Shopping for Tonsil Surgery!

Shopping for Tonsil Surgery!

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  1. Good luck Parker!! I had my tonsils taken out a few years ago and was so scared at first but then relieved at how it turned out. He is so brave!!

  2. One of my brothers’ top things were baked and mashed potatoes! There’s tons of different flavors and toppings you can add! And, try and keep medication close to you because both of my brothers had terrible pains early in the morning that we’re close to unbearable!! Hope it’s all well❤️

  3. When I was about Parker’s age I had the same exact surgery and my top recommendation is DO NOT under any circumstances use a straw, I found that to be extremely painful. Also try to avoid running and jumping because a long time ago one of my friend also had this surgery and ran around, as all kids do, and her scab came off and had to go back to the doctor. But some of my favorite things to eat were chocolate milkshakes from McDonald’s, oranges juice slushees, soup broth and the baby food yogurt melts and the star puff thingies. I wish your family lots of luck for the recovery process!

  4. i got my tonsils out at 17 last summer, it was awful. anything sugary hurts for me, even things with 0g sugar but had sweetners. i was the 1/3 that got nauseous and i ended up not eating for almost a week and when i did start to eat it was oatmeal and plain cooked noodles. i bet parker will bounce back though. best of luck!

  5. For Jacobs calendar you can go back through the vlog and look at when your first made it as the numbers will be in the right order

  6. I actually got the same surgery as him and i just wanna say icecream yogurt mashed potatos pop cicles r the bestttt

  7. So right after my tonsil surgery they offered me a Popsicle right after I woke up and I took one lick and I threw up! I’m not sure if that was just me but be careful right after surgery with the food. I didn’t talk for a week because I was scared but I wasn’t in a lot of pain and I have not gotten step since which is crazy! I used to get it all the time and now I don’t! hope the surgery goes well!!

  8. Parker I ask brave so is my brother he is low in platelets and gets his blood drawn every week and some medication

  9. I had this surgery this summer when I was 12 and now I’m 13but the recovery was the worst I was in so much pain but that’s cause the older you are the more painful it is.❤️❤️goodluck

  10. My mom says they took out my tonsils but I don’t really remember like 3 months ago I learned that I was like really when and she was like “When you were little” and I was like what wow all I remember is I got allergy shots when I was little that’s all 😂

  11. Parker: it’s got mold?
    Jessica: no it’s just Ice ya silly goose
    Literally love you guys your so brave Parker!!😊❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️❤️

  12. Omg I am a phlebotomist and I love when kids are exactly like parker! It amazes me sometimes how these kids are so much cooler and calm than adults! Be thankful you have one like him haha💕

  13. I love you guys so much because when you guys do something nervous I want to do it so now I want to take out my tonsils since Parker is doing it

  14. For a sore throat I always love milk or strawberry milk! It puts a lair of something (idk what it is) and it stays it from being sore and cools it down 😄👍

  15. My son had his tonsils out and maybe some instant mash potatoes, or regular mash potatoes it's also feeling and can put on some wait. My son was on a liquid diet for months after a gallbladder came out and after his pic line came out I learned alot of liquid filling things to eat

  16. Tonsil surgery gives me such anxiety, it was my first surgery and I had an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia so was vomiting for days afterwards which was not fun just after a throat surgery ;-;

  17. And hey I might have to have a eye surgery sooo and I also had an eye surgery when I was a baby so i might have two surgery’s in my i entire life

  18. you guys are so strong Parker's you and your grow up to be an amazing mom or dad he's so so so brave I love them so much and I hope that he can live the best life just as you guys too I love you too Baily and Jacob

  19. I want little scaredy-cat as soon as I see that made needle they don't even put it in me I scream and cry

  20. parker: but its red flavored. 🙁
    Parker i only like brown brown chocolate . I dont like if its not brown brown chocolate
    Jessica : ok get your brown brown chocolate then
    me: I love this cute kid

  21. i got my tonsils out a few years ago and was told that dairy was a big no no. it’s supposed to make you start coughing because of the way it sits in your throat. it didn’t do anything to me though, it depends on the person

  22. I get a blood test and I cried he is so brave and I'm only 10years old he is so brave love you you are the best YouTube in the world can you subscribe to my channel at kenzie lee.

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