Terrifying Wolf Bites Steve | Deadly 60 | Series 2 | BBC

Terrifying Wolf Bites Steve | Deadly 60 | Series 2 | BBC

100 thoughts on “Terrifying Wolf Bites Steve | Deadly 60 | Series 2 | BBC

  1. собака лижет лицо… а потом по новостям про короновирус говорят… это так работает?

  2. 1:47 who measures that stuff? and how do they measure it? what is one human nose to any other animal? did they really line up 2,000 people to get that census of what they could smell, then compare it to 2,000 wolves? that's a lot of work

  3. Thank you for sharing this spectacular video
    I live near Algonquin park in Canada and Wolf calls are magical.

  4. God I HATE this man. The way he treats wild animals is disgusting. I wish that wolf had bit his hand off. He is nothing but an animal bully. I wish he could be put in jail for cruelty to animals . I am surprised the RSPCA doesn't come down on him like a ton of bricks. I can't wait for the animals to get their revenge.

  5. 1:45 you issss a nastyyyyy bishh. That chick straight up was full blown tongue making out with the wolf

  6. There obviously in some type of sanctuary or animal preserve. These wolves have clearly had human contact

  7. Wildlife can be so good! A brown bear sat next to my grandpa in Alaska to watch him fish. Grandpa had no sense of smell. His brother had gone up the hill to fetch something from the car- saw this and thought his best move would be to take a photo. I was given some of the salmon the bear let them keep. He was gentle and friendly – pleasant company, they said. As big as their rambler wagon.

  8. Humans: starts howling
    Wolves: "They're saying swear words! The poor babies tainted by such language! Nooooooo!"
    The humans never knew how insulting they were and how many howls of apologizes were sent.

  9. Tbh if I just meet with a strange creature I don't know what it is and it suddenly looms over me, I'll get anxious and defensive too.

  10. Ragazzi, wow,i lupi che si vedono in questo video sono spettacolari 💪
    Creature affascinanti ed ipnotiche 😊

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