School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script

School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script

100 thoughts on “School shooting survivor: CNN told me to stick to script

  1. Make schools internally like prisons if you want kids safe. Mass movement with security, 3 barriers of security at the exits and patrol car going around the facility.

  2. CNN is not a legitimate news organization. It's a political propaganda organization. Don't go to CNN to find news stories.

  3. Ah yes a liberal Democrat run world where the( nazis) I mean cnn is the only news Network that tells a (lie) I mean the truth all the time, heaven at last!!!! Not!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need to vote Republican every chance we get in my opinion, ooopps the gastopo I mean the democrats is at my door.

  4. This is why I quit watching CNN, they're nothing but lier's about everything that doesn't suit their views and is trying to silence others who are against them

  5. So we have this as evidence… scripting questions.
    We have false narratives being touted.
    We have slips from anchors speaking the truth, "the russia thing is a big nothing burger"
    I know we can't trust CNN or MSNBC or some of the others…
    But I have friends in Norway that are selling their property here in america because they dislike Trump and they only watch CNN

  6. It's funny because everything in this video is scripted 🤣🤣you could tell by the way the kid is looking left and right for the answers lmao

  7. Corrupt news network. Lies and deception. Goodluck with your future Colton hopefully your able to one day leave the horrors of that day behind you.

  8. Why do people go to CNN when they know CNN is so crooked and evil CNN does not report truth about the NEWS. all lies. I have a sister that watches CNN, I told she is nuts. Watch Fox News instead.

  9. None of this is AirPrint when it comes to CNN……..gee …. that’s why thier ratings are so high ….. har dee har har……….

  10. Thank you Colton…your work is NOT in vain. People are waking up…and fast…thankfully. CNN is a vile anti American propaganda unit…for sure…and your bravery in highlighting their lies is an act of bravery which will benefit us all. Fox News tells the truth…well done to all concerned.

  11. Why didn't Tucker ask this parkland survivor and witness what he actually saw and experienced ? This maybe taking crisis acting to another level ?

  12. I didn't like that he never got to ask the question that they wrote out for him versus the question he wanted to ask.

  13. The guy in the green tshirt is standing 12 feet from Tucker Carlson in a studio ran by criminal Elements of the US Government ( the US Pentagon )

  14. This isn't news. Everyone does this. Even Fox does this. The kid wanted to make a speech and they told him to ask a question. News networks frequently rewrite questions for brevity.
    This is why I stopped watching Fox.

  15. All networks rewrite questions for brevity and clarity, even Fox.
    That is why Tucker didn't allow him to read the question. Even Tucker knew this was a none issue.

  16. When the people of the United States finally understand that the major news media are nothing more than propaganda ministries will it be too late? I think it already is…Journalism is nearly extinct in this country. We've become upside down land. It's like a bad episode of Gumby….good is evil and evil is good. Hmmmmm? Sounds like something I read in a very despised black leather bound book.

  17. The point of this message has nothing to do with the question. Better to stay on course and investigate the topic than to loose the message.

  18. Tucker. Justin ask you if he could read his script and I wanted to hear it. I was disappointed you didn’t let him read it. I felt bad for him. He wanted his message to be heard. He was broken-hearted for what happened. Can you please ask him to come on again. Thank you Tucker.

  19. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. Well done young man for maintaining your integrity, principles & moral compass. Your a credit to your parents & a positive example to your peers. Stand tall fella! Respect from Scotland.

  20. You can tell the student is being truthful by his eye movement; he's looking to the right which is a sign of recalling memories, rather than to the left which is a sign of analyzing speech (aka lying).

  21. Tucker why didn't you let him ask his question? I think the boy should be able to ask the question he wanted to ask, I think he should have been able to verse his own opinion. Sad no one gave him that platform to do it.

  22. Would of loved to hear the question they wrote for him but Tucker obviously decided he didn’t want us to hear it. All MSM is staged.

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  24. Yes Sir. ..what a young Gentleman. .. I live in Ireland but have never been so interested in USA politics since being at school learning about Kennedy and NitonNixon. …Tucker is a top rated news man. … only show I will watch. He takes 2 sides and listens to genuine people. But try and mess him about with lies He can just rip apart those lies…

  25. Of course cnn wrote his script. cnn doesn’t report the news, they Fabricate it! That’s why their ratings are in the shitter

  26. My parents, especially my mom, think that it is awfully convenient that the liberals sword-rattle about gun control and suddenly there’s a rash of shootings. Especially since nearly all gun crime is committed with weapons bought on the black market and sometimes ones that are stolen. Yet these mass shootings…not so much. Just saying.

  27. All news is fake if you not using your tv for research and watching things you can learn from throw it out you are being programmed deprogramm yourselves

  28. You guys do realize that people can have cue cards. A lot of people use them so they don’t forget what they were going to say. In this case yes, he is reading things, but I believe that he’s only using it because he’s a kid and a lot of kids get nervous on tv and he probably didn’t want to freak out and not remember what he was going to say…

  29. Most of what he says is irrelevant because he's a LIAR. Parkland was another Drill Gone Live. No one died or was injured. People need to wake up to these scripted scams for gun control. Quite a commentary on the times.

  30. What happened to the News broadcasters doing interviews with the actual assailant Greg to see that all the time now there is no assailant bunch of people were killed so they say but the median never tries to interview the assailant

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