this will be one really interesting we do have two native jumping spiders here this one is some species that it is interestingly big big for Croatian standards you know here we have all the jumping spiders but they’re usually just tiny tiny and I’m not sure how you can see on this camera but this one is like one centimeter like half inch maybe I recorded it with macro lens and I will feature that clips although I had a lot of trouble in this guy because he was running a lot and then this other species which is I’m not if you are aware of but there are some jumping spiders that mimic ends and they’re called me maracanã and what is curious about oh this one is super fast and I had a lot of trouble recording it I even tried to record him in slow motion because he was moving so fast I couldn’t really track him so maybe on slow motion clips it will be better we will see I still haven’t seen the clips I recorded before recording this like intro but what is interesting with this species is you know the main difference between arachnids and insects insects got six legs and their body got three segments while arachnids got eight legs and two two segments you know trenches got the carapace which is their like head and they’re big but the abdomen only two parts and if you look at and you got like a head separate head then his middle section and then his abdomen and the coolest think about this jumping spider that mimics ends since he is a record he got only two parts but his abdomen middle section is like a bit narrow got some pattern that looks like almost like it got two segments and that’s attentional because it wants to mimic ends and to appear like an end and also even though it got eight legs juices his front legs like almost like ends antennae so he is just raising them up when he’s walking so he’s mimicking like also like this which is really cool nature is amazing I would just play the rest of the clip so enjoy that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. The big guy looks a lot like the carolina jumping spiders we get here. It can't be though that'd be weird, must be convergent evolution but these guys are smaller. Ours get to an inch

  2. Im really confused as to why a spider would want to look like an ant. Its not fooling the ants and its not like any of its predators would care about an ant over a spider.

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  5. Hi Petko, just wanted to say thanks for all your videos! I have arachnophobia and I started watching your tarantula vids to sort of desensitise myself a bit. Now not only can I watch large spiders moving around on the screen without covering my eyes, I even find them pretty interesting! Still wouldn't want to own a tarantula, but I am definitely thinking about buying a scorpion at some point. Something about your big emperor scorpion really captured my interest.
    Only downside to all this is that I've discovered my arachnophobia extends to centipedes. Oh well. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your creepy crawlies! 🙂

  6. "(…)Ants are abundant all over the world, and potential predators that rely on vision to identify their prey, such as birds and wasps, normally avoid them, because they are either unpalatable or aggressive
    Over 300 species of spider in different families are Batesian mimics of ants,[4] such as Sphecotypus in the Clubionidae[5] and Aphantochilus in the Thomisidae.[citation needed] In the Salticidae, ant-mimicking spiders can be discerned from the ants around them by the movements they make to keep the ants at an acceptable distance"

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  10. The first spider is a Marpissa muscosa, I'm fairly sure on that, I have bred them in captivity when I was like 14 years old, they're the 2nd largest jumping spider species here in Germany (after P. chrysops) and probably one of the lergest species in all of europe, amazing find considering how well camouflaged they are!
    The seond I've seen before but I have no idea what species it is..

    I'm a huge fan of all jumping spiders though, they seem very intelligent and look great, I need to get my hands on a couple P. regius if I can.

  11. Lmao saw the exact one you have. Came down in front of me when I walked in the garage. Cool looking spider but I killed it. Didn't know they were rare. My bad.

  12. Really interesting! Today, I also had to identify a cool, rather large (for me…) spider that chose to build its web on our front window. I did some research and found out it is a cat faced spider, Araneus gemmoides. I had never seen one before, so seeing one in the midst of building its web was a neat experience.

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    We also gave ant mimicking jumpers here in South Africa… So cool…
    Great video Petko.

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  21. I have seen a spider that has 6 legs and 3 body parts in my garden. It was totally black in colour and approximately half a centimetre in size. It was totally like ants except for when it hangs by its webs and when it makes a jump from one leaf to another. The one that I saw was super aware as well and would turn at me and make an aggressive posture holding itself back as if ready for a jump soon as I moved my hands towards me.

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