Sen. Lee: Senate Iran briefing was ‘lame’ and ‘inadequate’

Sen. Lee: Senate Iran briefing was ‘lame’ and ‘inadequate’

100 thoughts on “Sen. Lee: Senate Iran briefing was ‘lame’ and ‘inadequate’

  1. …why does this type of behavior by TRump & company surprise anyone at this late stage in the game – nothing new here – TRump is a racist DICTATOR and does NOT need permission from anyone – maybe NOW the GOP will start to realize they are backing a narcissistic sociopath that will stop at nothing in his quest for money and power !

  2. It's funny how the collected intelligence of You Tube comments, will turn on itself when there is a difference of opinion.

  3. I find Mike Lee to be lame as well as Rand Paul, they are acting like to spoiled brats.

    I wonder what financial connections they have with Iran deals, those two are acting like the Democrats.

  4. I love how all you Trumpsters are so blind to the pathologically insane prez that you turn on one of your own. Our children are going to die because of your blind loyalty.

  5. Mitt Romney/Rand Paul and Mike Lee they were the new 3 stooges in political Arena
    We have to wait who’s joining them????? Hoping none! but still long way for 2020


  7. What exactly needs to happen before Trump supporters wake up to what is taking place in our gov't right now. Do they actually WANT A DICTATOR? Do they even like their freedom? Do they even know what is at risk?

  8. duh of coarse this was a made up conflict solely to distract from trumps impeachment and to help his election. This cluster fck backfired, Iran retaliated twice despite trumps warning and forced trump to back down and made his look stupid.

  9. He should be accustomed to lame and inadequate. These are the legislative bodies that will invite one of the Backstreet Boys or Greta Thuneberg to speak as a material expert on climate change instead of a professor who has studied the science for 30 years. I wonder who gave them their briefing on Iran: Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

  10. Please don't be upset, the people have lost almost total respect for democratic party…… keep following your geriatric leader….. mums the word. Thank you mr. President for taking care of our country, And most of all our military….

  11. This shows what kind of people are in the trump administration. I finally believe that he was not the right guy to elect as a president.we made a mistake . 2020 we will not elect this guy again .

  12. I personally don't believe that Trump intended a declaration of war. I believe the intel came in and the window of opportunity was very small so the deed was done. I fully understand why Trump would not seek permission from Congress (and he legally didn't have to) when the Democrats have done nothing but impede his every action – delaying bills that were ready for the Senate months and months ago (i.e. USMCA) and even having a bill not be introduced by Chuch Schumer in the Senate that was completely bi-partisan relating to controlling the amount that pharmaceutical companies could charge for medications. It passed easily in the House however the Senate will never get the chance to see it let alone vote on it. It would not be beyond the scope of reason to understand why Trump would not want to advertise our plans to Congress. There seems there was a time factor and I can see the Dems taking MONTHS to decide of this action and then there is always the potential of the action being leaked to the press or worse – by direct contact with Iran and the target. Remember, there is much evidence that Kerry has been advising Iran on how to get around the Trump policies which makes him guilty of the Logan Act. There is also talk of close ties between Rep. Omar and Iran.

  13. Obviously it's too sensitive to tell politicians who run to the media for the attention their mother's never gave them at every opportunity.

  14. So even when a career republican says anything remotely against the administrations actions they're instantly dismissed and discredited? He even made sure to thoroughly suck Trump's balls before he even dared to say something negative and he's STILL vilified. You guys don't see how that's a little cultish?

  15. Wow! Look at how some of Fox News shows cut off a Republican w0h was going AGANIST their god, Trump? It's about time one of these Senators butt lovers of Trump speak out against their king Trump. Hahaha! Lots of dummies on Fox News. I cannot wait to hear from Chris Wallace. Trump lovers shock me! They are so up is butt. Lol

  16. See this is how the Maga Cult works. Even this guy, a staunch supporter of trump, is now called a "traitor" the second he doesn't bow down and walk the line on every single issue. Sad really.

  17. Our military secrets…Did he think they were going to blurt it out in front of the Democrats that have a history to the press…. not this President… I'm sure he directed them "no loose lips"

  18. What's up with this blind faith in the deep state? I'm not sending another Americans to fight these oil wars in a soveriegn nation. This is just another form of imperialism. This beyond unholy. Find me a pastor who supports this. What happened to the teachings of Christ?

