Southern Hospitality – Coyote Hunting

Southern Hospitality – Coyote Hunting

(flames crackling) (wind whooshing) (coyote call howls) – Runnin’ a brand new FOXPRO X2S. That thing sittin’ on about 35 and it’ll go to 40. That thing’s already louder than my CS24. Cranked up. (coyote call howling) Coyote comin’ to the right. He’s gonna come right up here, Tim. There he is. – [Tim] Where? (cow moos) Hold on, on him. All right. (gun roars) – [Shooter] Did you see the
white face on that sucker? – [Tim] Yeah. – Sorry about that, Tim. It’s early in the stand. That’s just at four minutes. We got us a coyote down right here. Huntin’ with our good
buddy Tim Spike Davis. We made a stand earlier this mornin’, had coyotes howl back this way so we got Tim facin’ that way, hopin’ he’s gonna get some killin’ in. We got a coyote hard chargin’ in over here off this ridge so. I had to run back up on him. We’re gonna keep callin’. That sucker seen as soon
as he come up outta there. Do you see him, Tim? – [Tim] Once he flopped. – He come right up there and stopped and lookin’ right dead
at us so I shot him. Well, I’m dog hoggin’ on ya ain’t I, Tim? Drives all the way down
from Chicago, Illinois to watch me shoot a coyote. – What was that thing
about southern hospitality? – You’re right, you’re right. We had Tim facin’ out that way. We heard coyotes howl. We actually was across the road on a different farm, different property and we had some coyotes answer us from over here and we thought they was out this way and there probably is still
coyotes out there somewhere but anyway, we had a
coyote come from dead right from a place I didn’t
think they’d come from and I guess it’s a good
thing I did bring a rifle. Hopefully it was gonna cut
right up there in front of us but that sucker, soon as it come up, it had us pegged so. Tim was still faced out that way, which I think he was anyway. I didn’t look over to
see if he was or not, I just shot it. – When you said he was
comin’ from the right, man, I thought you were talkin’ about this way so I’m like lookin’. – I happened to look
right over on that ridge and I caught a flash of him
cuttin’ across that side and there’s a little road right here that cuts across to that other side. He come hit that road and come right up in here so. – Good shootin’. – Let’s go grab him, I guess. We’re gonna grab this call, too, I think. This may be the first coyote ever killed by the brand new FOXPRO
X2S, pretty awesome call. (wind whooshing) There we are. It’s our brand new call from FOXPRO. This is its maiden voyage, the second stand it’s been on. You know, just started
usin’ it this mornin’. Looks like it’s gonna work pretty good so that might be the first one ever killed with this brand new unit. That’s pretty awesome. – Pretty colorful. – Yeah. And it is a female. – I called it. It’s a good size one. – Pretty thing. – [Cameraman] About your
size, ain’t it, Tim? – Yeah. It looked like a monster to me. – Here, I’m gonna let you touch one. Awesome. Tell y’all a little bit about this call. Like I said, it’s the brand new X2S. You know, brand new for
this year from FOXPRO. It’s just like our CS24 that we been usin’ except it’s got a tweeter it’s added. We got this little stand. Course it’ll fold up just like this. Folds out, I can have a little, you know, so you can carry it. You can pull this one down. Hang it from a tree limb. You can take it and put it on a T-post and let it sit there just like that. Sit it directly on the ground. You know, folded out just like this. And sit it right directly on the ground as a little stand. It’s a pretty cool, cool unit. And I tell you what, this sucker is loud. As you can, second stand we used with it, got the howlin’ on it
and there’s a coyote. – [Cameraman] Sure pretty, Tim, huh? – All right, well, here we are. This is towards the end of January. Got my good friend Tim
Spike Davis come down from Chicago, Illinois. Gonna try to show him a few coyotes and on our second stand
we found some success, although Tim didn’t get to shoot it but at least you got to see one. – Oh yeah.
– We’ll find you, surely we’ll find you one here in the next day or two.
– Oh yeah, yeah. – But, anyway, we’re bringing, I said earlier, we’re
runnin’ the brand new call from FOXPRO, the FOXPRO X2S and
on this stand we started out with some female long howls two and I answered back with a
runnin’ a Smoking Gun Howler. This little white diaphragm from FOXPRO. Then run a few more howls on the, I think I switched to
coy family, actually. What I did, I run that
through like the first three or four howls of that before it goes into the family group howl and cut it off. Next thing I know, look over to the right and this beautiful, I mean, just absolutely gorgeous coyote, I seen it come streakin’ across the ridge, dropped down the holler and as soon as it come up
here on the other side, of course, somehow it pegged us up here in the fence row. Put a bullet in it, coyote down. Thanks for joinin’ us on Tooth & Claw TV. (fire crackling)

26 thoughts on “Southern Hospitality – Coyote Hunting

  1. I thought those folks from Chicago only shot handguns and canted them sideways? πŸ™‚
    Just kidding. I had to throw a dig in there. I have kin that lives in Chicago. I have no idea why, but they do nonetheless. That yote had an awfully light coat. She was a good looking dog. "Thumbs up" from this fellow Kentucky boy.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a yote with a white face like that! Definitely a gorgeous dog! Congrats on another one! I'm sure Spike will have plenty more chances lol!

  3. That's a dandy coyote…! You'll get a pretty penny for it at auction, if you don't have it tanned (which is what I would do)…

  4. Yes sir Jon .. poor tim πŸ˜‚ he has been hunting coyotes long enough to know anything can happen on a coyote stand … just got to try and make it happen man … great job and great videos u got out πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. NICE ! That new Fox Pro sounds great . Have 2 questions , weren't you concerned about leaving your scent in the middle of the field and I would have thought you would be more concealed ? Not picking , just trying to learn from you. I have to get into this , coyotes all over where I'm at and I have a few places that I believe would set up nice. Again nice video !

  6. Enjoyed the hunt and I know it ain’t none of my business but why was the bearded mans head blurred out the whole film

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