Testing styling powder for medium short hair in the new Slikhaar Studio franchice

Testing styling powder for medium short hair in the new Slikhaar Studio franchice

Hi guys! Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. My name is Emil… … I’m Rasmus, and now we’re going to give
you a tour in the new Slikhaar Studio Franchise 2.0. So follow us! Let’s go outside and check it out! Let’s go! And… as you can see, Slikhaar Studio. And this is where the magic happens. Here. Of course we’ve also a lot of other awesome
products if you’d like to check them out, from Kevin Murphy, American Crew… Slikhaar Studio 2.0. Slikhaar Studio Franchise *laughs* Today we’ve something exciting to tell you, but first I’d like to show around. Here we’ve four chairs for the customers… … Two washing chairs over here… … We’ve a small lounge which we’re going
to use for the news. And here we’ve all the awesome products. The By Vilain line, Kevin Murphy, American
Crew, and we also have some Oribe over here… It’s a cool brand as well… Today we’re going to at the powders, which
are Davines, American Crew, By Vilain, Redken and Kevin Murphy. So, what do you think about it, Emil? Yes, I’m very excited about today, because
we’re relaunching the By Vilain Blow! And you already know it. It’s been around for about two years now. But today I’d like to show you what it looks like and how
I apply it, because my hair is freshly washed… And yeah, I’m ready to style it. But first we’d like to show you the different
products on the market. Right now, as Rasmus said, we’ve a little selection here. I’ll just show you the powder. You apply it by sprinkling it… Like this. And we’ve the American Crew powder. You also sprinkle this one. Looks more like a can of wax, which makes
it different… Wow! Take it easy with this one. By Vilain Blow. And the way you apply this one… Of course, if you know Blow, you apply it
by pumping it out into the roots. This makes this one very unique and it really
stands out compared to the other brands, because it makes it easier for you to apply. And the Redken. When you sprinkle out, you also use the small
sprinkler. And last but not least… These two last ones look more puffy, but I’m not gonna
comment that much on the hair products here. I’d like to show you how it works. I’m not going too much into what it does, but… The
different hair powders, that you can either use for hairstyling or as dry shampoo, what
it does is that it increases volume and it mainly boosts your roots as we say. And then you get more volume into your hair. The application form, for many of the brands
here you can see you actually just sprinkle it as you do with salt and pepper. While Rasmus and I decided to create the By
Vilain Blow in a different packaging, it was too hard to actually get the powder into the
roots, so with this tube, you can just go and push… Puff! And then you get the powder into the roots
and do your styling. And that’s… You can see here.
Just check it up. And then just spray the powder…! *laughs*
You can also spray into your palms… Then get it to the hair. I’d like to show you how it works. My hair is completely dry and I washed it
about an hour ago. I only blowdried it. And I just basically need to add some product. And today I’d like to show you how it works with the
By Vilain Blow, which comes in the new packaging. It’s all black now, which I think is very
cool. And it has a new nice label on it, and a little
silicone lid, to protect it from any kind of humidity. Now I shake it up and I add it into the roots. Don’t use many pumps. A little goes a long way… And then just rub it until I feel the hold. And what you don’t want to do to begin with,
then if it doesn’t have that much effect. It has to go into the roots. Because now, if you do that, then the hair
straws will be more clumpy and you don’t get the volume that you actually are going for. (laughs)
Now I really feel the hold. Pump gently, adding a little bit into the
palms. Also, I think it’s very good for second-day
hair. If your hair is a little bit oily, then just
pump this in. Then it’s sucking out the oils, so you get
a more mat finish. (laughs) Yes! As you can see, you can play around with it. And I’d like to make some small
adjustments using a brush. Fine tune the hairstyle a little bit. I think it’s done! (laughs) What have you been doing with the powder? I’m just trying to have a feel of it, how
it reacts when you rub your fingers with it. The Davines here is very very fine. It might be better for longer hair. This one… I actually feel that you get that kind of
friction between your fingers when you rub it, and you activate the powder and the styling,
and I think that it feels nice. And we’ve the By Vilain Blow. The powder will automatically begin to react
with the moisture you’ve in your fingers and the palms. If you do this, I can actually feel… It kind of feels like the powder is cooling
down on my palm, and if I begin to rub it, then I feel the styling… You can actually see the styling powder
coming out here. That’s also why we think that the application
form, with the spray into your hair, is pretty much the ideal way to do it, because you don’t
have any waste. It just goes directly into your hair. When you add it into your scalp, then your
hair functions as kind of a filter, where it just sucks up the powder once you sprinkle
and spray it. And there you have it all over the table. (laughs) Yeah. And you would just keep it in the scalp. I just like the way to apply it. And when you sprinkle this one out in the
hair roots, it’s actually very hard to control. We’ve five very good hair products here. Now we saw how to style my hair with the powder,
and I like that you can have the messy look and it has a mat finish to it. It’s so light hold that you…
Yeah, you can’t even imagine it. Not to mention I’m a tool fan (I think
many men are), so I think it’s a cool effect you can have here (laughs) And the conclusion is: we’ve five very good styling products here, but the most styling powder you get
is in American Crew, By Vilain and Redken. The other two from Kevin Murphy and Davines,
are more for longer hairstyles. So when it comes to choosing the product,
I really like each of them, but it’s very easy to distribute down to the roots
instead of sprinkle it in.

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