Sword’s Path | Fight like a Witcher – Rise of the White Wolf – part 1

Sword’s Path | Fight like a Witcher – Rise of the White Wolf – part 1

Greetings! In this video I’m going to show you a training sequence. A very cool training sequence. Originally performed by Geralt in The Rise of the White Wolf trailer! My name is Alan and this is the
Sword’s Path | Fight like a Witcher
series. The sequence begins… With two simple slashes performed from a position with your left foot forward. Sword up, like this. The fist slash goes like that. Synchronised with the step from my right foot. And then another slash. -Like that- With a step from my left foot. Slash – Right foot. Slash – Left foot. So, after the second cut -This one- I need to throw my sword up. -Like this- I need to throw my sword up, like that and spin, with a step. If you try to perform the cuts The initial cuts With too much force… They will throw you off balance. So, what you want: Smooth, not so fast, blows. Remember, we are just starting. We a just warming up the sequence! So A nice, fluid slash Another slash, that goes straight into a spin. -Like this- While performing the spin It’s best to strech out a little, like this. Because it’s more esthetic than hunching down. -The spin! – Goes straight into a snake Remember the snake from The Whirl video? This is the same exact movement.
*check Fight like a Witcher – The Whirl* One more time: I throw my cuts I Spin – And Snake – Going from the Snake.. You’re going to spin back. Counter-clockwise One more time: So if I do this spinning blow from the snake too strongly… It might throw me off balance In fact, if you find yourself struggling against the sword, trying to break it’s momentum with your muscles… Than you are probably doing it wrong. The real challenge in the sequence is *Footwork* The sword Should really… Loose it’s momentum on it’s own. But if I do it Just fast enough to look nice! But not carry too much force… It would simply look better, because it won’t throw you off balance. So after this cut We go into a spin again! Clockwise Just with a little whirlwind for embellishment. – Like this – -Nice and easy- The sequence is finished By reversing the sword
-Point first- And thrusting it into your opponent! Or the camera. So, the whole sequence, one more time: And that’s all for this episode! Remember to practice this whole sequence
slowly at first. *To concentrate on footwork* Because the footwork is the true challenge of the sequence. I’ve decided to break Blkj*ice* Of the white wolf trailer. Into separate parts. And there would be a part 2 and part 3 probably. I also kind of want to get the whole sequence shot properly… If I can find a willing and able film maker of course. Thanks for watching and see you next time! *Keep Slaying*

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  1. Is there any chance to see the continuation of the Rise of the White Wolf trailer? I would be very interested to learn how to perform the second part of the trailer. Thank you very much and best regards!

  2. Sometimes when you say "Sword's Path", the end of the word isn't awfully clear and it sounds a little like "Sword Spa" – not meant as an offence, I hope you accept it as an honest, hopefully helpful comment; I don't take your videos on Witcher fighting as incontestable truth, but I do love them as helpful comments. I also admire your dedication and share your enthusiasm for the Rise of the White Wolf Trailer training routine, I have been studying it for years, it is marvellous to see someone else's take on it (I don't perform the cuts quite as you do, or the pirrouettes – I tend to lead more with my heel, which I think is part of the trick of it, constantly flowing, moving forward without tripping).

    P.S.; Don't mind the jealous nabes pointing out your open zipper: Clearly a result of all the tush you've been slaying, whenever it crosses your Sword's Path… The skills killz.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFvLMdtiH2c
    Hola Senior, at the other side of the world in 2010, already in a forest somewhere a man feel something.

  4. Been practicing artistic fencing for a few years now… Congratulations for all your work, and thank you for the tutorials and advices, they help a lot !

  5. Hello from Russia! I learned all the movements in this trailer. Unfortunately, I did not recognize a one movement. I replaced it with a similar motion. tell me what the other scenes from the game you will consider?. I will learn in the final battle from the first part of the game. It is difficult to recognize motion on the the video. It takes a lot of time and effort. By the way, your element "snake" Russian Cossacks call "bloody eight (devil eight)"

  6. I like your skill and this has brought up the interest in me to practice Longsword how would I start in the UK as a 16 interested in things like this

  7. Why You using a long sword to the one handed techniques ? I know Geralt using a long sword but he have a two long swords

  8. even though i don't own a real longsword i love practicing these sort of moves with training equivalents, but does anyone know if moving your wrist that much could cause injuries?

