You better watch out! So gross… I’ve seen it pals before. Through the cracks but never inside the garage. That’s kind of funny. Today’s a big day. We got a lot of work to do today. We’re going to finally get the entire house and garage and yard cleaned and organized. Since we’ve moved in there’s still a lot of stuff that we haven’t cleaned out and organized yet. So today’s going to be the day that we finally get it all done. It’s going to be a busy day but we’re going to have a party on Monday and so we want to have the whole house and everything completely done. I’m getting ready to mow the lawn. It’s going to be a good day. I’m really excited about it. Am I the only one who thinks this is the creepiest spider in the whole world? Oh my gosh, it’s so grody. Look at those green fangs, oh my gosh. Don’t do that, oh it’s so creepy, it’s so creepy. Bec look at this thing. Stop. I’ve seen it. Oh my gosh it looks like it’s getting ready to pounce at me. I think it probably is. You better watch out! So gross! Guess where we are? I’m at Walmart with my buddy Corbin. Say wazzup. And guess what we got? A pretzel. You like it? Yeah, we got a pretzel it’s gonna be yummy. Wanna bite? Good times. Here you go buddy. You can hold it. We got a lot of shopping to do today. Me and my buddy Corbin my best favorite Corbin. Are you my buddy Corbin? Yeah We’re pals huh. Fist bump. This is the part of the house that I hate. I hate the attic. It’s so creepy and scary up here. That was all left here when we moved in. Now we got to clean it all out. Go step on it right here. Ellie look. Look… Oh wow, this is the hardest bubble wrap I’ve ever… Oh I guess it’s like one big thing. Here help us step on it Corbin. You need more weight. You’re not have enough. I like your hat. It fits your head perfectly. Kid you have to wear this hat. We’re cleaning out the garage, can you tell? We cleaned out our attic from the people who were here before and it was like all trash. Just trashed. We’ve got a lot done in there. Yeah we have. You’d be surprised. Here, let’s have Ellie wear it. What you working on now? Finishing off the day with making a water tray. Does it look like a water tray? Some sort of a tray. Yeah underneath the mini fridge with a little bit of a lip just so that if it leaks it doesn’t spill all over the carpet. We got a lot done today. We got so much done. We got a ton done . We got almost the entire garage cleaned out and organized. We got some work done on the guest bedroom setting up a desk and a futon that we got from Steven. Overall really good day. Really really really good day. Got a ton of work done. I’ve been going nonstop all day. Me too, almost. Almost as you. I got up and I’ve been going since 9:30. Well I have to sleep for two. She didn’t actually start doing anything until about 3:30 but that’s okay, she’s pretty. Yeah that’s right I’m pregnant. I have good excuse. That’s true, look at that pregnant body. This is pregnant belly I have a good excuse. I’m working, I’m sleeping for two, I’m eating for two. Working for two. Everything. Most people cut up the Watermelon to eat it. Becca just eats it out. Hey James started it. Yeah. Who did you learn it from dear? It’s yummy. It’s like a snack as I go by. Yeah the flies are eating it too. Welcome once again to the beautiful end slate. Thanks you guys so much for watching today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it. Also if you haven’t checked out yesterday’s video, we made slime and it was awesome. Check it out. Just click on the link right there. Check out the description below. You can subscribe to the Beach House for more awesome videos. We come out with new videos every single day and we haven’t missed a day yet and we’re not going to, that’s my commitment. Also you can follow us on Facebook twitter Instagram and Google+ and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Have a great day.

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