Spider Eggs In Your Garage – Bulwark Exterminating

Spider Eggs In Your Garage – Bulwark Exterminating

Garages are notorious places for
Cobwebs and spiders. This area has been treated but there are quite a few egg sacs let me see if I can pull a few out for ya. Typical house spider egg sac has anywhere from four hundred to eight hundred baby eggs
in it because these little white markings eventually within a year those egg sacs will hatch and even though the garages been sprayed it’ll reinfest. If this was in your wall or up around the
siding on the exterior of your house around your windows sill those baby
eggs would be all over inside your home

3 thoughts on “Spider Eggs In Your Garage – Bulwark Exterminating

  1. If spiders are laying eggs in your house killing the current egg sacs aren't your number one priority. Its stopping the infestation in its tracks so the spiders don't just go and lay more. The best way to ensure this is done correctly is to bring in a pest professional. If you would rather avoid that, you can try to do it yourself but the results may not be as certain. You'll want to buy some kind of bug spray (not just repellant) that you know will get the job done and last long.

  2. Use the spray you bought to treat all the corners of your house that are not touched very often as spiders will be more attracted to these safer place. As a general rule, If it has dust, they'll probably like it. Make sure to destroy all current webs and egg sacs, this will disrupt their growth and stop them from hatching. As a final step, try to set up a barrier around your home to keep them from coming back in. Hope this helped you where the video did not, If you have any questions just ask.

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