100 thoughts on “Sen. Bill Cassidy on Senate voting to exclude new witnesses at impeachment trial

  1. Good! I'm glad that Mittens is "disinvited" to CPAC. The man is a turncoat and traitor. He is a Dem leftie and carries himself as a charlatan. This is how he shows appreciation for being considered for the Secretary of State position by Trump by engaging in backstabbing? We all knew what Mittens was capable of and ECSTATIC that Trump gave him the axe very early on. I can't even stand to look at his face on TV. No telling what goes on in that twisted, warped mind of his.

  2. Yeah, next time I go to Court (God forbid) I am going to ask the Judge and Jury to make my case for me…….that's how it works right?

  3. SCHIFF ! The  Face Of Evil !  HE (THEY ) Have NO HONOR  !   What a bunch of RAT B ! S !  Blow Hards talking !  PELOSI / WATERS Mean
    & Ugly !   NADLER Hunchback ( Quasimodo ) of D C  SCHUMER ! B ! S !  Mean & Mad !     Do Nothing RAT controlled Congress ! 
    Term limits needed ! like the military  20 IN & OUT Retire !      The 4 Senators need to act like  Republicans !! VOTE OUT MUTT! ROMNEY !
    And from WI Tammy BALDWIN !!!! RAT PARTY ! Go ARMY

  4. What? the globalists who believe in running the whole world are opposed to getting info from foreign govts?! that is the hypocrisy of the century!

  5. it's the House's job to get the witnesses. There are none because there isn't anything to be found unless you start searching under the Bidens

  6. Romney is a RINO and a sellout to the democrats agenda. To try to spin this like conservatives are turning on him for this only is flat out ignorant and ridiculous. Romney has been no different than any of the other democrats attacking our president on a daily basis. Hopefully Utah comes to their sense and votes that loser out.

  7. Neil, Baby, Stop putting Negative ideas out there re the R's that have remained together and, as the Barry Hussein O would often say to Putin, etc, "You Cut it out!" Funny how times have changed B/C you/Neil "used" to relish the moments when Donald J. Trump (citizen) would give of his valuable time to share his amazing opinions on your show…

  8. What about the information Hillary bought from Russia through a spy to try to win an election? What about Biden’s quid pro quo? Democrats are the slimiest hypocrites in the planet.

    The committee unanimously subpoenaed those tapes, and when the Supreme Court ordered Nixon to hand them over in the summer of 1974, they showed Nixon directing the FBI and CIA to cover up the break-in. At that point, the ten Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee who had voted in committee against impeaching the president "all" announced they would now support impeachment.

  10. Normally I would disagree with what happened to Romney, but this is not a normal political climate. I believe that the Democratic party is corrupt and an enemy of the constitution. Because I believe this I think that it is necessary to put principles aside in order to defeat them. They have complete compliance from their members and are willing to be hypocrites and compromise their principles because they believe the president is evil. The Republicans need to do the same cuz the stakes are too high.

  11. how dare they not let the accused directly face the accuser. Snowden is on the run as a whistleblower while this whistelblower gets shielded by the swamp.
    Stay stupid dem supporters

  12. The Republicans followed the 'Clinton Model' 3 witnesses were allowed to testify in the Senate trial, however, those 3 witnesses had already testified in the House hearings. There were NO NEW WITNESSES allowed to testify in the trial of Clinton! The Dems from the House could have called any or all of the witnesses that testified in the House. The problem for the Dems was two fold, 1) NONE of their witnesses had any direct proof of a crime. 2) We would have had the right to call the so-called anonymous witness–if there really was one??? Schiff HAS LIED repeatedly under oath and in front of the cameras to the American people! We saw through this sham from the beginning!!! There was NO independent prosecutor, nor did they use the third and co-equal branch of government, The U.S. Supreme Court!!! All other Presidential Impeachments had both, an independent prosecutor and sought the help of the Supreme Court in enforcing their subpoenas!!! No presidential impeachment was conducted so fast, in a voting year, or completely partisan!!! NOT ONE!!!

  13. Not a chance in hell Romney wouldn't of voted against Trump. He needs to go, take Paul Ryan and quite a few others with you. Neo-Con war mongers.

  14. only thing i can admire about dems are their unity – right or wrong. romney needs to disappear. i can't believe i voted for him in 2012.

  15. If crimes are committed across international boundaries you need the help of those governments to get the answers you need. The FBI has no jurisdiction outside of the US. If a crime is to be investigated overseas, you need the help of the criminal investigations units from that country to move forward. If there is even the slightest whiff of corruption concerning US Aid, then that corruption needs to be investigated (especially if that aid is going into the pockets of a duly elected American official).

  16. “We should never seek information from foreign governments”

    B B B But Trump would have benefited by exposing Joe Biden's corruption. !!!

    Should a policemen not investigate a possible crime simply because he may receive a promotion or raise for his diligence in doing his job? I doubt the victim of the crime would agree.

