Ted Cruz on potential length of Senate impeachment trial

Ted Cruz on potential length of Senate impeachment trial

100 thoughts on “Ted Cruz on potential length of Senate impeachment trial

  1. What wrong if the President want some one who are clearly corrupted to be investigated. After all Trump has the right to use taxpayers money aid to foreign country wisely.

  2. This is not a trail as we know it . It is a political move. The House gathered enough evidence to come up with the 2 articles of impeachment. THE Senate should not allow any new testimony , just argue on merits of the House data provided.

  3. Cruz acts like he's on booze — "The President" has been defending himself all along with a relentless torrent of demented BS.

  4. You know if this fails they will come up with some other lie to start impeachment all over again. You all know this dont you. So it will actually be 8 yrs of democraps doing absolutely nothong they are paid to do except sneak laws thru AGAINST our rights. That is all THEY have done since 2016

  5. This guy and that Rubio terriorist are the worst thing that has happened to our goverement in the last 25 years. Both need to be tried for lies and treasonous acts against the people.

  6. How about US-Ukraine anti-corruption treaty? No one wants to talk about that fact. Why? My goodness it means there's an obligation specific to Ukraine to get rid of corruption.

  7. If the POTUS had not committed that for which he has been impeached, and has only been revealed, via whistleblower, he would not be under an alleged attack. Also, the POTUS had many opportunities to defend himself, but he blocked all of them.

  8. democRats are trying to get the Senate in 2020,
    Never VOTE democRat, Ever‼️🇺🇸

    Keep calm and VOTE Republicans down the line in 2020‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Trump Pence 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸11/3/2020

  9. That guy Dr. Epstein who testified against big tech… ya, his wife was killed in a car wreck a few months ago. Was someone sending a message?

  10. Im glad i looked at thumbs to give thumbs up. They already thumbs downed it before i even touched it. Better look to see what yours is.

  11. the RAT'S as no crimes against Trump even in a court of law it will be dismiss so …. constitutionalist said this charade is unconstitutional to me it mean case dismiss

  12. Was Hunter Biden a front for his father? Much the way Nixon had gifts from Saudi royals presented in the name of his daughters, so he didn't have to relinquish them as gifts to the State?

  13. SUCH A LIAR. Trump and his lawyer were invited to the judiciary committee hearings. THEY SAID NO. Trump also blocked anyone who could testify in the WH. The Bidens are not relavent witnesses. It sound as if the republicans are jealous about how much money Hunter made. This also has nothing to do with POTOS PIS asking for a “favor”

  14. What about pelosis son isn't he guilty of profiting from crimes also isn't that one of the reasons pelosi wants to impeach she's afraid like the other demonrats that her own crimes will surfice

  15. My mind has been changed, I actually like the acquittal strategy best. Let's get this done and off the TV screens. Our president has been working diligently before and through these shenanigans. 4 more productive years ahead. TRUMP 2020

  16. I say keep the trail going for weeks! How many dems would that take out for the first 4 state primaries….. It also would give Trump the opportunity to set the record straight to lay out the crap the left, including the sons of Biden, Nancy, pencilneck and more with Ukrain.

  17. Base on friendship. What about the country patriots. Do they want these crooked to do things for their benefits. What a joke.

  18. I expect the establishment fake Republicans (RINOs) to side with the Demonrats in calling more witnesses and extending this sham impeachment trial longer than it should go. Why? Because they are part of the swamp Trump is draining. Washington has become a giant shitshow and the American people are fed up with it!!

  19. Count ing Dracula (Trump) and his crew of counting corpses (vampires) hate it when human beings (hearts/love) shine light on them.

    Opposite of "inspiring" earthling poets, artists, musicians, mystics, human beings and creators of joy… the joy sucking counting corpses (vampires) are "desperate" to keep US in the dark.

    That's why Count ing Dracula (Trump) and his crew of alien vampires (greed/hate) don't want witnesses or documents. Count ing Dracula (Trump) doesn't want us to see his tax returns either.

  20. Ted – nice job on citing the correct federalist papers' discussion on the short term House focus and longer term Senate focus the involvement if the Supreme Court participation in the process. Sadly but necessary, we have seen abuse by far left Dems. The public needs to understand what has happened to be stronger. it is our time in US history to reflect on what was envisioned and why it was such a artful political template for a never before attempted form of Democratic Republic. We, the public, are now forced to read the Constitution and its amplifying writings of that time and since.

  21. Democrats have already decided to impeach President Trump since he walked down the elevator. They’ve declared war last year and they won’t stop until they succeed to a civil war. And they know who’s the whistle blower and they won’t reveal him/her. They might even fake a whistle blower and to protect the real one. If you know what I mean. Civil war is here and noons can stop. They’re determine to get the best President and he’s going down as the best President ever. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  22. They keep bringing up the Clinton impeachment, his finest days, bet they both would like for them to shut up about that, it makes us think about the manifest on the Loretta express, emails and all of that other stuff, it's never going to stop costing money, I got it no heat if it's cold, no air conditioning if hot, no days off strait threw, let's cut out those breaks, and a ten minute lunch time, bring a brown bag, since there so concerned about our nations mental health that there adding to they're can donate the money during this time, to go with Trump salary. Look around there driving all ready I'll people they create more ill

  23. Trump can easily avoid impeachment trial and save face by committing suicide! GOP now stands for Grossly Obstructing Party!!

