Satsang: Consciousness and the Causal Dimensions

Satsang: Consciousness and the Causal Dimensions

Hello and welcome to Consciousness TV. Today
we’re going to be taking a deeper look at subject of consciousness and the human energy
field. Now today’s event is a satsang and traditionally satsangs are not educational
talks. They don’t include graphics and images and those kinds of things, bullet-point lists
and so on. However there’s a real challenge in sharing
information about awakening if we don’t also look at the structure of the human energy
field at the human chakra system, at the causal planes, and at the nature of consciousness
itself in relation to the mind-body field. So to try and explain this without diagrams
is virtually impossible. It doesn’t matter how eloquently you explain it. It’s always
going to be a bit of a mystery until you include an understanding of how our mind-body field
functions. Not just in the realm of our physical energy, our physical body, our emotions and
our thoughts – that which we identify as our human self – but also the Causal Planes of
our existence and the planes on which we exist as pure consciousness beyond space, matter,
and time. To really understand awakening we have to look at all those things to be able
to see it all in perspective, and understand the inter-relationships really between consciousness
and consciousness. So that’s the place I’d like to begin today is “What is the difference
between matter and consciousness?” Nothing; absolutely nothing ultimately. We and the
entire universe are actually composed of consciousness which is expressing itself through different
frequencies, and as consciousness manifests itself in those different frequencies it appears
with greater and greater density and diversity on the various planes of existence. However
it is still consciousness – just consciousness expressing itself in a different way. Even
in our normal everyday awareness where we’re mostly moved by physical needs and emotional
needs and we think thoughts and we frame our reality with pictures and so on we are still
an expression of cosmic consciousness. We aren’t ever separate from that. Really no
matter where we look, how we look, what perspective we’re viewing ourselves or life from, we are
consciousness viewing itself. That’s fundamental. Now before we begin to awaken spiritually
our consciousness is defined by our physical experience, our physical needs, by the world
of sensations. It’s defined by the shifts and changes in our emotional states, by emotional
triggers and or responses to our environment. It’s defined by the pictures we hold, the
stories we weave, and the thoughts we think about ourselves and life. That is all still
the activity of consciousness within quite a limited realm of experience, however it
is still cosmic consciousness. As we begin to wake up what’s happening is our mind-body
field is beginning to enter resonance with more expanded states of consciousness and
that can show up in so many different ways. You can have countless awakenings through
the course of a lifetime or across many lifetimes. You can have sudden rapid successive awakenings
to different perspectives of expanded states of consciousness. Or you might have one big
awakening and then stay in that new perspective for an entire incarnation, and you might in
that instance believe or think that you had reached the ultimate state because that expansion
had stabilized within you. And yet in reality that awakening would be really one awakening
among many awakenings. Awakenings that had occurred prior in prior incarnations and awakenings
yet to come. And so we have here, in a human sense, a kind of dichotomy. On the one hand
there is a process unfolding across time. That is obvious and it’s important not to
be in denial around that. The other aspect that’s really central to this is that each
moment of the process is perfect, and that during each moment of the process we are consciousness.
We have never ceased to be consciousness. We have never ceased to be cosmic. We have
never ceased to be divine, however we could say that our experience has become very specific.
It has become small, it has become confined, it has become intimate and there are really
good reasons why consciousness itself in its pure state has made the decision to have this
particular experience: the experience of being human. There is inherent value in the experience
of being human, of being consciousness aware of itself as a human being. So no matter what
I’m going to talk about today related to the process of awakening, planes of existence
and states of consciousness there is no value difference between each of those states. Each
is enjoyable in its own way and to a degree each state is also limited in its own way.
While we’re in a human experience, the human condition, certain aspects of our perception
are enhanced and intensified while others are reduced and almost eliminated. Certain
aspects of cosmic consciousness are shut out of our experience and there’s a reason for
that. There are pluses and minuses to that if you want to look at it from a human perspective.
