Teen Wolf (1985) Movie review

Teen Wolf (1985) Movie review

Yeah Word do your mummy you know what time it is so don’t go anywhere It’s cinemassacre. It’s monster madness 80s’s-A-Thon How much more 80s can you get then Teen Wolf at the time? It was a big deal it had a sequel and a cartoon series, but how good is the original film frankly? It’s average except for one standout feature Michael J Fox Without him this would be a run-of-the-mill cheesy B movie, but Fox’s likability raises the bar Everybody knows him as Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy But he wasn’t originally cast as Marty another actor Eric Stoltz was the original and while Stoltz was filming Back to the Future Fox was working on Teen Wolf in an interview one time Michael Jay said Steven Spielberg’s down the road doing great movies and Here. I am playing a werewolf Well of course the role of Marty was recast and Fox got the part. It’s funny to know that’s how Michael J Fox was picturing himself at the time of the shooting Embarrassed to be a werewolf I’m a Werewolf he had Lon Chaney jr. Syndrome. Oh, I changed into a wolf. I turn into a wolf I change in Teen Wolf Fox plays Scott Howard who’s just your typical teenager? That’s upset that his life is too ordinary, but that’s all about to change He plays on the high school basketball team and is lousy He wants to date the popular chick while being oblivious to a girl named “Boof” who likes him What kind of name is Boof by the way? I assume it’s a nickname, but they never bothered to explain it He’s also got a nutty best friend named Stiles who likes to wear zany catchphrase T-shirts and acts like a fool. This movie is drenched in 80s fashion Just check out Stiles pants! One of his other friends on the basketball team is Chuck played by Mark Holden who you might remember as Francis from pee-wee’s big adventure So far it’s all typical stuff until the beast inside Scott begins to emerge He starts to find hairs on his chest gross fur on his hands and notices. He’s growing pointy ears and Then he makes a full Transformation into a wolf with the transformation scene they use a lot of cutaways adding on makeup between each shot It’s not like the universal movies where they gradually applied makeup to Lon Chaney’s face through a series of cross dissolves It’s cheaper, but still works it turns out his father as a werewolf – yeah It’s just a family curse and Scott is unhappy that his father never told him about it like oh yeah, thanks I just transformed into a fucking werewolf! I gotta talk about my favorite scene Scott tries to buy a keg of beer, but he’s underage give me a keg of beer, And of course he doesn’t ask for any specific kind of beer just beer. During one of his basketball games He gets the ball, and they all huddle on top of him his aggression takes over And he becomes a werewolf right in front of everyone’s eyes! In real life everyone would be freaking out, but here they get excited about having a werewolf on the team! And he becomes a real big shot it makes no sense But it’s a comedy so you can go with it now the popular girl likes him He’s a star player the team’s winning everything seems to be going good But going around as a werewolf all the time starts to bring about problems So in order to win the final game and to get his life all back together and all that good shit Scott just has to be himself Not a bad moral, but come on Don’t you want to see the werewolf again the last act is just a long basketball game and becomes more like a sports movie It’s kind of like the tournament at the end of The Karate Kid But at least there you get to see Daniel use some skills that he’s learned to defeat his opponent Here nothing special happens you keep thinking. He’s gonna have to turn into the werewolf at the last minute, but it never happens Overall it’s a fun movie but too bad Scott’s dad wasn’t played by Christopher Lloyd Great Scott! So, that’s it do I really need to talk about Teen Wolf Too? Why not? No Michael J Fox here this time the stars Jason Bateman from the Hogan family? It’s just a ripoff of the first movie same plot same gags. Not a whole lot to say Instead of high school it’s College instead of basketball. It’s boxing and instead of being a cool movie. It’s just a bunch of horseshit! It’s that certain kind of shit sequel that just tries to capitalize on the success of the first movie It’s almost like a musical because there’s so many song and dance scenes, Oh my god! They even do the entire song there was also the Teen Wolf cartoon, which I remember watching all the time when I was a kid. Nowadays nobody seems to remember it anymore It’s faded into obscurity like other 80s cartoons like Back to the Future the Karate Kid attack of the killer tomatoes Man, they must not hold up, too. Well yeah the team of cartoon It wasn’t that great, but had some memorable voices. You know who that is now. It’s Charlie the votes well It’s the same guy who did race Stan’s from the Real Ghostbusters Yep, Frank Welker who is also Megatron and Soundwave Best thing about the Teen Wolf cartoon? The intro! is that 80s or Is that eighties? Yeah

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  1. No joke, I used to watch this back-to-back with BTTF when I was a little kid. My mother taped both films onto 1 video cassette. Same with plenty of other classic 80's movies.

