Superior Hero | Episodio 01

Superior Hero | Episodio 01

It all started many years ago, when some people were born with a special symptom, the Xaion cell. This organism possessed mutagenic properties which altered the individual’s DNA. The mutations were different for each person. The Xaion cells granted unique abilities, super powers so to speak. Humanity was about to go through a great change thanks to this discovery. With the arrival of this symptom came a new classification of Human, if you were born with the Xaion cell active you were a Superior, if you were born with the Xaion cell Inactive you were permanently an Inferior. This caused fights between the different classes, the inferior felt discriminated against and began to make demonstrations against the superiors, in addition superior criminals began to appear, they used their powers to commit crimes, crime increased greatly, especially in Lost City, so this gave a bad reputation to the superior class. Eventually, two sides were created, the Lower Group which sought the prohibition of the Superiors and the eradication of the Xaion cell, and on the other side is the Superior group, which seeks to defend the rights of having powers. In order to end the conflict between the two sides, President Sigma decided to create a law, Law 69 which stated that superiors should be operated on at birth to remove their Xaion cell. A vote will be held in 6 months to decide whether or not this law will be passed. In my opinion this law is abominable, no matter what I have to do, I will make this city realize that we superiors are not a threat. Well it was a little more complicated than planned, but here it is as I promised, Excellent Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to see the payment. Yeah, about that. There was a change of plan I’m in position, I see four targets. Okay, on my mark. Boss, we’re under attack! What? Impossible, it can’t be that the police realized the deal. That girl is a superior What are you waiting for, take care of her! What’s the matter? You scared? Of course not, you’re nothing but an arrogant brat, I’m going to have fun breaking every bone in your body. Hey, we can start now, it’s getting late and I have a show to watch. Stupid, don’t make fun of me. How boring? I thought you’d be stronger than your colleagues. Is the shipment secure? Yep, Excellent, this seller has the same brand as the previous ones. How long before they wake up? About 15 minutes, that should be enough time for the police to arrive and for us to leave before they start asking us questions.

29 thoughts on “Superior Hero | Episodio 01

  1. Si quieres ver el episodio ya, puedes unirte a Patreon, ahí ya se encuentra disponible.

  2. me encata la serie espero que ahora si puedas continuarla y acabarla y además me acorde de thuder esa serie sigue siendo una de mis favoritas de tu canal

  3. Madre mia los combates son tan freneticos
    Ay me te juro que casi me desmayo mijo
    Aun asi tengo la duda de el poder de superior v

  4. Muy bueno, mejor que la anterior versión, el traje de la prota se ve más original (antes me recordaba demasiado a Capitana Marvel)

  5. Me ha molado. 19/10
    Espero con muchas ansias el siguiente, a ver como toma la ley que otros hagan su trabajo, y mas superiores.
    ¿Y no había una clase media que solo optenia los poderes al inyectarse una droga? ¿Que paso con ellos?

  6. Hola Sabino 69, Me ha fascinado la Nueva Serie sin duda te has superado después de mucho Tiempo, Saludos y sigue así 😜

  7. Buen trabajo, me encanto mas esta version :3
    Espero que sigas subiendo mas episodios, valio la pena la espera 😀

  8. Critica:
    Antes esta serie me parecia mala e inapropiada para mi pero ahora va por mejor camino que antes en historia y animacion
    Note un detalle interesante en eso de la LEY 69 XD
    Y ademas ahora la serie tiene subtitulos cpsa genial y ademas la serie tiene co,edia con eso de "Tengo un progra,a que ver' que me hizo reir por 9 minutos
    Y esta nueva version afexta un libro basado en este universo de Lost City lo voy a hacer desde cero
    Sin mas te felicito y sigue asi!
    Porque me encantaria hacer contigo esta serie!!

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