There are things that are in a way added to experience through the choice to be human,
and certain things that we set aside in order to have a human experience. Likewise when
we experience ourselves as pure consciousness without a body, without even an astral body
or mental body, when we experience ourselves as pure consciousness we don’t get to enjoy
the experience of a physical body, of an emotional body, of a mental body. So even in our cosmic
state as pure awareness, as no-self we are in a way limited because we are shut out of
the delights and the intensity of the human experience. So one is not better than another
– it’s just different. And the ultimate awareness that gives rise to the universe has infinite
possibilities of experience to choose from. It doesn’t say “This is good, this is bad;
this is better, this is worse.” It’s continuously seeking new types of experience and enjoying
those experiences. It has no judgement towards them and because it is cosmic, because it
is infinite, because it has access to infinite possibilities it isn’t afraid of having temporarily
limited experiences of reality. It quite enjoys them. It’s like “Wow! I get to be this fish,”
“I get to be this planet,” “I get to be this angel,” “Oh I get to be this human being.”
So it’s actually enjoying these experiences all the while knowing that at any point it
could end them if it wanted because nothing dies. In the world of the Absolute creator
nothing dies and nothing is ever lost so if it didn’t want to appear as ‘you’ and ‘me’
and ‘this’ and ‘that’ then ‘you’ and ‘me’ and ‘this’ and ‘that’ would not exist. And
so when you you look at the teachings of some of the great spiritual teachers or some of
the nonduality teachers, even of recent times who in many ways are educators you can see
that even some of the things they teach about that might appear to be paradoxes to our linear
mind are actually not paradoxes at all. Yes we are in a process and yet we are also timeless
simultaneously. We are limited but our limitations are also perfect. In that regard our sufferings
are also perfect and that’s where we start to have emotional difficulty with the teachings.
With perhaps nonduality teachings or with the process of accepting our own lives; of
perhaps having gratitude in places where we’ve felt resentment, or feeling empowered in places
where we felt powerless. So this is also very important when you consider emotional wellbeing
as well as spiritual awakening. It’s like how can we live with that apparent paradox
that it feels terrible; it might appear terrible and yet at the same time we’re being told
it’s perfect by spiritual teachers and at times our awareness does break through and
we do experience our life as perfect. Sometimes when we least expect it we move from being
aware only of our suffering to breaking through to a place where only the perfection is evident.
Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about this because he was suffering a great deal emotionally
before his awakening. It is not that the universe wants us to suffer. We are itself. It doesn’t
have an agenda that says ‘I want you to suffer.’ What it does have as an intention is an experience
of individualization that incorporates free will and as part of that creation suffering
becomes a possibility. However the suffering is not random. It occurs as a result of various
free-will choices made by both the individual and the collective over thousands and thousands
of years. Eckhart talks about this in one of his books how in any given moment of time
there are countless threads of past experience meeting to create the appearance that is arising
in that moment and if you took the aversion towards that experience away; if you took
the craving towards that experience away (to use the terminology of the Buddha: craving
and aversion) and you just were neutral in your observation of that moment of time, that
is any moment of time no matter how it appears you would see all the threads of person, group,
and collective karma at work that have brought that moment into being in the manner in which
it appears. So it cannot be seen as ‘wrong’ even when it’s experienced and suffering it
cannot be seen as an error. It is simply a natural arising of outcomes set in motion
long before. And so it doesn’t mean that we don’t work towards happier moments that we
don’t seek to bring about the end of suffering because that is actually woven into this experience
as well. The seeking of pleasure; the movement towards pleasure and the movement away from
pain are part of how we heal through our difficult circumstances. They are part of how we turn
our realities around. And that is intrinsic to our experience. The healing intention is
also woven into our suffering. That’s a part of the perfection. So if you look at it from
the perspective of nonduality teaching, seeking to enter nondual awareness is not the same
as denial of suffering or denial of the longing to end suffering. This is really really key.
Our instinct to resolve suffering. Our instinct towards what is positive is inherent in who
we are as consciousness. It is how the universe brings itself back to an awareness of its
wholeness. Even when it appears to be stattered into a thousand pieces. It’s like a magetic
pull. And that magnetic pull is love. It is love itself. The one has allowed itself to
be broken into a thousand pieces always knowing that through the process of separation there
would be some suffering and that that suffering would produce love, it would produce qualities
of consciousness that would inherently act as a magnet to bring all the broken pieces,
apparently broken pieces together in a single wholeness and you could say that is a summary
of the awakening process is the illusion of the pieces being broken allows the creation
of love in the universe. The illusion of separation allows the joy of relationship. At the heart
of the experience we find the birthing the qualities of consciousness, the birthing of
love which is a real thing within us and within the universe, the universe of experience.
