Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man | SUPERHERO BATTLE

Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man | SUPERHERO BATTLE

Okay, so here we go. They wanted me to be Spider-Man. Out of my way! I’m Spider-Man I’m gonna take you down BACK OFF UGLY! UGH! Don’t get your diapers in a bunch! Ah God! LA LA LA! I can’t hear you! You messed with the wrong guy! I’m the real Spider-Man! Ah…Hey! Let’s see your webbing skills sparkles! Hello Peter.I’m Karen Oh…Ah…Hey… You got hundreds of web combinations that you can use during your battle Oh that’s awesome. Also you got a rifle, a granade, a batmobile, an autobot, and a millenium falcon. Ah…let’s try out the… …Autobot one. Good choice. Thats my man. You f*cked him up. Bravo Peter. Mr. Stark will be very proud of you when he sees this. …Autobots… …roll on. HOLY SHIT! HEY! Shall we dance? What? What the… What..ah…what are you doing? Wow dude. That really freaks out my spider sense. What the hell are you doing here? OH NOTHING! Nothing Mr. Stark. Just ah… Trying out my new suit… So this is how it worked out huh? I’m going to need the suit back. OH NO PLEASE PLEASE! NO PLEASE MR. STARK! Can we talk about this? Mr. Stark? Very well Mr.Parker.

100 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man | SUPERHERO BATTLE

  1. wait iron man says i need the suit back then just fly's off?like bruh aren't u gonna tke suit or wut? WTF

  2. Honestly who told you Spider-Man would win? I think Spider-Man should have won. Spider-Man is no match for Spider-Man and Spider-Man would have destroyed Spider-Man.

  3. Honestly don’t care what people say….Tom Holland clearly proved him being the best Spider-Man from far from home

  4. Like or reply to my comment if your watching this when Spider-Man far from home has already released XD

  5. No the ending is bad spiderman should have webed spiderman and spiderman should have jumed and smashed the others and the spiderman in red and blue should have won the game bro its that simple that why that spiderman is the best

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  7. Actually I think Tom Holland is better and stronger than both of the Spider-Men cause he was able to hold the boat long enough for Iron Man to get there the way I see it the boat would've sunked if it wasn't for him

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