29 thoughts on “Sausalito Neighbors On Edge After Series Of Vicious Dog Attacks

  1. So? This "series" of attacks is actually one attack with two victims. Got it. This report is a waste of time because the dog owner is being evicted. Got that. So? Why are you getting paid again?

  2. Ideally, all owners of pit bulls, etc., should have a 24 hour plate of Milk Bone Dog Buscuits New Dental Chew (caramel color) to make sure they are never hungry and can chew to relieve stress. This also reduces chewing on objects not meant for dogs, like the furniture. Dogs like this need at least a one hour a day walk, ideally twice a day. They need to get tired out with a long walk to reduce stress and boredom. There are many free dog training videos on You Tube and the best always recommend long walks to reduce stress. See Cesar Millan's session at the L.A. firehouse on Wilshire Blvd., the Dalmation is named Wilshire. They bought him a walking machine to exercise indoors.

  3. Why he put his hand inside the enclosure to pet someone else dog. Guard dogs will be aggressive, thats their job. If the dig attacks people outside its enclosure i can understand, but this is not the case here.

  4. What the hell…  Placing one's hand near an aggressive dog, neighbors afraid, with good reason, not to walk near the house, dog owner evicted…  Get a goldfish.

  5. ****** idiots… Why would you "approach" a strange dog and "stick" out your hand? The ignorant never ceases to amaze me.

  6. Arrest the owners and sue. The ignorance of the City Council.. one complaint previously should have been enough. MANY cities ban all pit bulls and aggressive dogs (meaning killer dogs). Also, many DRUG DEALERS like loud vicious dogs to scare and warn. NO ONE needs more than one dog.. NO ONE

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