another feeding video yeah time to do another one again with the slow motion but maybe not during the entire video and in this video we will feed where you going the trenches that we didn’t fit in previous feeding video and then hopefully next feeding video we will feed the species that we still fed in last video I mean yeah last video in this video this is the idea but before we jump into that look I have an exact don’t get too excited it is unfertilized the exact prompt up in a hemisphere lots of female of course female and this is actually her second unfertilized eggs egg I don’t know why she’s doing that look she is moving through her enclosure now Missy if you can get a sneak peek of her you see there she is down there pretty pretty and she definitely needs bigger enclosure now and probably when she moves next time I will try to find our mate for her a male so she can actually get some action and actually become a mother since she wants it so much oh she’s going up now when I’m showing she’s going down you are not cool maybe we can feed her first she’s probably hungry okay Roach no no no she went down again but it looks like she’s on a stroll so I assume she will come back up come beautiful I know you’re hungry [Music] now I got it immediately not immediately what am I saying after I poked her with the roach then she got it okay see you later look she’s really skinny now because she made an egg sack need to get that abdomen nice and round next one let’s take something something standard in something easy to record this is a well known I come to school again in quwata and I don’t know what sex it is all I know is that she’s almost always hungry what did I said that took some time but now she got him in case you’re new to the Hobby and you want to have it arranged of it it’s always outside big nice always it that’s the one eats everything everything without questions something of it they print mantis who I forgot the scientific name but this is that green one if you remember she was tiny when I got her molded like four times since then and gaining some noticeable size also in a desperate need for new enclosure here is the road for you [Music] [Music] there we go I think she grabs a tweezer salsa so parently she will be huge huge huge huge so I’m really excited to see how exactly huge she will become that means that she will also need to get a huge enclosure not a problem right let’s carry on the elephant in the room gotta been a very sick over she was showing off this entire time was she yeah you could see her the entire time on this video reaction I think the slow-motion will be superb if everything is in focus of course even though I’m not using the macro the macro lens it is still hard to keep everything in the focus especially because in slow motion mode you cannot have automatic how so many focus out of focus you need to set it up manually and then hope to tarantulas stay in that dead area that you said if tarantula moves during feeding it moves off to focus area and you can do anything about it I think we almost had a happy dance it was like turning around anyhow you can now see what she actually did Oh are you happy dancing now well actually yes that there is a happy dance how lovely but I wanted to show you you see what she did to death vermilion she covered it whole in web the Habra million and she is actually hiding behind it and not in the cork bark as I intended tarantulas they always have some different ideas that differ from yours not a fan of that no every time gonna need to water the bromeliad I just spray her web and she freaks out but well that’s her own fault for bit for being there actually I will leave her here so you can keep an eye on her yeah like that so we can see when she is happy dancing and we will carry on Sombra Velma Oh doesn’t be Baldy come on come on chill chill chill X this is Brock Belma classic yeah classic really young female as you can see so far she was good eater so hopefully that won’t change now oh that was like slow grab to just slowly scoop the road let me show you up and close there she is why you spread like that yeah this is one of my I believe I have 11 different for hippie I’m a species not sure I don’t know getting closer to every every species available in Kobe and they said that goal right maybe year and a half ago so I would say a decent progress happy dance no don’t go out this is bloody Bahama our acting I’m really not sure which Rehema species is my favorite but this one is really close on the on the top when you grab it from the tweezers whoa whoa what happened there it will be interesting to see the slow motion well you already seen it but I haven’t so here it is you see this pretty similar to X meeting now amore but it got less orange on its so you can clearly see that this is different I mean check how small it is and it is still awesome looking and let me show you the third bracket Bella on the table this will be I think last one in this feeding video this is standard brachypelma all the tests it is also young female just like that our Adam slow motion set Roche in tweezers we can go immediately it’s always impressive to see nice species but a lot of much nicer I mean much prettier now let’s see if we can do something more special this is the tip seha delicous I didn’t remember the new name I didn’t really remember it because Teja delicous look so much I mean sounds so much cooler let’s see if we can get a takedown fail Roach escaped sick and the temp come on I know you are down that was first feeling clip of these species awesome another standard tarantula la ciudad para Havana this is the one with regrown leg you see this back leg is free roam ready set go God Allah don’t freak out don’t be Balti here it is in its all glory to see how tiny that leg is hilarious but it is much better than not hearing your leg right and the next mode it will probably be as good as new Oh actually I have another bhai Palma on the table the Brahma kallenberg II this will also be one face usually just takes it down without a fuss one two three [Music] thank you for your cooperation bit close up there sweet sweet sweet let’s try and speed this dwarf species don’t remember the species name but it is cool it did moved once but it already ate two times so it shouldn’t be a problem come out come out oh ho ho hey we seen that it actually pulled the entire enclosure I think we had a real nice takedown clip hell yeah oh I just remembered I need to ask you for a tiny favor you know that I skate and all that good stuff I have some skateboarding channel I really upload there even though I have ton of recording is incomplete footage for other videos for that channel and I never really have time to edit those with us because with three videos per week on dark them it is like one day is recording the other day is editing one day is recording the other day is editing and once I edit the dark then with you I don’t really feel like edit some other random videos but this time I went with friends to one auto skate park and I made some pretty cool video that I’m kinda proud of so I will link it the channel and the video in the description or I think I can even link it here so if you’re interested go ahead and check it out it is on Croatian but my other friend already made the subtitles so you should be able to understand what we are talking about and it is kind of funny video at least to us I don’t know how it will build to the rest of you I will remind you once again once this video is finished so you don’t need to pause now and go to check that video I remind you next tarantula you know bruh his species Vietnam blue this will be tricky to record I don’t think that I will be able to get a slow-motion in this one but I will try anyway that was crazy I was looking through the display and all I see was bangs some things popping but I think it was good another Hilo bruh he’s this one is Wahine male he webbed a lot so I’m not sure if he’s in the Premal tour not know but his main entrance is open so we will try it out nice you maybe come out like your orange orange legs but no no no don’t go in oh he’s coming pretty boy hello how are you doing I really didn’t expect that oh we have a happy dance yeah just continue continue on don’t worry about me just do your thing do your dance so hopefully in a moat or two even mature and then little braid it with the female the female is huge and that female was actually my second tarantula so it’ll be awesome I appreciate that he came outside and show it off like that I only have one tarantula left so this is practically the end of the video so really cool first time that I’m feeling it on the video also dog yet number same thing awesome you let him enjoy that meal in the final is this grandma stole drama stole a porpoise mail it wasn’t really a good eater but ever since he malted he became like eating machine let’s see if this final oh you’re going that way no he’s going in the hole oh so the final feeding clip will be this really come on no he went inside okay never mind give abraca swahili clip was amazing so i don’t mind that one quick reminder go and check my skateboarding video a link is in the description and maybe here come a check it out anyway if you enjoyed this video what I hope you enjoyed this video if you did thumbs it up and call it something if you want to support this channel even more there’s a patreon page if you new to this channel make sure to subscribe up where Monday Wednesday and Friday so see you guys soon coach in the video blah life [Music]

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