So how is the universe doing this? How is the One that is never really separated from
itself, the One that is pure consciousness able to create the illusion of separation?
The very beautiful illusion of relationship between those separated parts and birth the
experience of love inside that? It’s really incredible. It’s vast, it’s cosmic in its
scope. The way in which it does that is by changing frequency, altering frequency within
its own reality. Kind of within its own substance; the substance before substance, the clear
light. And so our first journey into the human energy field now would be to imagine that.
That initial manifestation of divine intention is a manifestation of a clear substrate so
fine that we wouldn’t call it matter. And yet from that initial primordial sound; that
initial wave that initial clear substance comes all substance, all experience, all matter,
space, and time that we can identify. If you imagine that in order to create experience
the One needs to somehow perceptually split itself into different attributes these are
the primary attributes of creation. One is a yang-intentional highly intense frequency
that is like a diamond light, electric fire diamond light that carries within it the energy
of the Big Bang suspended in timelessness. That’s one polarity, that’s Shiva, that’s
Perusha and the other end of the polarity is Prakriti, is the yin aspect of the universe,
the diffuse luminosity of the most dense aspect of the One in terms of frequency, bands of
frequency. So you have an intense diamond light and you have a diffuse light, a soft
light all carried within the space of a clear substrate that binds everything together in
a wholeness. Inside that void the diamond light and the diffuse light interact. The
yin and the yang dance. As they dance in a prescribed pattern, a prescribed cosmic interaction
and they unify, they move and they unify within that space that has been created they birth
a third quality, and that is the quality of love-consciousness. Sometimes called the Christ-consciousness,
the fully-embodied union of the intense light and the diffuse light joined together, unified
in a dynamic dance bringing forth colours, qualities, experiences of cosmic love. And
in those three attributes we have the entire universe, the creation and the maintenance
of the entire universe. Shakti and Shiva dancing around the still centre bringing the universe
into being out of nothing in every microsecond of time. And you are that. We are that. The
entire universe is that. It is all consciousness. It is all composed of the same thing, or the
no-thing. It is all simultaneously nondual even while it appears to be in duality. And
so between the initial star of Perusha and the deepest light of Prakriti, the diamond
light and the diffuse light we have all manner of dimensions of density from the most fine
pranas all the way through to this physical body, this dense physical matter that we inhabit
here on planet earth and within the physical universe. The more one considers it, the more
one meditates upon it the more incredible it becomes and you can see that it isn’t just
about one awakening into that; awakening this body, this brain, this bioelectric field into
that: it’s about many step-by-step awakenings into that vast reality of consciousness. In
this part of satsang today we’ll be looking more closely at the human energy field and
the causal planes. To consider this in its simplest form all the chakras, all the different
dimensions of the field and how they interact and so on may appear quite complex but really
the whole energy system is designed as a means by which consciousness can experience itself
as love. Consciousness is experiencing itself as love through the processes that are occurring
in the mind-body field. So what we’ll look at now is the mind-body field, physical, etheric,
emotional, and mental; the causal dimensions that exist between the mind-body field and
pure consciousness and how those inter-relate to one another or with one another. So I’ve
got a picture here that Rama made many years ago now. He’s working on some new images but
they’re not ready yet so he’s very keen to share those new images with you and we kind
of hope they’ll be ready in the not too distant future but they’re much more detailed and
multi-faceted and incorporate the human experience more than the images that he’s created in
the past so for the moment we’ll be working with these which are very luminous images,
quite transpersonal looking images and just imagine ourselves into the more human aspect
of this as we go. So here we have in the middle a human being. We have a woman and she appears
to be composed of light, which is the truth. We are composed of light, we’re composed of
energy, of frequencies. And you can see here the not all the seven chakras but the three
key energy areas in the body: of the head, the heart, and the belly. So this area here
just surrounding her body and interpenetrating her body on different vibration planes of
frequency is what we call the mind-body field, the human mind-body field. There’s a root
chakra, sacral centre, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye or brow chakra,
and crown chakra. And those are really widely known and described in different teachings
and literature on the human energy field. We’ll be writing on those in more detail in
the book as well as providing diagrams. There are chakras back and front of the body, there
are minor chakras, meridian systems and so on. It’s not just as simple as there being
as seven chakras that come out through the body it’s much more complex than that, and
each of the chakras has a different function in terms of consciousness. But we won’t go
into that here because it’s a whole subject in and of itself. Just suffice to say that
there is a basic seven chakra system which incorporates physical sensation, and emotional
functioning, and mental functioning. So between the human energy field which you could say
ends at the crown chakra there is a whole other realm of existence which acts as the
foundation for the human energy field and we’ll call those dimensions the causal dimensions.