  9. Hello! Your vid's are amazing! But how about to make video witcher book version? In books witcher makes lot of moves which hard to find in internet becouse of their names (feint, volt, sinister etc.). It would be very interesting to see that fight style and moves in real life or some main fight scenes from books. I'm sure there are many people who also would like to see video about that.

  10. Will you test swordfighting from the 1st game too? Animations there are way too different comparing to what we saw in wild hunt.

  11. Hello !
    Could you tell what are the dimensions and weight of the sword commonly used in the videos? I know the sword / user relationship, I ask you out of curiosity (I am a blacksmith's apprentice).

  12. You must really be a fan of the Witcher games..as am I. Thats why I love watching your videos. Keep up the good work 🙂 where re you from if i may ask?

  13. I don't have anyone locally to spar with, so learning these moves has given me something to do at the gym. I always get weird looks from the crossfitters when they come to kick me out of their workout room.

  14. dude i heard theres a witcher camp in poland, you should be an instructor there….really 😀 , i would like to go 😀

  15. dude, I love the way you analyze the moves in the game and apply them to real life.

    would you consider doing this for star wars? there's heaps of rich lore about their fighting styles and techniques for you to pick apart.

    it would be mad!

  16. dude, I love the way you analyze the moves in the game and apply them to real life.

    would you consider doing this for star wars? there's heaps of rich lore about their fighting styles and techniques for you to pick apart.

    it would be mad!

  17. dude, I love the way you analyze the moves in the game and apply them to real life.

    would you consider doing this for star wars? there's heaps of rich lore about their fighting styles and techniques for you to pick apart.

    it would be mad!

  18. 1:04 HAaaaaaaaaaaaah! THIS is THE PROBLEM with Geralt's jump-steps! : This motion move your weight BEHIND ! But this daym witcher get his weight to the front ! That's the logistical nuance! … What a mutant! … (kidding)

  19. Spectacular. I too train with a sword. I've ended up with the katana. (although I have a 18in gerber gator machete as well)

  20. You are awesome! I would like one day to spar with you somewhere, someday. I am self taught, with the Japanese katana and quarterstaff through books and videos. But I have put in my style different techniques from Chinese fencing and French fencing and some other European styles. I would love to do some sparing training with you some day, if I would ever travel outside my country, so don't hope for much 😛 Keep up the awesomeness !.

  21. Up until the last pommel strike, this seems like it wouldn't be that bad against an unarmored opponent, provided you're wielding a saber instead of a longsword. All of the spins were when you already had initiative, and it has enough fake cuts to distract and confuse someone who's expecting traditional HEMA if pressed hard enough. It's speed and unpredictability make me think it was designed for someone who expects to fight multiple opponents, not to mention 0:59 where you clearly throw a defensive cut behind while pressing the attack forward.

    TL;DR: This could work, provided you have big enough balls to twirl that much that quickly.

  22. Muszę Ci przyznać władasz wyśmienicie mieczem i także angielskim mieszkam w UK od dzieciństwa i gdy słyszę niektórych rodaków jak mówią po angielsku to mnie uszy bolą ale ty bardzo wyraźnie i płynnie po dawałeś z kazówki, pełen szacunek dla ciebie 🙂

  23. U have a new sub are absolutely my friend 1 question r u the template that all films and games come to and teach them how to fight with the sword??

  24. My footwork is horrible. Any ideas on how to help train it? Might also help if I lost some weight….350+ lbs isn't easy to move in. Love your work. 🙂

  25. I'm using Arnis' stick for practice since I don't have a long sword and it's not practical for me. Thanks for the instructional video of the scene. You are cool and good at the same time. Keep it coming. Respect.

  26. me encantan tus clases pero lo que megustaria que le pongan a tus videos subtitulado al español,no entiendo mucho ingles jajaja

  27. If you had watched Rurouni Kenshin : Legend Ends, you will be able to see sword techniques like Kuzuryusen being brought to life. Its really interesting if you can break down the samurai sword techniques being used in that film too. Cheers

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