Ted Cruz rips Democratic debate: ‘The clown car is broken’

Ted Cruz rips Democratic debate: ‘The clown car is broken’

100 thoughts on “Ted Cruz rips Democratic debate: ‘The clown car is broken’

  1. Please make him stop!!! Everytime I listen to Hannity he's so busy stepping on his guests talking points that the issue becomes moot! Stop him or make him a producer where he could do little or no harm. Maybe he's thinking ob running for political office??? Is that the reason he can't seem to be able to control his verbal gushing forth?

  2. Dont ne to excited about left leaning millennials going to Houston, check Houston in 4yrs. Bet it looks like San Francisco now. Colleges have indoctrinated our young adults into fascism. Houston look out.

  3. If any of those things the democrats are saying they want actually do happen, there will be blood in the streets at a level unseen in world history.

  4. Imagined being one of those children marched over the border with some person using you as a freedom card , surviving, growing up & understanding who Pelosi & AOC REALY WHERE ?

  5. You can't argue the facts. Unfortunately, many Democrats are too stupid to understand what a fact is.

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  7. One time I literally saw a snake eat it's own tail.. this is similar to that, but I didn't actually enjoy watching the snake do that..

  8. I dont hear the Democrats sayin anything about the Canadian border if their so hell bent on no borders why is the Canadian border not being taken down???? I'd feel safer with a Canadian comin in than anyone else, no one is kicking up a fuss about that border why is that??
    Just for the record the u.k loves trump God bless the guy hes got balls and a great business brain and America really needs balls right now!

  9. Democrats have clearly lost their freaking minds, and will say and do any and everything to make a name for themselves!

  10. Please allow genuine, legal, humanitarian immigrants. That is what USA, India,Canada, Europe must do. But no criminals must enter our land anymore

  11. It's like a Monty Python movie or skit which is now our everyday reality. Absolutely absurd. Sartre would be so proud. 😉

  12. the places those people are in have things that other people want, its easy to create flux when your numbers are high

  13. Socialists/Marxist/Communists, ANTIFA, have co-opted the Democratic party.
    A generation ago, they'd ALL be given their "walking papers," and removed from office – maybe even tried and convicted of treason!

  14. @foxnews I wonder why the left doesnt condemn juvenile detention centers if they are so concerned with children being separated from their parents?

  15. Watch the news guys ask who Republican representatives who they votin for and they'll say Trump now. Unlike 2016. Haha

  16. In the 1950's these people would be put under investigation for being subversives. Now that the cold war is over, all the commies are coming out of the mix.

  17. I lived in Texas for 18 years….great place to live. Please dont move there and then vote for the same people that ruined the state you fled

  18. I'm not that good at politics or math. But suffice it to say that I think the Democratic Party is finished in America. It has gone insane at all levels. It only appeals to lunatics who think you can actually get something for nothing.

  19. Did Ted Cruz watch the Republican Primaries?! Lol this was tame compared to Trump roasting every candidate on his way to winning the President. Do you guys remember the exchanges between those two? Cmon…call it straight folks.

  20. Ted "old news" Cruz who's made nice to the man in the whitehouse who said all those kind things about him and his wife and who almost lost an election to a rock musician in a safe state….

  21. Republican party looking stronger than ever in 2020. Trump has done a masterful job dismantling the Democratic Party. They are running on empty.

  22. the liberals need to be destroyed as a party and anyone attempting to revive the madness should be arrested for treason…..

  23. Ted, wasn't a fan but big kudos to you for stepping up to the plate for what is right for the country instead of letting pride dictate your agenda. I will vote for you after Trump serves his eight. Much respect bro

  24. Dang straight brothers like for more young conservative voters we will need them!
    Also everyone’s that like a Class 1 Drug that was outlawed during prohibition should be reviewed at least. I believe there’s a real reason why there are Class 3 Drugs and I’m sure they should stay the same but these Class 1’s apparently need review for the public people so we must give them what they want after the election.

  25. Andrew yang is the only good dem
    He has a great interview on the joe rogen podcast if you’re interested in learning more about him & his political points

  26. The United States is bankrupt and the receivers of the bankruptcy are demanding that the government disarm the Americans before they can recover their assets. This is why you have these fake mass shootings.

  27. Just go for our system in Australia, closed borders. Turn people around when they arrive and even putting them in lifeboats is cheaper than feeding three generations of non workers. We have "socialist" healthcare as an option for citizens and it works bloody fantastic. Send them home and take care of your own.

  28. yeah..PA is a swing state, but it really boils down to Philly and Pittsburgh liberals vs the rest of the state…I live in the sticks, but doesn't mean my vote doesn't count.

  29. $93,000,000,000. If every single person in America paid an average of $1000/year towards the green new deal, it could be completed in a speedy 290 years

  30. I'm a Spanish man who got to the United states of America when I was 13 years old my family teach me since day one that this beautiful country nothing is free that it is opportunity for everyone and not leave of asking more than what this country all ready gives us as a immigrants wich is open the doors for us leave on such a safety and bless land right now I own small a masonry business me and my wife I didn't know that I I'm Republican since I born Democrats everything is free for everybody they target is give everything for free whose going to pay for ? rich class taxes when many rich peoples are rich because the work really hard get up early mornings
    to work day after day Not for all Americans every single one can came successfully on this country to many opportunities no welfare for no body unless are completely disabled.
    At my church we are about 80 members I am the only one that go for Mr Trump and I'm ready for the next 4 years.

    God bless are president Trump and United states of America 🙏🙏

  31. GOP Ted Cruz My Old Kentucky State GOP is embarrassment why ain't you sounding the gong and support your president if you want support you better support your president

  32. The Democratic political party scares me. Hey hate Trump more than they want peace and prosperity for all Americans. A bad place they're in.

    Medicare for all? Gun confiscation? None of it is good.

    Believe in God. Love one another. Be kind to everyone. Make everything better for everyone. Defend our border. Americans come first (here). The public always loses at the hands of politicians (all of them). Starts with all of us. Courtesy, kindness, humility.

    With me it starts now.

  33. Trump is a genius! Not only did he become president with all the liberals hating him, nor only did he win with members of his own party disliking him, not only did he win with all the liberal news media outlets bashing and laughing at him and not only did he win with basically every poll known to man saying he had no CHANCE!!!! Now he has gotten every Democript to focus solely on hating him and not dealing with real actual isssues! Can't wait for a landslide victory for OUR President in 2020 and keep America Great and not be a doormat and give everything away to any and every one with our tax dollars!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. This Old First Nation's Native American think's it is time for another Civil War in my humble opinion …. It is time to shoot every single Democrat and Liberal and Progressive and Socialist in the face and throw them all in the Sewer's where they belong just my humble opinion ….. And my freedom of speech ….

  35. Though Ted Cruz appears to support the right things, he is TWO FACED!! He stabbed Trump TWICE in the back during the 2016 campaign.

  36. So what we need to do is get rid of the broken Democrat party, they haven't done anything for the last 3 and a half years, they won't be missed.

  37. That's terrifying to watch. This is nothing but invasion and nobody's doing nothing, and traitors freely speaking and promoting it.
    In my country we tolerated hostile foreigners too, and they've become majority in some regions and that regions are now occupied by the army of the country that foreigners originally came from.
    Don't repeat our mistake, americans. Everyone who's crossing border illegaly is invader and must be treated like one.

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