    I personally would not want a President in the White House that would back down from investigating a possible crime simply because he was afraid that he might get chastised for doing so.

  17. i like Cavuto. he calls them as he sees it. I don't always agree with Cavuto. he has called trump out harsh a few times. not so much trumps policies but Trump's attitude. Trump could have saved himself a headache if he gave Bolton a handshake when he fired Bolton.


  19. Cavuto has exposed himself as the leftist he is. Its more than obvious that Cavuto was a faux-conservative to get his position at Fox. He must feel more at ease now that the Bros. Murdoch have the reigns.

  20. Romney is a traitor rhino, and Neal Cavuto is a closet liberal…….and Cassidy is wrong, when we give tax payer money to other nations we should know its not being used in a corrupt way, so we should receive foreign intelligence.

  21. oh cavuto… please you are beating a dead liberal horse… it will not get up and pull their cart full of bs anymore… romney is your kind that is clear… you are swimming in the wrong pool cavuto… your place is in the swamp… with the deepstate traitors you support and defend… you make conservatives gag…

  22. Thank you CPAC for disinviting Mitt Romney! Look how much he has tried to smear and worked hard against the candidate Trump before the nomination, after the president was elected he continued to going against him on president's policies, and every tweet he didn't like he was the first one to criticize the president. By the way, as the president he has the responsibility to keep America safe and low and order. Biden was happened to be a candidate for a president. Trump had the every right and responsibility to check in on a American citizen whom he has been hearing about corruption in Ukraine. If he didn't it would have been the negligent on his duty.

  23. Cassidy is one of 51 traitors. Trump is the traitor in chief, and the whole lot of them should be dragged through the streets,flayed alive and then tossed into lakes of fire for all eternity with nothing to listen to but trumps lies and their own shrieks of agony. Is that respectable enough?

  24. Enough dems hate trump! We didnt need romneys disingenuous crap! Romney is a sly p0litician, he was beimg cagy not playing it his conscience,we thrilled cpac didnt invite him, and we hope republicans have o to do with him! Trump taken enpugh crap from media and pelosi etc, sctew mitt and his bs!

  25. Cavuto has always dabbled on the left and now Fox knows, today's Senate vote has exposed yet another swamp of swines on both sides.

  26. Neil, Neil, Neil … the vote was against Schumer and the Dems wanting NEW witnesses AND Schumer AND the Dems wanted these NEW witnesses TO BE processed in the House vs The Senate … the HOUSE role is OVER, ADDITIONALLY Schumer and the Dems DID NOT WANT the Presidents Lawyers to finally get to cross exam the 18 CURRENT witnesses … I guess you haven't been following this whole circus … Neil case in point the Presidents Lawyers DID NOT CROSS examine any of the CURRENT witness to date, DID not have ALL the transcripts, and testimonies and still kicked the Dems tails … so just who do you think has been fair Neil,

  27. Lets truly evaluate this, partisan impeachment vote in the house, followed by a partisan vote in Senate to stop it.
    Definitely political from its founding. Lets get back to helping the American people and work on our countries real problems and solve them in a bipartisan manner.

  28. The DUMBOcRATS KNOW they have no one to beat DJT ….NO ONE!. So they been in the KITCHEN….3 YEARS!…Cooking up BULL!,If this were Republicans doing this to a Democrat I would not be happy about it and may even support them!.
    Someone needs to take Mitt Romney to Mariana Trench (36k feet deep) and throw him overboard!.

  29. Cavuto is sure trying to dig dirt a lot ??????????? Cavuto is very transparent maybe he should work at CNN? WE the PEOPLE are SICK of NON Professional so called NEWS reporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on FOX tell your reporters to stay Professional and quit playing CNN games!!!!! Cavuto is trying very HARD to get one REP to talk trash about another REP we see what you are about if you asked that question of Romney it would be appropriate! then you would not be trying to start problems in the REP party come on man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not do the DEMs games playing!

  30. Romney is a Mormon and I don't trust Mormons they did awful things to people in the 1800's trying to force people to be in there religious cult that is all it is. I don't read anywhere in the Bible where you're supposed to treat women poorly like Mormons do you can't trust them and you don't want them in the government just like you don't want socialists in the government because Mormons want to take over the country to and want everyone to be a Mormon just like Bernie wants everyone to be a socialist. Ironically Bernie's a Jewish man who is so stupid to support socialism that killed almost the whole Jewish race and is killed more people than any war in history this is starting to get out of control Mormons socialist left-wing Democrats terrorists like Omar in our government AOC stupid bartender from Brooklyn or wherever this is got to stop.

  31. Democrats have divided this country they have destroyed it there will probably be a revolution and there won't be any more Democrats left anyhow.

  32. Donald Trump was trying to find out whether to give a country billions of dollars so if there was corruption the money wasn't going to go to places other than what it was supposed to go to which would be military support for Ukraine not the Biden's bank accounts

  33. The Republicans have smartened up under President Trump and have taken a play out of the Democrats playbook…stick together for the greater good. Romney is a snake who is always looking for a way to get President Trump.

