SPOD WARS: The Spomb’s rivals battle it out

SPOD WARS: The Spomb’s rivals battle it out

We couldn’t really start anywhere else than
with the daddy, the Spomb. This thing absolutely revolutionised the way anglers bait up their
swims. A design classic, the impact of this cannot be understated. Bryan and Judith Houghton
brought it to market after months and years of development and this sleek sealed unit
was miles away from the old spods that we used to have to deal with.
It flies true through the air, shaped like a bomb – which gives it its name – it has
fins for stabilisation and when it hits the water that nose-mounted spring opens up and
deposits your bait. Also, on the retrieve in its open state it
skips across the water, it doesn’t dive down and create resistance like old spods used
to. It’s stayed largely the same on its time in
the market. There are three different sizes, which is very handy, but there hasn’t been
a mk2 to the Spomb and some people would perhaps like to have seen one with an integrated float.
You can buy a float that fits on the stem, or even modify it to go inside if you want.
Speaking of modifications, some anglers have even used this by squidging a little bit of
boilie or damp pellet inside the fin, so that it opens intentionally in mid-air and scatters
the bait across the swim. That’ll fool seagulls and potentially fool wary carp as well.
This thing has been the king of baiting up for quite a while now, but there’s a clutch
of rivals sneaking up on it and this video’s going to take you through them.
The newest challenger on the market is this thing, the Spider Spod. Originates in Italy,
it’s distributed in Britain by Taska, and uniquely it operates through magnets.
It’s called the Spider Spod because it opens up like that and it’s sealed with some pretty
strong magnets. That design allows you to open it more than one way; you can have it
open a bit like the Fox Impact Spod for one-handed operation, or you can open it more traditionally
like the Spomb like that. It is a very interesting concept and I’ve
now fished with it for a couple of sessions having ordered one as soon as we saw one online.
I was a bit sceptical, to be honest. In your hand it’s quite sturdy in terms of the magnets.
You don’t think it’s going to open on impact with the water, but it does and it opens with
really impressive regularity. One thing, it’s not quite as aerodynamic as
the Spomb – it’s got that flat front there, so I have found with lighter baits (I’ve been
using maggots and some fine pellets in recent sessions) that it wobbles a little bit during
flight. But with boilies and heavier particles it’s really impressive. I think you can get
this for a fairly cheap deal as well at the moment, so a real new contender, the newest
baiting device on the market and it has some really interesting features.
The plastic isn’t perhaps quite as quality as the Spomb, the mouldings show signs of
little sort of over-runs, but it’s a surprisingly impressive unit, this.
Now, the magnets are so strong, the makers claim, that you could fill this with liquids
and bait up. Now we’ve tried it and if you’re quick you
can. It does spill a little bit out but I have to say that seal is as tight as any baiting
device we’ve got here today. Those magnets really do lock in place.
So, if you want to bait up with a sloppy spod mix in particular, then this is a really good
idea. It does really contain everything that’s inside there.
So, overall, this is the surprise package today. It’s called the Spider Spod, comes
from Italy, distributed by Taska, and it works with magnets.
Now, the controversial one, the Dot Spod. This is a Serbian design, made by a company
called Carp System and it was kept out of the UK for a long time by Spomb who sought
to protect their patents. Nash now distribute it in the UK and those legal wrangles with
Spomb seemed to have died down as Spomb owners Judith and Bryan have moved over to Fox, so
it lives happily in UK tackle shops now and it’s certainly very popular.

14 thoughts on “SPOD WARS: The Spomb’s rivals battle it out

  1. Understand what you are saying about the plastic used on the Spider spod but if you look at some of the videos on them the plastic is actually very strong.Even being shown being stood on with no damage.

  2. The airbomb is brilliant at surface fishing at range for getting the floaters out if you can hit the clip quite high you get a lovely scattering of floaters and the airbomb doesn't spook the carp as it lands well away from them . I do like the look of the spider spomb though tight lines from the NORTHERN CARP FREAKS YOUTUBE ๐ŸŽฃ๐ŸŽฃ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. Fox spod is crap!!! First time out the plastic clip on the lid broke!!! Dot spod is great and best by a country mile

  4. Sorry to say this, but the spider spod is absolut crap, you can't use it with small particles, it will open before impact every second cast, or you can't close it

  5. Dot spod is by far the most accurate on the cast and retrieves straight. It opens more frequently than the spomb. The Fox one is utter garbage.

  6. If you look hard enough you will actually find it was Fox that took spomb to caught disputing their patent and then a confidential agreement was made between the two so I very much doubt fox had a licence withspomb

  7. Spomb solved the 'spod showers' issue and much more. If you develop a product like this, with the amount of investment and R&D required, then marketing costs, tackle shop margins…it's a challenge without the bottomless resources of PLC's like Nash. However you skin it, these 'rivals' would not be around had it not been for the original spomb design. Spombs aren't overpriced, barely cost more than the Korda Spod rockets and were a British innovation from a small UK company. They were trying to protect their IP which is fair enough. A v.good angler working with Korda smashed up a rival's 'crusher' stand because it resembled their product too closely – both of which were based on weed grinders. So I can understand Mr&Mrs Spomb's frustration.

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