  19. Trembling for the first half of his speech like his about the face a firing squad, before finally criticizing him at the end of his speech, trump got this republican Senators shook like an African Dictator geez

  20. Unfortunately I lived in Utah for 12 years and finally managed to get out from behind the Zion curtain. Mike Lee may want to step out of Utah and into the real world for a moment….the dystopia over there is GREAT.

  21. No congress authorization. Boom! boom!! war. Might as well blow up the constitution. I do believe one of the reasons Trump was elected was to scale back America's military footprint in the world and redirect resources to protect the border and what not. So much for that campaign promise.

  22. Lee, you suck. Can you find some balls and have them sewn on! Do you understanding the concept of
    Testicular Fortitude?

  23. The amount of people calling him a traitor for bringing up valid Constitutional concerns proves this is nothing more than a cult. Congress has the power to declare war, not the Executive branch, it's right there in the Constitution.

  24. So disagreeing with trump makes you a TRAITOR??! He will fall in line with a weekend at MAROLARGO. Trump no need to worry. Lets send our kids to the front line.

  25. This guy is in with Rand Paul.They are moles in the Republican Party.I read Rand Paul`s book and he is not pro-American.Deep State employees.

  26. Democrats are trash, and republicans don't hold them accountable. Send the entire group to the gallows, and start fresh. I'd pay good money to watch a democrat swing.

  27. Looks like a leaker to me! Why is he so wired? Trying to get his 15 minutes of fame? Looks like he is high and rambling.
    Even Paul looks uncomfortable and getting red faced to do a fup to him.

  28. Never could stand Whiners! Mike, you should have asked for a one on one meeting to clarify your concerns, instead of WHINING to the media! There is plenty of time to WHINE to the Media after your clarification meeting!

  29. As a Desert Storm Veteran, I say that all evil has to do, to imply is good people do nothing. Too many socialists and objectors in power today. Democracy is under attack. The united states is divided and we could be one a Venuzula.

  30. Our president should just be king so he doesn’t have to deal with Congress or anything. He should be allowed to do whatever he wants because he’s always right. We don’t need a constitution anyway. Long live king trump

  31. Get over it, you two. Talk to the Trumpster in private about it. Don't wash your dirty laundry in public. Your enemies will use it against you. And you know that.
    That is all.

  32. So many people can’t handle the fact that their are republicans who are not satisfied with being treated like children.

  33. Mike Lee knows nothing about the Middle East and the People who have been there for Centuries. Mike Lee is loud and impolite and his BEHAVIOR is of a TYPICAL AMERICAN. Mike Lee you would not last very long in Iran, you are TOO condescending and pushy.

  34. Leftist YouTube sucks. They manipulate the numbers regarding thumbs up and thumbs down. In comments below, thumbs down are not even revealed

  35. If Lee had as much concern for American lives instead of foreigners then maybe I wouldn't think there was some form of bias that is causing his reaction! This guy is an idiot. period!

  36. Mike Lee , Rand Paul and Matt Gaetz " believe like CNN , that a Ukraine plane attacked an Iranian missle.
    Vote out all of the idiot polititions in both parties and break up the media monopoly. Shut down the FBI CIA CFR and the Federal Reserve Banksters. Lets start from scatch..

  37. Senator Mike Lee already switched side when he had google open in Utah. Why suddenly senator Mike Lee changed his tone? Ron Paul is right sometimes and sometimes he is not right. Many times, rand Paul is not right. Why is he still a senator is beyond me. Nobody can’t find another Republican to replace him?

  38. This isn't rocket science, we've seen all this before over the past 20 years. It doesn't matter which Party is in power, "the Lobby" owns them both.

  39. Remember this squealing little man is also pushing for illegal immigrants to flood the country to satisfy his large corporate donors. I never have trusted this guy.

  40. Yeah, there was no imminent threat and trump lied. He committed an act of war by murdering a foreign government official, again violating US law, international law and our Constitution.

  41. I am from Utah and voted for Senator Lee. Unfortunately he has left the reservation and is now fighting against common sense. I will not be voting for him again and am hoping that we can find a suitable conservative replacement for him.

  42. Two backstabbing socialist scumbags if you support trump do not vote for these closet socialist traitors the are the enemy of every patriot in America

  43. Mike Lee. You are complete jerk you stupid Republican wake up what are you doing you pile of garbage. You are gonna get thrown out come the next election if you go against president trump

  44. Idc if you support Trump or the military or the actions as a whole. This man is making a valid point of this briefing if what he is saying is true.

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