  34. That's a ridiculous stance. If another country has information we shouldn't take it? Seriously, just absurd. We receive all kinds of intelligence on a regular basis for a wide range of topics like terrorism, criminal activity and health&science. This is no different…what just because it's criminal activity related info on someone in the opposing party we shouldn't take it. As long as a Republican is President no intelligence, regardless of the importance, can be obtained if the subject is associated with a different political party and the same goes for Democrats and their opposing parties? Yeah ok, you think the Democrats would ever follow that? President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC sure didn't when he allowed dirt to be collected on Trump. We have laws as well as treaties with other countries that specifically allows and requires this type of cooperation…which is the craziest part. President Trump committed no crimes and he actually followed the law and yet somehow he was allowed to be impeached by the House with almost no push back from the Democrats and the mainstream media, other than Fox, in this country.

  35. Romney has not been a conservative for decades… he is a rino…. should have been kicked out of the conservative group a long time ago. He needs to be drained along with the demos.

  36. Snake tongued creep… If you never get information from foreign governments America would cease to exist very, very quickly. What is he hiding? Time to clean house with a fresh broom.

  37. Politicians extort tax payers, use their position to influence foreign governments for insane profiting. Said govts have incriminating information on that corruption but the president can’t ask for that to be investigated on behalf of the US tax payer….? These media idiots and politicians think the public are stupid, ffs we all deserve to know! Good on you President Trump expose all these morons for what they are, covering for each other

  38. Mitt Romney or Pierre…who gives a darn, is a second grader sent to Congress to whine and cry and act like Hillary. Can’t see how he would add anything substantial to the Conservative platform or strategy for taking back America from Dems Neal. No integrity period. Trump supported his Presidential and Senate run and here he is now, after all of Trumps achievements for the People, badmouthing him? No respect is warranted.

  39. Okay… so this is what I learned…
    Several GOP Cowards & Sheep confess Trump's behavior and actions were/are "questionable" and "possibly illegal" on several counts — but not impeachable.
    But apparently denying blowjobs and a stained dress is impeachable??

  40. I want any US person investigated for corruption when bragging on video committing such offense. Yes, I want investigations into how political family members are awarded government contracts, seats on any board without knowledge or expertise to be on said board. If the allegation occurred in a foreign country, yes, that country should help. That goes for either Dem, Repub or Independent. Running for political office is not reason for immunity.

  41. Why is this reporter asking tough questions like a real journalist? I watch Fox to stay in my bubble. Tow the line Cavuto

  42. President Trump do not invite, all useless evil mibs luars ABUSERS including omar talib Maxine waters PELOSI horrono in Hawaii ADAM SHIFTS NADLER chucky shummer. And OTHERS do not invite all democrats tgey can stay home. Counting to tgere fingers.

  43. Voting against witnesses was simply a act of collusion and support of the criminals Mitch and other oath breakers. Nothing more than the support of those who have betrayed the American people.

  44. It took less than 48 hours after Mueller quit testifying to have this mess started,,,, lets get this one done… as I'm really curious what Schiff has next up his sleeve and see if it takes 48 hours. What say you people,,, lets hear a idea bout how long before the next sham gets started… 48 hours, 36 hours.. maybe as long as 72 hours????????

  45. In case you weren't already convinced of it this proofs all Republicans are FRAUDS they don't care about the truth or about what's right they only care about keeping their seats. They are a weak and cowardly group of pigs and SLOBS who cower to a criminal.

  46. Look at how bad living is in some "socialistic" European countries. Fear socialism! People are much happier in these countries and the living standard is much higher. What do you expect, just like communism has disadvantages, capitalism has it's own. Exploitation of people and the environment. And look at the denial of global warming, the high rates of drugs abuse, imprisonment and staggering rates of poor people in the US. Capitalism is not a faith, it has good parts and parts that have to be managed. It's not black and white but much more grey.

  47. The republican party has officially failed. They faced to a cult of personality , instead of doing their duty and uphold the constitution. They actively decided to support a president guilty of the crimes he is accused of , so they could get relected. The problem now is to not allow his supporters try to say he is not guilty because he did not get impeached. Lack of consequences for committing a criminal act does not equate to innocent of committing a crime. It's just injustice.

  48. So DEMs threaten retribution their Congress and Senators , if they dont abide by party line, but CPAC is tacky for reaction against AntiTrump Romney? Cavuto cant perceive the hypocrisy of his question? Just shows how inept he is .

  49. Mitt Romney wants to be President. He didn't run for the Senate just to be a Senator. He is positioning himself to be the GOP nominee in 2020 in the event Trump stumbles or to be the GOP nominee in 2024 after Trump. At 72 years of age, this would likely be his last chance.

  50. A motion to recall Romney is being tabled in Utah. He votes contrary to the will of his constituents and has therefore betrayed them and should be removed.

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