SOULCALIBUR VI – Geralt of Rivia Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

SOULCALIBUR VI – Geralt of Rivia Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

Трещины между этой вселенной и другой, появились везде Оттуда появились варианты Дрянь как это – вот почему я ненавижу порталы. Белый Волк Давай, сделаем это! Геральт из Ривии Вызываешь ведьмака на бой – желаешь умереть. SoulCalibur VI.

Выходит в 2018
на PC, Playstation 4 и Xbox One
Предзакажи уже сейчас!

100 thoughts on “SOULCALIBUR VI – Geralt of Rivia Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

  1. If bandai makes SoulCalibur 7, I wonder if they put 2B from Nier: Automata or Dante from Devils may cry in the games. I think it would be awesome

  2. If you guys do console exclusives for Ps you should do Old Kratos or Aloy, and for Xbox you should do The sunset overdrive guy, battletoads or F*kn Cuphead.
    Just an idea but it would be super cool.

  3. Epic AF!
    would love to see other guys like Sephiroth, the Prince of Persia, Zoro, Meliodas or Erza

  4. It'd be pure gold if somewhere in battle where there's dialogue, Geralt said one of his best lines "Yeah, and i'll have your tongue too if you don't shut the fuck up."

  5. I want Talion form the Shadow of Mordor game to be another guest character so I can have the dream duel I've always wanted between him and Geralt.

  6. Imagine if Thor was available…he could have Mjolnir, Storm Breaker, Ultimate Mjolnir, Jarnbjorn would be awesome!
    He'd have his Thor the Dark world uniform..with and without sleeves and his Ragnarok and infinity war attires…

  7. I suggested this to my friend like "Wouldn't it be cool if the guy from Witcher was in the new Soul Calibur" and damn they really did it.

  8. How about roach? I see that one character has a horse…wouldn’t mind hearing that weird purr he does to slow him down XD

  9. Link, Spawn, Heihachi, a few Star Wars characters, Kratos, Ezio and now Geralt. Soul Cailbur is a fighting series with a wide variety of crossover characters (mainly from other well-loved game series). It is rather cool that they pull it off so well.

  10. could have made the moves a bit more "dancey" like geralt but otherwise holy shit man can't wait to beat the fuck out of ezio as geralt

  11. One thing that would be awesome – have Geralt use the steel sword against normal opponents and the silver sword against inhuman opponents (Nightmare, Astaroth, Aeon Calcos/Lizardman, etc).

  12. If they brought back stat-based character creation from Soul Calibur IV (where your armor pieces affect your stats in battle) but also allowed you to freely customize existing characters like in Soul Calibur V, i would probably spend dozens of hours just making variants of Geralt.

  13. Neckbeard, fedora toting, virgins that play witcher: "THANK YOU CDPR, WITHOUT THE WITCHER GAMES I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHAT SEX LOOKS LIKE!"

  14. ridiculous only Geralt armor does not break.

    the bonus characters of MKX and Injustice 2 sent souvenirs.

    it's very difficult for geralt's to lose armor.
    but the predator suffers several fatalitys and Hellboy has endless armor.

    the armor of geralt is of Adamantium?

  15. Genius move to make Geralt the guest character. CDprojectred has had nothing but love all this year over cyberpunk. A crossover with them is a surefire way to get positive press.

  16. I will always buy the new Soul Caliber, but yo, your lighting is bad and here's why: Self-shadowing on the characters is non-existant. I think your GI Boost might be a little too high because the characters look like they're in Unlit mode.

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  18. I hope to see dovahkiin in this game too.. if they will sell DLC that add dovakin as playable character, I will yell and just buy them.. think about that dude.. geralt vs dovahkiin. It make me exited.

  19. Damn I was just thinking soul caliber 5 was like the best fighting game I've ever played I should watch some ivy gameplay for old times sake and then I find this masterpiece this is a must buy!

  20. Ohm man.. This game looks so shity how can you copy and paste 50% of the SC 4 character creation with old textures…

    And where is my soultower survival mode?
    Fighting 10/10 but without a reason to play (i hate online mp)

    I want to unlock cool looking items … OMFG i go and play SC IV or III … More content

  21. I call big bs on this game, all the weapons are looking rubish! You look at Grøh's weapons and you think awesome, they did realy great! then the other weapons looking like a soul calibur 3 trash, they just copy and paste and thats for a full price game!! Just look at Mitsurugi and Taki's weapons!

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