The body of the soul if you like, and in terms of frequency they exist on a higher frequency
than the human mind-body field, and on a lower frequency than the light of the soul itself.
So these dimensions, the causal dimensions, are linked to chakras eight, nine, ten, eleven,
and twelve. When you go beyond twelve, either above the head or below the feet – in these
mirror chakras below the feet – you go out of space, matter and time entirely, and you’re
in the realm of pure consciousness, in nonduality. So let’s take a look at the causal chakras
now, chakras eight to twelve. You’ll notice that there are five chakras above the head
and also five mirror chakras under the feet. The first of these is chakra eight which leads
into the eighth dimension and this corresponds to this point just above the crown chakra,
the Soul Star, and also to the Earth Star chakra which is the first chakra that you
see here on the diagram under the person’s feet. So chakra eight and dimension eight
are the blueprint level for our current incarnation. And the feeling quality that is encoded into
the eighth dimension is the same as that which we held at the time of our last death. So
that is, the attitudes, the emotions, the atmospheres and intentions that we held at
the time of our last death are re-encoded into our current energy field through this
eighth dimension utilizing chakra eight. This acts as a foundation, or series of building
blocks for this current incarnation, and through our life process our soul creates a cycle
of learning opportunities using this base material. So it’s a bit like Groundhog Day
where we’re put through the same kinds of experiences again and again and again, spiralling
deeper and deeper in our understanding of ourselves and developing qualities of love,
qualities of consciousness, using this baseline material, or baseline of perception that we
incarnated with. So in a way it’s kind of the ‘place of no escape’ and the place of
the greatest opportunity at the same time. Whatever is encoded in the eighth dimension
becomes our bubble of reality, our reality space for this incarnation. However it’s completely
malleable, able to be altered, transformed, the vibrations within it lightened and brightened,
and new opportunities created for ourselves. But that is up to us. We begin with this certain
foundation frequency. Within that frequency we have a certain life structure, certain
life challenges and opportunities, and depending upon how we meet those opportunities we then
grow into that next stage of our awareness. So next we’ll take a look at chakra nine which
is the next chakra above the head and below the feet. Chakra nine is the gateway into
the ninth dimension, into the hall of records, the Akashic records of the Soul, and on this
part of the field we have access to our entire personal history. Every moment of every experience
we have ever lived through. It’s like a CD-ROM of every movie we’ve ever played a character
in. And these records are very vivid, very intense if you go into them. It’s like completely
reliving those moments of experience. And the Soul draws from these records, from these
karmic records, the material that it wants to transform through love in this incarnation.
So if we work through that first part of our Akashic material in our eighth dimension,
in our eighth chakra then the soul will start feeding through more material from the deeper
Akashic records for us to work on. So it can feel quite strange sometimes. You feel you’ve
resolved something, you’ve healed it, and then suddenly from inside you, from deep within
you, from these causal layers which are not just above you and around you but also deep
within your body, there arises a new packet of memory to be worked on, to be brought through
into a state of love-consciousness. So there’s a lot of upwelling of this Akashic material
that happens when we agree to undertake spiritual practices, or we begin to utilize healing
techniques because the soul goes ‘Aha. Now there’s a great opportunity to start transforming
this ancient residual material and turning it from experience into essence.’ So almost
the more work we begin to do, the better we become at doing that work of love, the more
the soul uses that opportunity to transform the entire reservoir of Akashic material.
