweat like five epoxy five-minute epoxy that’s
right and then we sculpted this and got this cool like job breaking open bone
look I really want to get that for element you know
because I mean why not it’s it’s a man spider he’s transforming from inside out
yeah five minute epoxy is perfect to get the trippy stuff to make teeth look like
it’s like–there’s there’s wrong there but it’s hard he’s four eyes great I
also love that because it is the creature bursting out of the human there
is like a human skull up there as well we really wanted to make it look a
little painful and make it like a transformation ought to be painful I get
so we really wanted to do that and we do that with the eyes and the nose because
the nose is like superhuman like very human the jaws human and everything else
just has insect like futures I guess when you guys work on a costume together
you get to like is it a battle between who gets to be the one it’s designed for like oh we’re gonna either way we’re
gonna suffer in it you know we’ve both done er we’ve now we both other time
we’ve both of our time and our fur costumes this is my first time in a fur
costume and he’s done like – yeah – and it’s it’s hot like I people like no yeah
it is and but you just got to keep it well-ventilated hydrate we brought
straws that’s a good hack bring your own straws because you can’t bring your own
beverages and cons all the time straws are very helpful even if you have
like a makeup or a mask a straws are very helpful well congratulations it’s
an incredible costume so striking people are swarming over wanting to take
pictures and maybe next year we’ll see you back in a costume it’s so close a
total repurposed as well make sure like great to see you I hope you have a great

100 thoughts on “The Amazing Man-Spider Cosplay!

  1. Wow stunning what and how creative people can be. That suite of the first couple looks like so much work. I bet she's sweating like a mofo

  2. This is the worst thumbnail to see first thing in the morning. Think god for the hide button. Hope it works on my TV too.

  3. That is the coolest costume I've ever seen anyone make! Wow, that human jaw splitting for the chelicerae is phenomenal! Great idea. 👍

  4. Props to people who actually build their costumes and not the people who just get costumes commissioned for them before a convention.

  5. 'I wasn't Spider-man, I was Man-spider. And yes, I was having an argument with Artemis because a couple weeks before, we had some makeup sex in a Dumpster out in the back of Wendy's. She incorporated a bun in the lovemaking. She took the- the dough and rolled it up into a ball, and then she – We were going berserk. She loves that kind of stuff. And I-I admit I do too.'

  6. Man-Spider is an underrated aspect of Spider-Man and I love this design, the use of human features like the nose and a split human jawbone really sell the horrific nature of this transformation.

  7. Saw this costume at Silicon Valley Comic-Con. It was so good, my friend with arachnophobia refused to be in the same room with it. Props on winning the Judge’s Award!


  9. that hlaf spider / half human mask is seriously gross and disturbing XD which i suppose means they did their job XD

  10. That headset idea is nice. Made me imagine though, what if you put camera in each eye, and gave yourself wider vision field?

  11. Spiders are not insects but in a war they will side with the insects. Traitors, traitors, spider traitors, they'll betray us then they'll make us… Human slaves! In an insect nation!

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