21 thoughts on “Sen. Rand Paul on Fox’s Hannity – 10/13/11

  1. Wow the media is REALLY trying to pump up Herman Cain ever since Romney and Perry destroyed each other in one of the debates, which was funny to watch lol. But Cain is a horrible candidate. He couldn't see the housing bubble and before it collapsed he said the economy was fine.
    Ron Paul for President 2012!

  2. Cain will be destroyed early enough. Santorum has taken his aim and there is one thing about Santorum, he can really be agressive. His performance against Cain was fantastic.

  3. Eliminate the income tax, i.e. THEFT!!!

    We all have the right to our life and our labor. Any "tax" on our labor and production is theft. Clear and simple.

  4. I think that job creation is a great thing. No taxes might be something that is hard to accomplish. Although, what they can do is create a tax system that is more equal by creating a fair tax or equal tax for all taxpayers where they pay the same rate or percentage. I also believe that many Americans need to step up and go for the gold by doing all they can to help the country out by voting and doing several other things: pay taxes, work hard, and spend to get the economy moving. Fear is wrong.

  5. @a4finger cain is/was A MEMBER a CHAIRMAN of the enemy….the gd fed reserve bank ( specifically Kansas) in the 90's…yeah..i'm SOOOO sure he supports ending the fed or even an audit…only reason he claims he never said he was against an audit is because he knows WAY too many ron paul supporters have cried out for the audits.

    Fed needs to die….to end..to be bankrupt.and float out of our solar system. They are a PLAGUE to america.
    ron paul 2012! REAL change that usa NEEDS

  6. @a4finger They are pumping up Cain because they know he can't be Obama. CNN is in the democratic back pocket. Agree, Ron Paul is our country's only hope.

  7. Rand is a smart guy. I'd like to see him go hardcore libertarian, in favor of social tolerance and individual choice. I'd like to see him become a traveling advocate of jury nullification of law.

  8. @TheCrookedTimber I just hope we can hold on to that long if Ron Paul don't win. I am scared that we will have economy crash by 2016 at the rate the government spending. I hope i am wrong our future does not look good here in our beloved country. I have a feeling that dollar is going to be worthless in near future.

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