Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a ‘partisan hit job’ in fiery interview

Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a ‘partisan hit job’ in fiery interview

100 thoughts on “Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a ‘partisan hit job’ in fiery interview

  1. Wallace doesn't want to hear the truth. He just wants to find something to knock our president down. I really don't think Wallace is about real news.

  2. The young man is telling wallace the true facts and wallace is not interested, he is looking for some way to hurt our president. He is not interested in real news.

  3. Forget it! Chris Wallace is not about the news he is disgraceful, he is biased, he is not interested in the truth or the facts. Chris Wallace is so biased he can't speak straight.

  4. i always knew this terd was a terd,, Steven is somebody Trump hired,,,All you Trump fans are now seeing who Trump is and still don't care

  5. Why doesn’t ‘reporters’ like Chris dig into this deep state claim? Let’s get this ALL on the table once and for all. Why is the entire corrupt media, which is the arm of the corrupt government, digging with all of their resources, putting the ‘deep state’ claim to rest. All of the answers Chris wants answers to has to do with this deep state.

  6. Why did the Trump use a “outside channel”. …… because he doesn’t trust the deep state. The deep state, if you don’t know, are uneducated bureaucrats who we employ for a lifetime. Chris, you need to retire. I once loved you but now you have lost your objectivity. This President has not done Anything that Obama has not done a million times or any other President. Stop Stop …….. we don’t care about shifty Schiff’s bad off Broadway play.

    Soon you will cover the real story which is how the Obama administration orchestrated a soft coup. Brennan and Clapper are going to jail and we need to pray to God that they do not roll Obama under the bus. That would be more disturbing than this Country can handle. Just let him live in disgrace for the rest of his miserable life.

  7. The American people didn't elect Trump as President, two million nine hundred thousand more people voted against Trump than voted for him. He was handed the Presidency by a republican loaded Electoral College, despite the popular vote. So Millers assertion that the American public democratically voted Trump as president is wrong. As is his determination to use a investigated and debunked conspiracy theory started by Russia's Intelligence community.

  8. Stephen Miller has nasty string of gross spit between his lips this whole video &&& more than likely all the time !!! Issssh !!!! 🤢🙄😬 His days are numbered now that he has been tied to some racial crap as recent of trumpys election.

  9. Shitty Miller is spewing nonsense… Three years in gov't, and still clueless… and making false claims. If there was suspected corruption, it should have been referred to the justice dept for investigation. What a miserable asshat with a wild imagination.

  10. Is Hillary Clinton Antisemetic or something? Criticizing Stephen Millers hardline stance on immigration might as well be an indictment of Israeli immigration policy.

  11. How about the fact that a new President was elected to the Ukraine and not certified as to where he was on corruption. The previous president and staff was…

  12. Millar is now a proven white nationalist. Another 'hiring the best' by Trump, 6 of his close cabinet in jail already. Trump foundation closed by court for keeping 2 million meant from vets. Trump uni closed by court for fraud. If you don't like the American system you can leave, Trump is guilty of repeatedly breaking American law. He is destroying the republican party

  13. When president asks a foreign country to investigate American citizen that’s wrong. He should have ask American citizen, FBI, to investigate its own citizen. Hunter Biden did paid well because of his daddy’s connection, but what about Trumps son and daughter. They are getting benefits because of the connection with their daddy. Lol

  14. The asked the devil to share his opinion. Miller is a massively toxic influence to the presidency! How is this toxic joker allowed to be representing Trump. Or is he just using Trump as his puppet to push his own agenda. Wallace has him on the facts.

  15. I wish these interviewers would stop asking compound questions, It give these liars too many opportunities to B S. ask them a simple, single question and force them to answer it.

  16. Way to go, Chris Wallace! Real news here. Serious questions informed by facts. ("How can you ask that question?" when you won't ask the questions I want and when I hear a bad tone in that question…..)

  17. He is sooo sexy, the stupid ones always are. He change the subject to at least 4 different issues every response, and Chris Wallace took the bait 50% of the times. I would just said, "strawman syllogism," What does any of that have to do with the subject? and/or "not the subject." Then I would jot down each subject he digressed , repeated the numeration, and asked my question again, then,Then I would jot down each subject he digressed , repeated the numeration, and asked another question.

  18. FACT: When someone is telling lies back to back to back they are no longer telling lies but playing make believe, cowboy & aliens. Never confront the lies they will ALWAYS back the current lie with a new one and if you point out that new lie isn't reality they will perpetually provide you with fresh lies. Ignore the lie don't talk about later with friends when friend bring it up leave the room (someone is going to tell the liar what you said AND your friends have told you lies and judging your level of judgment) Ignore the lie until and/or unless you can tell them they're liar with action. AND THEN after you have shame them ( which you will not have). Don't mention the incident afterwards. The liar will go crazy, you're not feeding them the fuel for lies, they ONLY HAVE THEIR OWN IMAGINATION (which is cunning) to what you're going to do next.

  19. The rabid aggression level of Wallace is evidence of his mental health issues, which are obviously brought on by his subscription to far left ideologies.

  20. Chris Wallace is so far left that one would think he was Vice President of the deep state.If Fox is not careful they will go down with the rest when this comes to a head.

  21. There are lots of bureaucrats who have "lifelong service to this country" who are DEEP STATE. Chris Wallace himself is obviously deep state … he twists everything he possibly can to smear Trump. Wallace does not belong on Fox and should be gotten rid of.

  22. The chump administration….where we come up with crafty names for congress members, we use phrases like "hit job", we give the Supreme Court and the FBI the middle finger, we hire white supremacists, and we treat other presidents like building inspectors from Brooklyn.

  23. As is usually the case, when this administration accuses others, they are hiding their own guilt. Trying to get "dirt" by using people that you, by your own admission, consider "corrupt," is just simply corrupt itself.

  24. Wallace you are such an arrogant b-s-a-d you try to interrogate your guests you are an obnoxious oaf completely leaning to the hateful left.I just won’t watch Wallace again .Fox is slowly getting more like CNN ( Clown News. Network ) D J Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Stephen Miller just said that he worked in the government for a whole three years with a straight face, like that's supposed to impress anyone

  26. Military aid went through uninhibited three years in a row to the Ukraine all of a sudden we have to investigate the Bidens.

  27. Chris Wallace, is an old school, journalist, and will always hold your feet to the fire, and expose lies! And Stephen is a LIAR 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  28. The dead eyes. The arrogance. The inability to listen. The anger. There's something seriously wrong with Stephen Miller.

  29. Chris the democrats won't control anything after 2020 you fool. You bought a ticket on the Titanic. The swamp continues to drain…

  30. Trump did not have the cia the fbi the state department at his disposal. The state department was just vacated by the CFO of the clinton foundation

  31. congress is closest to the people. that's why they have the power to impeach. they approved financing of military aid to a country that had just experienced a coup de ta. congress is not supposed to finance a country that overthrew a democratically elected leader.

    I heard that Pelosi's son and Romney's son also worked there.

    Was Zelensky put in power by the secretary of state?

  32. the american people elected a democratic house. you got to be kidding me. the american people don't elect that.

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