Spider Documentary – Nature Video 1

So, this project I’m gonna be
sharing about a very special bug. Spiders! rock pictures that scientists dig up
show that spiders are one of the most prehistoric bugs. that means that they were one of the first
bugs that came on this planet. Kind of like the Dinosaurs. The baby ones don’t know why they
make their first web until… Bing! They got one! scientists use their small rope, so when we can make wrapping tools and tying
knots. do you remember this one I told you
about they actually make it was all alone were the
only on this planet kinda discussing you think about it more they’re scared a.m. they’re known for her that by they got
legs TV I is and most ball beatty living
things that just bring the freak in my book on
time her my mom and step daughter of Martin
but but it was only an axis was in his own K
why interesting connection I made was that scientists say that
nature came from the ocean but like where is it
spends you know like today hi I’m behind them
or INS I’ll abolitionist old conspiracy theory
they don’t like them live long they don’t live long the power just live
only about a very short time the doll hunters Bush makes them live along the there also an inspiration and many fans

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