Stunning cover 🤟 | Dan Vasc – Toss A Coin to Your Witcher (Metal Cover) | RafaReactions

Stunning cover 🤟 | Dan Vasc  – Toss A Coin to Your Witcher (Metal Cover) | RafaReactions

Hi YouTube! Helo, now I can jump !! because we aren’t in a noise chair the cursed chair What did you ask me? Actually, what I did was containing because when is metal songs I knew the chair noises I was free in the first videos but then with the noises of the chair, I was contained Today I will introduce you to a fellow countryman Is a YouTuber I had been following for a while He does covers His name is Dan Vasc I don’t know his real name This is his channel name Should be Daniel Vasquez I had been following him for a Nightwish covers he did Did you watch the Witcher? You must to whatch it The Witcher is a TV Show based in a Videogames saga The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best games of the past decade Is the Geralt de Rivia’s story Is a fantastic story The show is not in the same timeline with the game I had finished yet, I am in the Ep 6 but I am loving it The show main song is Toss a Coin to your Witcher sang by a bard the bards, the medieval age musicians Like the street musicians Dan did a metal cover of this song I loved it I recommend you that if you don’t have listened to Dan Vasc yet Go and follow him He is very talented And I want to know what do you think I don’t know who someone with that voice is not in a famous band yet But, let’s react He must be super young I saw one when he was younger maybe 18 years old doing a casting to Dragon Force, if I remember well But he was really young I deeply ask you to go to his channel and subscribe One of his dreams is to rise to 1 million subscribers I am sure He will rise so much more and he has a lot of amazing covers Give a hype to Helo to starts her channel

29 thoughts on “Stunning cover 🤟 | Dan Vasc – Toss A Coin to Your Witcher (Metal Cover) | RafaReactions

  1. I m from little country of east europe called Bulgaria. He is on land with 7000 years history. I want to see your reaction On "mistery of bulgarian voices"

  2. That was nothing compared with his Nightwish, Manowar and Shaman covers. But now you should check out his own band, Fearless. A Tale With No End.

  3. Hi guys. Like your reactions.
    Could you make reaction video for Daneliya Tuleshova. She is also from Kazakhstan. Thanks

  4. I see that you did some changes in video resolution and now the sound is very low. Fix it for the next videos. You rock!

  5. I’ve been listening to this guy’s version of “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” for the last week. Love it

  6. Follow Dan Vasc if you loved this cover, he is amazing.
    Thanks for watching my friends 💗, I hope you enjoyed it! Remember to subscribe
    Follow ⭐️

  7. For me Skar Productions did the best cover of it, would be cool if you could react to it as well.

  8. Лайк ролику конечно поставил, вот теперь сижу и думаю: кому я это сделал и за что? Автору, или девушке, или реакции этой красивой пары… Вот хоть убейте, не могу дать точный ответ!!!

  9. надеюсь это Вам понравится так же как и мне, вам обоим, и тебе, и (особенно) ей…

  10. So weekend! And as said on Twitter….finally….😁 I will watch it!
    Nice setting Rafa…new? You have been busy twitter, new setting, your own YT channel 👍
    btw the sound is a bit…..🤔 Hollow
    Wow nice intro, lovely guitar! Wow his high notes sounds good, Helo is again enjoying the song fun to watch 😁
    Went to his site and indeed he has a lot of songs on, subscribed 👍
    Ehm the hype for Helo does she has to start her own site…in what way singing, reactions, other fun stuff 🤪🤔 well why not 🤘 I will check it out 👍 if she has 1. I follow her also on twitter sadly she is not there much 😐 but hey we have these reactions videos! 😂

    Thnx for this Rafa! Till the next 1….

    Have fun 👊

  11. The Witcher is on Netflix and is based on the books by Polish author andrzej sapkowski. They are following the books, not the games. The games while not canon, take place after the books. 😀 Solo para aclarar unas cosas <3

  12. Thanks for the react, guys! You're so kind! Answering your questions, Dan Vasc comes from Daniel Vasconcelos and I'm 30. That Dragonforce audition was 10 years ago. 🙂

  13. You know the Witcher is based on a video games series..which is based on a book series. Thought I'd fill in that little trivia.

  14. Great reaction. Please react to Polina Gagarina on Singer 2019 in China Ep.12 Raindrops & Lullaby (her own song)
    Polina is a famous russian singer. She can be different. She creates different images. She can sing in different directions of music. Very talented person. I like her voice timbre. She has a recognizable style of singing. Her every performance at the "SINGER 2019" competition in China was impressive. Polina is amazing 🔥 If you do not find a link on YouTube
    Here are link to other resources outside of YouTube

  15. Impressive i love the witcher games and i heard the song in the serie and it's a better even cover than the original 🖒

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