So how much you want to do, how much you want to cooperate with is up to you as a personality,
but your Soul will certainly invite you to explore your Akashic records, to bring more
material through the more competent you become in transforming the material. So that’s an
interesting bi-product of becoming more spiritually awake; that you get more to work on from within
the reservoir of your own Akashic memory. All very beautiful though, quite incredible
when you see and feel it happening inside you. So the next dimension and the next chakra,
chakra ten and dimension ten; quite different again. Each of these levels is like a distinct
universe, a distinct realm of experience that has its own mode of functioning, and on dimension
Ten, Chakra Ten, we experience ourselves in our light-body awareness. And our light-body
is composed of all the matter that we have transformed into essence through our heart
centres. So all those moments of experience where we have been able to meet what was happening
with our hearts open, we have turned that experience into a quality of consciousness.
We have brought Soul into the matter of our experience, the matter of our human bodies,
of our human energy field. And that beautiful quality of love created in that moment of
time is available to us from our own tenth plane, from our tenth plane light body. Here
we also make promises to each other as souls. Promises to act as characters in each other’s
stories. In accordance with archetypal patterns that are the foundation of the human experience.
So we may choose to incarnate with other souls having made a promise on this plane and appear
to each other as the Beloved, like the twin ray archetype: lover and beloved. Or we may
be parent and child, or sibling, or we may appear as the hero or heroine in some way
in someone else’s story. The idea of you know even the ‘victim and the rescuer’ is part
of the archetypal pattern of human experience and one of the ways we learn about love; we
learn about what it is to be vulnerable and to respond to other people’s vulnerability
with compassion. So all those kinds of stories, dances, movies in which we play characters
in various ways originate here on the tenth plane and we make our agreements in a way
that feels quite personal as well as archetypal, and we make those decisions based on the love
we are and the love that we are developing. The next chakra that we’ll look at is chakra
Eleven and dimension Eleven that is quite different again. The Eleventh dimension is
much more abstract and formless than the Tenth dimension. On the tenth dimension of functioning
through chakra Ten we still appear as a being: we may appear as an angelic being, as you
know a beautiful being in flowing robes of light like a guide or inner teacher. We appear
very graceful, but we still have an embodied self. We may even appear as a boddhi-sattva
or as a yogi or some other form that reflects our love, the love that we are. In chakra
Eleven we don’t have that form anymore. On the Eleventh dimension we don’t have that
form body anymore: It’s much finer. So on this plane we appear like intense bright points
of light radiating a field of white light, and around this there is a halo of fine diaphanous
essence colours, sometimes called the causal rings. So those qualities of love that were
embodied on the Tenth plane and through Chakra Ten now appear only as colours of light. They’re
the same qualities that one would encounter on the Tenth dimension but they’re in their
pure non-embodied form on the eleventh dimension. We also experience our connection with other
souls on this dimension in a non-local, non-linear way. That is we are simultaneously aware of
all the other souls as points of light within their own fields of colour, and there is no
distance separation between us and them; no time separation between us and them. We are
always all instantaneously available for each other. Looking at Chakra Twelve now this is
the last chakra and the last plane before we exit space, matter, and time altogether
and experience ourselves only as pure consciousness. So here on the twelfth dimension accessed
through chakra Twelve, we experience ourselves as the pure sense of I Amness; as this intense
awareness, aware of itself and aware of the field of life all around it. We feel suspended
in timelessness in this process of observation. We are aware “I exist,” we are aware the field
of life exists, and there is that differentiation, but that is the only differentiation on this
plane of awareness. So you could say this is the first plane of individualization. The
first plane on which we become aware of us ourselves as ‘awareness as light’; as the
intention to exist, as an individualized form of consciousness. During the process of spiritual
awakening we are turning the matter of our human experience into essence and then in
the later stages as our human energy field becomes more and more transparent, finer and
finer in frequency the light of our consciousness on the higher planes, the Self as love is
free to merge with this personal self, this physical self, and we see a process that is
akin to an integration happening between the Causal Chakras and the Seven Chakras of our
human mind-body field. So in relation to Christ Consciousness I don’t think anything that
I could write or say, or that could be drawn in images or graphics could ever really convey
the incredible beauty and omnipresence and majesty of the feeling of Christ Consciousness
