100 thoughts on “Scaramucci defends his turn against Trump

  1. i never thought i'd see the day where i'd scroll down a fox news comment section and find myself in complete agreement…well, mostly.

  2. Trump lies incessantly. Trump will lie knowing Fox news commentators like Hannity and Waters will give him cover. Their job is to convince those die-hard Trump cultist that Trump is right against all evidence to the contrary. Hannity made his case recently by saying all news outlets owe Trump an apology over his insane Hurricane statement. And the Trump cultist will say it's the "liberal left" and the "MSM" and the "Deep State"… all talking points explicitly expressed over and over by the Fox news commentators.

  3. I hoped God let President Trump resigns and don't have multiple headaches, for those deranged Trumpsters who hated him. Let the democrats rule America, because they don't appreciate him, they attacked, accused,, backstabbed, demoralised, hated and persecuted him 24/7. Let President Xi of China be the most powerful country to take over America, see how America will be? That will settled all America's problems and Moochi guy will start changing his mind to go to China this time. He flip flops all the time, practically swayed like the betrayed Judas because of money $$$. A Refugee of ants crawling all over, struggling and trying to defend himself. Ungrateful spiecies. This deceptive moochi guy is good riddance bad rubbish. Trump doesn't need this job, at all, but because he LOVES his country and sacrifices his life for America and her people. That's why he's got to do what is right. And God knows it. He respects and put God first, the centre of his life, first for God and then others, that's the most important thing. If a chameleon mooch doesn't like Trump anymore, it's ok. God LOVES Trump and good honest, loving, respected American people LOVES him too, so are the rest of happy people.😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😇☺😉😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Turn on trump Wright a book and make your money….Smart move…get yours…..Amaroso is a rich now so why not play the game and get paid.

  5. Scaramucci is financially comfortable and if he, a former supporter, is giving us the inside scoop on Trump, common wage slaves who rent their bodies for the rich, should listen!
    Stop blindly supporting the billionaire, reality TV host who does nothing for the common worker but provide us with hats to buy.

  6. He never denied he supported trump a disagreement is not turning someone faux fox attacking people cause trump yanked on their chains

  7. Why is it that two guys talking past each other and over each other is considered a normal interview in the US? Also, why do many US interviewers see the interview as a combat sport that they need to win. From my perspective as an outsider (from Australia), this interviewer was incredibly rude and unprofessional.

  8. Watters was afraid to say even one bad thing about Trump was the whole take-away from this. It proves Scaramucci was right in flying colors.

  9. if he was using his political power to go after people, you would not be sitting there right now saying crap. you are very stupid.

  10. Its so funny to me that everyone that use to work for Trump in the white house says the same thing when they leave that he doesn't what the Hell He's Doing

  11. Everybody in the comments defending Trump like a cult. Tillerson, Scaramucci, Mattis, Sessions, Omarosa, Bannon, Don Mcgahn, Cohen, Rick gates. i can go on and on with people close to him and that worked for saying hes unfit to be president but you idiots dont care. And if all those people are crazy then why is the president so bad at hiring people? you cant have it both ways.

  12. watters is the typical chump stooge…. "I will ask a question, if I don't hear a completely orange response, I will over-talk and interrupt!!"

  13. Fredo is at it again and so is CNN. They allow him to threaten bodily harm and he is still on the payroll, yet they expect everyone else to be fired for having a different view.

  14. The man didn't stop talking through the whole interview. He didn't let Waters ask many questions and thereby shutting down any debate. He went on offense and never came up for air. He's the worst kind of weasel, a smart one.

  15. The only reason watters is a fan of Trump is because he has access to Trump he speaks good things about Trump Watters even lies for Trump. Same reason scaramucci was a fan.

  16. When has watters hold the President accountable for something? Why? if watters spoke the truth about the President he would be called fake news.

  17. He’s always been a liar. Trump. So that’s somehow supposed to be ok? How you guys can defend trump and not call him out for lying is amazing. How do you not see and hear what he says and does everyday. You are at the same chopper talks trump give as well as everyone else. So sad.

  18. Most Fox news and their supporters are subhumans. Humans have the ability to see through the eyes of other human beings and subhumans can't.

  19. This dude is clearly butt hurt he got fired. And now wants to cry wolf now his interest is no longer prospering off the current administration. What a joke and sad to see him act like cry baby. You sir are a piece of sh*t!!!