  2. "Is that 80's? Or is that 80's?" That instrumental of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" that opens and closes all the videos from 80's-a-thon sure is.

  3. James, you didn't mention the best scene in Teen Wolf. Homeboy gets laid by the blonde babe and straight up howels. Haha love this movie, love your videos and love all the fun facts. Keep them coming bro.

  4. James, you by any chance going to review Blade Runner 2049? I'd love to hear your input since its such a polarizing film among fans and general movie-goers. I personally loved it but some of my friends thought it was a snoozefest.

  5. To half way of the movie, until the werewolf basketball scene happened. movie was better, I wish they should have gone more of teen wolf needs to hide his that he is werewolf. It was more interesting than watching werewolf just clowning and trying bone a hoe.

  6. I never forgot the sentimental song "Shooting for the Moon" by Amy Holland in the end credits. Also "Win in the End" by Mark Safan is a cheesy fun song.

  7. Why did his parents not tell him about the curse? This is something that he should know instead of finding out the hard way. Give me a keg of beer!

  8. This movie is hyperbolic for puberty. This dude growing hair all over his body made kids way less insecure about their own soon to be hairy asses.

  9. This is one of those things that are definitely a product of it's time. Like buller and many other things from the crazy 80s.

  10. Fuck I love the 80s! Awesome review James! Love these reviews and love and miss the 80s. I don’t however remember the cartoon

  11. LMFAO I was cracking up when someone FINALLY said "what kind of name is Boof?" I couldn't believe no one said the OBVIOUS FACT before today

  12. I love this movie.It's so fucking stupid, but man, is it hilarious. It always makes me laugh my ass off when I watch it. I love it.

  13. I completely agree, tis movie makes no sense but its a comedy. I saw this and laugh at the thought of this but its average just because of Fox. I agree with every scene like the beer and everyone loving hes a werewolf, its silly obviously and pretty stupid but its a comedy so I guess…yeah. That scene with Scott opening the door to see his Dad as a werewolf was one fucking hilarious scene. He looks like a Gremlin!

  14. At least Scott got with sweet, funny, pretty, smart, cute dependable, adorkable, loyal best friend Boof in the end and not Pamela I'm-a-hottie-but-a-bitch Wells. Good message.

  15. Did nobody notice in the very of the movie while everyone is cheering, there is a man in bleachers (top left of the screen)with his fly wide open and he covers it up. It's pretty funny

  16. I'm surprised you didn't mention the guy with his pants down at the end of the movie in the crowd at the basketball game.  That always pops up as biggest screw ups/stuff they missed on youtube.

  17. I've seen the back to the future cartoon, and I've heard of killer tomatoes through promos in rental videos, but I've never even heard of the other 2 cartoons

  18. Classic flick. Coach Finstock is one of my favorite characters ever:
    Finstock: "Now these were poor people, these were hungry people with real problems. Understand what I'm saying?"
    Scott: "What happened to the kid?"
    Finstock: "I don't know he quit. He was a third stringer I didn't need him"

  19. Hi James my birthday is on Monday I wanted to know if you could review The Thing by John carpenter please do a review on this amazing movie

  20. Check out the band Wolf-Face. They're a punk rock band that dresses up like Michael J Fox as the werewolf, and all their songs are about Teen Wolf. Fucking brilliant.

  21. in italy this movie was released only after the success of Back to the Future and was titled "Voglia di Vincere" (Will to Win) and was marketed much more as a sport movie, almost avoiding the werewolf aspect.
    And the main character was named Marty instead of Scott

  22. Considering how this really ISN'T a horror movie (since Scot never attacks or kills anyone) does it make sense to include this as a "Monster Madness" review?

  23. If you look closely at Scott's face during the Basket-Ball scenes (AS THE WOLF), then you can see that they had a stunt double for Michael.

  24. I love this movie,it's one of my favourite from the 80's. I remember having a dream soon after watching it where I turned into one,mine was more horror than comedy.

  25. I recall an Attack Of the Killer Tomatoes on Fox Kids in the 1990s. I thought it was an original idea, then, but it could've been reruns.

  26. We really need a sequel about michael j. Fox's son becoming the wolf, while having michael as A side character playing his dad. Hell maybe they could even bring in jason bateman as a cameo appearance. I know it'll never happen but I can't help but think how awesome that would be

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