experience. The frequency of it is so high and so intense that it is difficult for us
as human beings to cope with it for more than a few seconds at a time.There is so much love
in that experience, combined with omnipresent awareness, that our human mind-body field
needs a lot of preparation to be able to take that much light. So when we’re talking about
Christ Consciousness we’re not talking about an experience of epiphany, just an epiphany
or a feeling of deepening peace, or a feeling of perfection or rightness, or even an intensification
of flows of light in the body or clairvoyance opening or any of those things – though all
of those things form part of the awakening process they are all essential elements of
the awakening process. In the experience of Christ Consciousness it’s like everything
comes together. All those moments of preparation, all the moments of love, all the moments of
awareness and consciousness, all the moments of positive intention, all come together in
like a cosmic orgasm of infinite love. And what’s actually happening in the mind-body
field at the time of a Christ Consciousness experience is that the yin aspect of the universe,
the diffuse light and the yang aspect of the universe, the intense diamond light – the
soul and the monad – actually unify, coming to a point of union and equilibrium with each
other with intense energy, intense intentionality drawn together by a magnetic pull that comes
from the heart of existence itself. And in the moment they unify, that longing that was
held in the heart of the universe from the very beginning, that longing to know itself
as love, is fulfilled. There’s a supernova of timeless power like
the power of the Big Bang suspended in a vast body of luminous intelligence, suffused by
an incredible field of love all happening at the same time. In that moment you realize
you are everything that exists, and at the same moment you are this specific experience
of love developed over eons of experience, over eons of lived experience in space, matter,
and time. The intensity of it is like the intensity of the Big Bang, but it’s a Big
Bang not only of light, of awareness, of consciousness, but equally of love; of the very vibration
of love itself. Fully-embodied, fully here, fully now within space, matter and time. It
is incredible. It is the fulfillment of the original intention, of the original longing.
And we can’t just live in that, make the jump from our normal everyday awareness, from the
magnetic reality of our human mind-body field, and just suddenly jump into that. Yogananda
said that there’s just too much voltage in it. Our brain can’t take it, our central nervous
system can’t take it. It can barely cope with the first stirrings of kundalini. It takes
time to prepare for that much light and that much love. So when people say you know sometimes
in spiritual circles they say “Oh you don’t need practices…” Well no you don’t if you
are quite happy where you are. You don’t need practices if you’re not feeling moved by a
longing to experience something deeper within yourself. Then you don’t need practices. If
you’re not suffering you don’t need practices. However there comes a time in everyone’s development
where there is an urge, an urgency; there’s a longing; there’s some driving force from
within the centre of your heart that says “Go deeper. Seek that something deeper. Seek
the nature of the Self.” And in that place and at that time you will be drawn to practices,
methods, experiences, catalysts that will help you move from your current resting state
to the next state of awareness. And there’s nothing wrong with either of those conditions:
Either the condition where you feel quite happy where you are, and you’re enjoying that,
and you’re deepening into that and your appreciation of that, or where you’re feeling an urgency,
and intensity, that longing for something more. There’s also nothing wrong with that.
They are just like an in-breath and an out-breath. They are different parts of the same process.
And just honour right where you are, because you are pure consciousness, you are divine
consciousness in both those states. You are divine consciousness right here and now as
the person you are, in this body, with these thoughts, these sensations, and these feelings,
and you are also that cosmic consciousness that will magnetically draw you deeper and
deeper into Itself when time is right. And so here on Consciousness TV we’re just beginning
to discuss this, beginning to share about this incredible world of awakening, this world
of consciousness, and over time we hope to share with you more and more detail, particularly
through the book and through some video that we’ll be preparing. And through some graphics
that Rama is working on. But for now, a lot of it one just has to imagine, and explore
really. Just explore in your heart where you are right now, what phase you are in right
now: Is it a resting phase, a phase of appreciation, of gratitude, of deepening into what is? Or
is this a phase of urgency, of intensity for you because you’re ready to go to your next
level, whatever that may be? So thank you for joining us today here on Consciousness
TV. If you have any questions let us know, or leave comments below this video. We’ll
see you next time. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for your explanation dear Helen. This puts things in perspective as well as it provides a vision on the background of which to see the challenges I'm currently facing. <3

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