  24. URGENT QUESTION – ? – Does BLOOMBERG "benefit" or "hurt" financially as a result of President Trump's WONDERFULLY HISTORIC China (and USMCA) Deals? (Especially China where Bloomy's concerned?) Does BLOOMBERG "benefit"? Or lose in that deal??? Would be FASCINATING to find out just how HIS finances are effected (do we get to see HIS TAX RETURNS???) lol

  25. How many Dem. senators are benefiting from a possible trickle-down from the Biden association? It's odd how they gloss over this matter, which was a heightened concern of the President, and at the root of this impeachment trial. The idea of Hunter Biden as a witness clearly has them rattled. Why?

  26. In this kangaroo court ran by Democrats, they say our Impeachment, our rules, our witnesses. They're shameful, and shameless in one. Claiming law of Constitution, they are lawless. This shite is unbelievable, at best. At worst, a constitutional nightmare, let alone crisis that they themselves having manufactured project their crimes on an innocent individual, President Donald J. Trump! Jail 'em all!

  27. The RWers REPRESENT CORRUPTION! They live breathe and OOZE it. They have control of every single knob of government they need to start an unvestigation of the Bidens-but they don't do it, nor will they. Why? Because their only interest is in running interference for trump's corruption. LOL you RWers are truly rotten to the core…and here you ppl are gobbling it up LOL

  28. You can impeach a President who is very transparent in using tweeting, did everything he said to do in 2016. To impeach this President means is a mockery of your constitution. I am willing to join you american to protest and impose a revolutions if that happens. I love your president and am willing to join the revolutions from Canada.

  29. Ted Cruz has no self respect, nor does Lindsey Graham….they are laughable….Lying Ted…and who all had Graham's cell phone number….not real men….sad.

  30. What about Ivanka deals with China you need to talk about that , The Trump children are making deal and getting paid by other nations also

  31. May I ask a question Senator Cruz? Once President Trump is acquitted by the Senate is it not possible to formulate/pass a law that no future president has to undergo this same charade that obstructs him from doing his duty to the people he was elected by?

  32. Cruz may be our best bet for 2025. He's a good guy in MHO. That is, unless another Trump doesn't become a front runner… and maybe even if one does. If the USA survives this DS attack, this may be our best and brightest future.

  33. Why? For goodness sake why? Call this spectacle out for what it is and stop it now. These people have other plans. If Trump is removed from office the United States is finished. You better understand that.

  34. They need to call ambassador jovanovich and ask what bundlers paid for her assignment and told her to protect Soros sponsored corrupt organizations.

  35. Why is Ted Cruz talking this crap? Everyone already knows Joe and Hunter Biden are guilty! Throw out this farse impeachment! dems can call who they want at their next attempt.

  36. This student and this students siblings and parents have been longtime Ted Cruz supporters. We believe his counsel on these issues are sound and follow his lead in the next step with full confidence.

  37. Why is no one talking about Pelosi's son Paul, Kerry's stepson and others that are involved in the Burisma corruption? And the 450,000 dollars spent for Pelosi's Benedict Arnold gold pens that we are supposed to pay for?

  38. Cant stand any news outlet anymore. Fox may not be pushing the fake scam but they do one thing that is annoying. Rather than spending more time on positive things or even facts they want reactions to the partisanship, like "watch this clip senator and react" then Maria: "yeah…mhmmm….yeah….okay….uhuh… "
    It's soooooo fake she doesnt care about anything he says except stirring the pot from the other side.

  39. You call it a 'ONE sided show', well, I look democratically, and I CANNOT believe the democrats… not one iota! If they were saying is true, I would convert… but They are liars! I am not Republican… but I will vote Republican.

  40. Opening day: "What proof is there that a crime has been committed?"
    "Case dismissed. Squirted because there is no evidence of a crime."

  41. This is the Impeachment about nothing. They are very afraid for America to know what is happening in the Ukraine.

  42. Not only dismissed but have the whole impeachment expunged due to lack of bipartisan approval and the fact they did not list a high crime or misdemeanor President Trump committed.

  43. No one ever stood up to these criminals until Trump arrived. Shows how far they got to bankrupting the USA. This is huge and the swamp is deep and wide. Support your President he is for the people. This has to end..

  44. I'm sure biden is calling all his Democratic buddies in the Senate and telling them to not impeach and to get this over with because he doesn't want him and his son going to prison!

  45. The farce will end in January. That's when we will see treason charges filed against the Demoncraps who filed fraudulent impeachment charges.

  46. No dismissal..
    A trial with a not guilty is the best result.
    Not guilty forever.
    Demonshits are pathetic.

  47. Biden was never going to win anyway! He's an old senile pervert with dementia. All this BS that Trump did this to go after him to knock him out of the political race is all BS!

  48. Should send the democrats copies of the constitution and books on the US judicial system highlighted and bookmarked to the key areas they disregarded. Trump can sign them with little thank you notes for gifting him the 2020 election.

  49. Congress has had their turn in court already, enough is enough!!! They should quit wasting time and tax payers money! Let Senate vote ones and for all. Congress has no proof of guilt on President. We are tired of their hatred, we are tired of their lies.

  50. All these fake media networks and corrupt politicians are getting air time because of President Trump, God bless President Trump, Trump 2020!

  51. The corruption is on both sides It's called politics, nothing new.People need to wake up and see this whole evil system for what it is!

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