  20. He has more VALUES and INTEGRITY class decency than the FAKE family VALUES republikklan hypocrites assholes channel foxaganda propaganda FAKE white supremacist neo nazi's Klan assholes NETWORK PERIOD and ten times smarter than the whoremonger and serial adulterer in cheat maga molesting adolescent girls again dementia or a massive stroke KFC chicken cheseberders COCAINE VIAGRA adderall and porn stars without a CONDOM 2020 the childish cowardly chump trump sandwich consist of white bread fulla baloney with Russian dressing and a small pickle on top 2020

  21. Trump is a goon. Hope the whistleblower has good evidence he is guilty. We may have what we need. At first I gave Trump a chance. That lasted a few weeks.

  22. Just talking and talking and does not let him to talk, of course you're trying to hide the truth, someone has to be stupid to not understanding it…

  23. go ahead mucci take that got down because he thinks he's smart he knows that Fox news is number one evil evil number one evil I don't believe they were the liars they said a soul that sell their soul to the devil and that's one liar m********* right there

  24. Scaramucci, the worm. He smiles while keeping a straight face. Guys a total loser. Narcissistic city boy. All talk, no walk.

  25. Mooch is not to be trusted by the left or the right. You can tell just lookin at him he could be bought and would prolly suck a WEINSTEIN to get ahead.

  26. How can people still support Trump after all his misconducts? In fact he's done everything wrong because he's politically illiterate. He improvises constantly. Hiring his own family members with no political experience to work at the WH was nuts. Asking foreign leaders to find dirt on his opponents is illegal… Inventing a fake university and having to pay $25 million fine for that. Calling the press The enemy of the people… Insulting journalists… Mocking handicaps… Cheating on his wife…
    The list could go on and on…

  27. Jesse Watters is 1st class brownnose. The Mooch is totally right, one negative comment, Trump will start bad mouthing you. I'll be sure to keep track of Watters's career when Trump end up in prison. This brownnose m'fer will be cleaning toilets at Trump Tower.

  28. What he does not understand is that Trump is a business guy. Not a politician. This guy is a political guy. He does not understand the business part of political leadership. Trump is over his head in leadership. This guy's mind still is institutionalized in political rhetoric, that means political lies. The truth is still foreign to him . Truth is not accepted in politics, hence the term swamp.

  29. The "Question ??? " is : Where are the True Republican Patriots ??? who reuse to capitulate to "Trumpism" and will stand up for this "Republic" to return to our values and vision of what America has stood for and has tried to live in and represent what Democracy is all about , remember what history has taught us with "WWII" during the 1940's. There needs to be a coalition of "Prominent Republican Patriotic Citizens and Politicians past and current office holders to "Stand Up " and Speak out for what is currently at stake which is our "Democracy" . Too many people do not see it this way due to a lack of understanding of what history has shown us but this is not a "Sports activity Competition" as so many of those with their own ideology who passionately feel that Donald Trump represents and who see him as standing against the opposition of those whose ideas don't coincide or even come close to reflect what they believe ( But) I know that no one who has lived in this country all or most of their life would be willing to sacrifice or sellout our "Democracy" so why would we let anyone else take it or con us out of it ??? So WAKE UP AMERICA and Stand Up for Democracy ! Donald Trump is a "Wanna Be Dictator" who wants to be " ABOVE THE LAW" in order to "Avoid being charged with "Criminal Activity" because he knows as soon as he leaves office , he will have to "Face the Music" , so don't let him Play us for a Fool , NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW & it takes more "True Patriotic Republicans" to explain it to the Republican Base .

  30. Oh Scaramucci! Good for you bud! Thank the lord there are people that have the ability to not be so blindly loyal! This is a president that has gone against our own intelligence agencies ON A WORLD STAGE, put our troops in Syria at risk by betraying our allies, defies our laws, thinks he is above the law, sides with dictators consistently, lacks any level of reflection or integrity and is an international embarrassment and quite frankly just a horrible human being in general. Gives me great hope that maybe people will finally start holding our leader responsible for his own words and conduct! I have gained respect for you Scaramucci! Principles over party! refreshing!!

  31. Jesse Watters likes the sound of his own voice and lacks the integrity to have a line that he's not willing to cross. It's not that hard to understand Jesse–if you dont agree 100% with Trumplethinskin then he turns on you. And I got news for ya Jesse YOU are being used by your Trump Mouthpiece branded network. Mooch was not going to let this jackass insult his wife…good for him!

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